Call Number Title Count
QA999 Abouzaid On homological mirror symmetry for toric varieties / 1
QA999 Abrahamson On the stochastic comparison of tests of hypotheses.
Unitary invariants for groups on a measure space.
QA999 Adams Trees and ergodic equivalence relations / 1
QA999 Adkins Coordinates of analytic projective geometry defined in terms of anharmonic ratios. 1
QA999 Adler Refined anisotropic K-types and supercuspidal representations / 1
QA999 Ahlin The large scale geometry of nilpotent-by-cycle groups / 1
QA999 Alaoglu The asymptotic Waring problem for fifth and sixth powers.
Weak topologies of normed linear spaces ...
QA999 Albert On the stability of solitary waves and the decay of small-amplitude waves in nonlinear dispersive systems /
A determination of all associative algebras in two, three and four units over a non-moldular field F.
Algebras and their radicals, and division algebras.
QA999 Alexander Infinite Galois theory.
Trajectories and curves of equal action in mechanics.
Geometric interpretation of invariants of ternary quadratic forms.
QA999 Allan Maximality of some arithmetic groups. 1
QA999 Allen The surface generated by a stream from a revolving sprinkler. 1
QA999 Alvarenga Nonlinear mappings of orientation preserving type in Banach spaces. 1
QA999 Anderes Estimating deformations of isotropic Gaussian random fields / 1
QA999 Anderson Projective modules over subrings of k[X,Y] /
Representation as a sum of multiples of polygonal numbers ...
A geometrical discussion of the transformation w squared =1-z cubed.
An inclined rotational pendulum.
Representation as a sum of multiples of polygonal numbers.
Multiplicative lattices.
Lower bounds for multiparameter square functions /
QA999 Andrianov Clifford algebras and Shimura's lift for theta-series / 1
QA999 Angwin Constructing algebras from Lie and Hopf algebras. 1
QA999 Anspach The unramified discrete spectrum of PSp(4) over a rational function field / 1
QA999 Archibald Diophantine equations in division algebras. 1
QA999 Arnold Differentiation and integration of an improper integral with respect to a parameter.
Analysis of plane geometry text books ...
An interior penalty finite element method with discontinuous elements /
QA999 Ash Generalizations of the Riemann derivative. 1
QA999 Asmuth The Weil representation of symplectic groups over p-adic fields / 1
QA999 Athreya Quantitative recurrence for Teichmuller geodesic flow / 1
QA999 Atlason Generalized parametric models / 1
QA999 Auchmuty The equilibrium of rotating self-gravitating fluids. 1
QA999 Auslander Contributions to the curvature theory of Finsler spaces. 1
QA999 Austin A history of plane geometry as a school study in the United States. 1
QA999 Ayati Methods for computational population dynamics / 1
QA999 Ayres (a) Plane n-ics generated by pairs of involutions on a line. (b) Cubic hypersurfaces in n-space generated by n involutions on a line.
A Cremona transformation generated by a pencil of surfaces.
A Cremona transformation generated by a pencil of surfaces ...
QA999 Bacon The determination and investigation of real chords of two conics which intersect in fewer than four real points. 1
QA999 Bailey Hielp, a fast interactive lazy functional language system /
The general maximum likelihood approach to the Cox regression model /
QA999 Baker A contribution to the Waring problem for cubic functions ...
The Problem of the angle-bisectors /
QA999 Bala A graph theoretic approach to database normalization and query processing / 1
QA999 Balch The determination of certain polynomial identities. 1
QA999 Balduzzi Hamiltonian geometry of moduli space of bundles on curves / 1
QA999 Ballantine Modular invariants of a binary group composite modulus.
A postulational introduction to the four color problem.
QA999 Ballard Cohomology theory in fields. 1
QA999 Bamforth A classification of boundary value problems for a system of ordinary linear differential equations of the second order. 1
QA999 Bao Theory and applications of warped geometry / 1
QA999 Barakat On the moduli space of deformations of bihamiltonian hierarchies of hydrodynamic type / 1
QA999 Baranovsky Moduli of sheaves on surfaces and action of the oscillator algebra / 1
QA999 Barba The kakeya maximal function and the spherical summation multipliers. 1
QA999 Bardell A new derivation of the transformations of Lorentz.
The inequalities of Morse for a parametric problem of the calculus of variations.
The inequalities of Morse for a parametric problem of the calculus of variations ...
QA999 Barnard Cross-match procedures for multiple-imputation inference : Bayesian theory and frequentist evaluation /
Fredholm theory of linear integral equations in general analysis for quaternionic-valued functions.
QA999 Barnett Problems in the calculus of variations invariant under a special group.
Differential equations with a continuous infinitude of variables ... /
QA999 Barnhill Fixed point theorems for actions of Coxeter groups on nonpositively curved singular spaces / 1
QA999 Barnum Abel's theorem & the addition formulae for elliptic integrals. 1
QA999 Barr The motion of two bodies under their mutual attractive force in four dimensions. 1
QA999 Barrett Transverse symmetries and proper holomorphic maps / 1
QA999 Barsky On repeated convergence of series. 1
QA999 Bartle Singular points of functional equations. 1
QA999 Basoco Certain loci projectively related to systems of conics. 1
QA999 Bass Global dimensions of rings. 1
QA999 Basterra André-Quillen cohomology of commutative S-algebras / 1
QA999 Bates An Application of symbolic methods to the treatment of mean curvatures in hyperspace /
Determination of all those surfaces for which, when the lines of curvature are taken as parameter lines (u=constant, v=constant) the six fundamental quantities, E, F, G, L, M, N are functions of one parameter, say u, only.
QA999 Bauduit Motion of a particle attached to a spring ... 1
QA999 Baumann Testing the results of two methods of teaching plane geometry. 1
QA999 Beals Algorithms for finite groups / 1
QA999 Bean Invariants of forms in more than two variables under orthogonal substitutions. 1
QA999 Beazley Codimensions of Newton strata for SL₃(F) in the Iwahori case / 1
QA999 Beceanu A critical centre-stable manifold for the cubic focusing Schrödinger equation in three dimensions / 1