Call Number Title Count
QA999 Abouzaid On homological mirror symmetry for toric varieties / 1
QA999 Abrahamson Unitary invariants for groups on a measure space.
On the stochastic comparison of tests of hypotheses.
QA999 Adams Trees and ergodic equivalence relations / 1
QA999 Adkins Coordinates of analytic projective geometry defined in terms of anharmonic ratios. 1
QA999 Adler Refined anisotropic K-types and supercuspidal representations / 1
QA999 Ahlin The large scale geometry of nilpotent-by-cycle groups / 1
QA999 Alaoglu The asymptotic Waring problem for fifth and sixth powers.
Weak topologies of normed linear spaces ...
QA999 Albert Algebras and their radicals, and division algebras.
A determination of all associative algebras in two, three and four units over a non-moldular field F.
On the stability of solitary waves and the decay of small-amplitude waves in nonlinear dispersive systems /
QA999 Alexander Infinite Galois theory.
Trajectories and curves of equal action in mechanics.
Geometric interpretation of invariants of ternary quadratic forms.
QA999 Allan Maximality of some arithmetic groups. 1
QA999 Allen The surface generated by a stream from a revolving sprinkler. 1
QA999 Alvarenga Nonlinear mappings of orientation preserving type in Banach spaces. 1
QA999 Anderes Estimating deformations of isotropic Gaussian random fields / 1
QA999 Anderson Representation as a sum of multiples of polygonal numbers ...
Projective modules over subrings of k[X,Y] /
Representation as a sum of multiples of polygonal numbers.
Multiplicative lattices.
A geometrical discussion of the transformation w squared =1-z cubed.
An inclined rotational pendulum.
Lower bounds for multiparameter square functions /
QA999 Andrianov Clifford algebras and Shimura's lift for theta-series / 1
QA999 Angwin Constructing algebras from Lie and Hopf algebras. 1
QA999 Anspach The unramified discrete spectrum of PSp(4) over a rational function field / 1
QA999 Archibald Diophantine equations in division algebras. 1
QA999 Arnold Analysis of plane geometry text books ...
An interior penalty finite element method with discontinuous elements /
Differentiation and integration of an improper integral with respect to a parameter.
QA999 Ash Generalizations of the Riemann derivative. 1
QA999 Asmuth The Weil representation of symplectic groups over p-adic fields / 1
QA999 Athreya Quantitative recurrence for Teichmuller geodesic flow / 1
QA999 Atlason Generalized parametric models / 1
QA999 Auchmuty The equilibrium of rotating self-gravitating fluids. 1
QA999 Auslander Contributions to the curvature theory of Finsler spaces. 1
QA999 Austin A history of plane geometry as a school study in the United States. 1
QA999 Ayati Methods for computational population dynamics / 1
QA999 Ayres A Cremona transformation generated by a pencil of surfaces.
(a) Plane n-ics generated by pairs of involutions on a line. (b) Cubic hypersurfaces in n-space generated by n involutions on a line.
A Cremona transformation generated by a pencil of surfaces ...
QA999 Bacon The determination and investigation of real chords of two conics which intersect in fewer than four real points. 1
QA999 Bailey Hielp, a fast interactive lazy functional language system /
The general maximum likelihood approach to the Cox regression model /
QA999 Baker A contribution to the Waring problem for cubic functions ...
The Problem of the angle-bisectors /
QA999 Bala A graph theoretic approach to database normalization and query processing / 1
QA999 Balch The determination of certain polynomial identities. 1
QA999 Balduzzi Hamiltonian geometry of moduli space of bundles on curves / 1
QA999 Ballantine Modular invariants of a binary group composite modulus.
A postulational introduction to the four color problem.
QA999 Ballard Cohomology theory in fields. 1
QA999 Bamforth A classification of boundary value problems for a system of ordinary linear differential equations of the second order. 1
QA999 Bao Theory and applications of warped geometry / 1
QA999 Barakat On the moduli space of deformations of bihamiltonian hierarchies of hydrodynamic type / 1
QA999 Baranovsky Moduli of sheaves on surfaces and action of the oscillator algebra / 1
QA999 Barba The kakeya maximal function and the spherical summation multipliers. 1
QA999 Bardell The inequalities of Morse for a parametric problem of the calculus of variations.
A new derivation of the transformations of Lorentz.
The inequalities of Morse for a parametric problem of the calculus of variations ...
QA999 Barnard Cross-match procedures for multiple-imputation inference : Bayesian theory and frequentist evaluation /
Fredholm theory of linear integral equations in general analysis for quaternionic-valued functions.
QA999 Barnett Problems in the calculus of variations invariant under a special group.
Differential equations with a continuous infinitude of variables ... /
QA999 Barnhill Fixed point theorems for actions of Coxeter groups on nonpositively curved singular spaces / 1
QA999 Barnum Abel's theorem & the addition formulae for elliptic integrals. 1
QA999 Barr The motion of two bodies under their mutual attractive force in four dimensions. 1
QA999 Barrett Transverse symmetries and proper holomorphic maps / 1
QA999 Barsky On repeated convergence of series. 1
QA999 Bartle Singular points of functional equations. 1
QA999 Basoco Certain loci projectively related to systems of conics. 1
QA999 Bass Global dimensions of rings. 1
QA999 Basterra André-Quillen cohomology of commutative S-algebras / 1
QA999 Bates An Application of symbolic methods to the treatment of mean curvatures in hyperspace /
Determination of all those surfaces for which, when the lines of curvature are taken as parameter lines (u=constant, v=constant) the six fundamental quantities, E, F, G, L, M, N are functions of one parameter, say u, only.
QA999 Bauduit Motion of a particle attached to a spring ... 1
QA999 Baumann Testing the results of two methods of teaching plane geometry. 1
QA999 Beals Algorithms for finite groups / 1
QA999 Bean Invariants of forms in more than two variables under orthogonal substitutions. 1
QA999 Beazley Codimensions of Newton strata for SL₃(F) in the Iwahori case / 1
QA999 Beceanu A critical centre-stable manifold for the cubic focusing Schrödinger equation in three dimensions / 1