Call Number Title Count
PS3999 Degenerate America : embodiment, modernity and the culture of science (1890-1930) / 1
PS3999 Albright An account of the discussion of narrative technique from Poe up to James. 1
PS3999 Allison The Indian in American literature before 1820. 1
PS3999 Alter The revolt from success in the novel of the twenties. 1
PS3999 An "There was a whole lot of grayness here" : modernity, geography and "home" in black women's literature, 1919-1959 / 1
PS3999 Atkin Converting America : the rhetoric of abolitionist literature / 1
PS3999 Atkinson Seeds of change : rewriting the garden in American literature and culture, 1854-2009 / 1
PS3999 Badt The Ethics of the body in american and italian women's fiction : a study of Sylvia Plath, Natalia Ginzburg, Dacia Maraini, Milena Milani and Toni Morrison / 1
PS3999 Baker Cincinnati as a western outpost of Boston liberalism. 1
PS3999 Balay-Wilson Domestic modernism : appropriations of the feminine past in american women's novels / 1
PS3999 Baldridge Criticism of American literature in American periodicals, 1800-1815. 1
PS3999 Bergmann American historical humor: the tradition and the contemporary novel / 1
PS3999 Berliner Discursive ground : naturalization in American literature, 1836-1918 / 1
PS3999 Bertolini Constitutional bodies : practicing national subjectivity in antebellum writing / 1
PS3999 Bilgray The foreign plays popular in the United States, 1870-1900 /
The foreign plays popular in the United States, 1870-1900.
PS3999 Blair Politics and history in the drama of America to 1807. 1
PS3999 Boggs The American translation / 1
PS3999 Bone Reflection of public opinion in the drama (1787-1850). 1
PS3999 Booth Criticism of American life in early American fiction. 1
PS3999 Borgman The symbolic city and Christian existentialism in fiction by Flannery O'Connor, Walker Percy, and John Updike / 1
PS3999 Bowen Novel rooms : American architecture and the book, 1840-1940 / 1
PS3999 Bross "That epithet of praying" : the praying Indian figure in early New England literature / 1
PS3999 Bryce A study of the Negro in American drama. 1
PS3999 Campbell The bloody chasms: a descriptive analysis of Reconstruction in American literature, 1865-1885. 1
PS3999 Carr Knowledge as deliverance in late nineteenth-century American contingent-naturalistic novels : the role of education in Twain, Howells, Frederic and Norris / 1
PS3999 Ceppi Unnatural bonds : servitude, rank, and the family covenant in early American culture, 1662-1790 / 1
PS3999 Cohen Vexed identity : literary self-representation in Massachusetts, 1678-1700 / 1
PS3999 Coleman The development of the black short story : a reflection of the development of black fiction and black thought during the first half of the twentieth century / 1
PS3999 Collins The literary tradition of the southern mountaineer, 1824-1900 ...
The literary tradition of the Southern mountaineer, 1824-1900.
PS3999 Cooney Transplantation and transformation : French-American literary exchange from 1920 through 2000 / 1
PS3999 Cottingham Postwork poetics : contemporary American poetry and the disappearance of work / 1
PS3999 Curtis Modern industrialism and the struggle between capital and labor in american verse 1
PS3999 Dahn The art of living : American manners, modernism, and race relations / 1
PS3999 Davidson The immigrant autobiography as a document of cultural assimilation 1
PS3999 Davis Prose literature of racial defense, 1917-1924. 1
PS3999 Dew Pedagogy and community : Kathy Acker's "Talmudic mode" / 1
PS3999 Duck Modernism and segregation : narrating region and nation in Depression-era literature / 1
PS3999 Edwards A treacherous pedagogy : the politics of writing personal narratives of sexual violation / 1
PS3999 Engle The face of ambiguity: a study of confidence men in American literature before 1900. 1
PS3999 Evans The development of the lyric short story in America, Irving to Melville.
The ethnographic imagination in American literature : a genealogy of cultures, 1865-1930 /
Literary taste in Virginia from 1825 to 1860
PS3999 Everson A soldier's war, a child's peace : the dialogue of adult and children's war fiction since 1941 / 1
PS3999 Fagel Spirit lessons : post-nuclear American fiction and the spirituality of survival / 1
PS3999 Feldman Self-culturing America, 1838-1917 / 1
PS3999 Fine Some changes in American culture during the depression of 1819-1822. 1
PS3999 Forrer The ascending effort: a study of the crisis of belief in four American novels. 1
PS3999 Francis "When all is become billboards" : modern American poetry and "promotion", 1855-1960 / 1
PS3999 Freeburg Dark side of the republic : blackness, imperial knowledge and the illusion of self-mastery in Herman Melville's America / 1
PS3999 Gee Questions of competence : testimony in postwar American literary and political culture / 1
PS3999 Gilmore The genuine article : race, manhood, and mass culture in American literature, 1826-1861 / 1
PS3999 Goering Pacifism and heroism in American fiction, 1770-1860 / 1
PS3999 Goldstein The American woman novelist and the emergence of the modern woman, 1910-1930 / 1
PS3999 Grabarek Failures of the spirit : the institutional church in the fiction of James T. Farrell, J. F. Powers, Walker Percy / 1
PS3999 Greef Public lectures in New York, 1851-1878 : a cultural index of the times /
Public lectures in New York, 1851-78: a cultural index of the times.
PS3999 Grey Chicago and the Great American Novel. 1
PS3999 Gunn The American scholar at work: The critical achievement of F.O. Matthiessen, a study in religious interpretation. 1
PS3999 Haenni The immigrant scene : the commercialization of ethnicity and the production of publics in fiction, theater, and the cinema, 1890-1915 / 1
PS3999 Hamilton The development of the conception of local color. 1
PS3999 Harper Economic and political attitudes in American drama, 1865-1900. 1
PS3999 Hartnett The changing concept and language of the popular American dramatic heroine, 1900 to 1950. 1
PS3999 Harvey The rhetoric of the muckrakers: a contribution to the history and theory of social realism in the American novel, 1900-1920. 1