Call Number Title Count
PR9999.M84 Courtly love in Elizabethan lyrics / 1
PR9999 Adams The philosophic unity of More's Utopia ...
Pacifism in the English Renaissance, 1497-1530.
PR9999 Albers From the fields of sleep : dreams, reveries, and imagination in Wordsworth, Shelley, and Keats / 1
PR9999 Aldus The use of physical comic means in English drama from 1420 to 1603. 1
PR9999 Ames The convergence of Homer's Odyssey and Joyce's Ulysses / 1
PR9999 Anderson The Digby Mary Magdalene: a study of its sources, conventional elements, and originality.
English conceptions of Switzerland prior to Goldsmith's Traveller.
PR9999 Antonaccio Moral identity and the good in the thought of Iris Murdoch / 1
PR9999 Arata Imperial anxieties : narratives of decline in British fiction 1885-1910 / 1
PR9999 Asch "The unknown public" : middle-class reactions to popular literature in Victorian Britain / 1
PR9999 Ashin Restoration adaptations of Jacobean and Caroline comedy. 1
PR9999 Aslami State fantasy : the late nineteenth-century British novel and the cultural formation of state personhood / 1
PR9999 Avery The technique of satiric portraiture from Dryden to Churchill. 1
PR9999 Baillie A critical edition of Gratiae theatrales. 1
PR9999 Baker Written on the water : British romanticism and the culture of maritime empire / 1
PR9999 Barchas Form's content : the interpretive impact of graphic design in the novels of Samuel Richardson, Master Printer / 1
PR9999 Barrett Satire on the citizen's wife in English comedy to 1642. 1
PR9999 Bartlett The influence of Plautus and Terence of certain school dramas of the sixteenth century. 1
PR9999 Batten The eighteenth-century English travel writer: a study of his literary techniques. 1
PR9999 Baumgardner The treatment of the theme of conspiracy in English drama during the period of Shakespeare. 1
PR9999 Beach The use of Anglo-Saxon material by Scott, Bulwer-Lytton, Kingsley, and Tennyson in the background of the Anglo-Saxon revival in England. 1
PR9999 Beall Pastoralism in the plays of Shakespeare. 1
PR9999 Belknap The dramatization of incident in eighteenth century fiction. 1
PR9999 Berard Sentimental comedy in the last quarter of the eighteenth century. 1
PR9999 Blanford Tristan and Isolde in the nineteenth century / 1
PR9999 Bohrer Reports from the field : natural history and the rural world in Romantic literature / 1
PR9999 Bond Fréron's Année littéraire (1754-1766) and English literature.
Truant pens : representations of manuscript circulation in the early print era, 1520-1620 /
PR9999 Bonnell The historical context of Johnson's Lives of the poets : rival collections of English poetry, 1777-1810 / 1
PR9999 Boots The French connection : a comparative study of selected Middle English romances and their Old French antecedents / 1
PR9999 Borland The influence of Marot on English poetry of the sixteenth century. 1
PR9999 Bowers Rites of passage : inventions of self and community in eighteenth-century British travel literature / 1
PR9999 Bray In pursuit of a distinctive utterance: realistic novels in the Midwest, 1871-1914. 1
PR9999 Brown The literary influence of Byron on Shelley.
Dryden's attitude toward Shakespeare.
PR9999 Buckley Rationalism in sixteenth century English literature ...
Rationalism in sixteenth century English literature.
PR9999 Burk Satiric pseudonyms used by Alexander Pope. 1
PR9999 Burnette Ideologies of selfhood in the eighteenth-century courtship novel / 1
PR9999 Burno Herod the Great in the middle English cycle plays. 1
PR9999 Burstein Shadows of history : the production of gender and historical narrative in post-enlightenment Britain, 1770-1870 /
Prosthetic fictions : cold modernism in Wyndham Lewis, Mina Loy, and Evelyn Waugh /
PR9999 Bush Forerunners of Dryden's heroic plays. 1
PR9999 Cabell Parody in the reign of Elizabeth. 1
PR9999 Cable Methods of non-dramatic verse satire, 1640-1700. 1
PR9999 Caldwell The spotted page : Danverian discourse in the work of John Gay, Alexander Pope, and Henry Fielding / 1
PR9999 Calkins Calidore: the embodiment of the sixteenth century ideal of courtesy. 1
PR9999 Campbell The influence of The shepheards calendar upon the formal pastoral of the period 1579-1602.
The Digby Mary Magdalene.
PR9999 Cassidy Narrative formula and structure in the Middle English romance / 1
PR9999 Cefalu Habit, virtue and character : moral identity in early modern English texts / 1
PR9999 Chan The influence of China on English culture during the eighteenth century. 1
PR9999 Chandler Industrialism in modern English poetry. 1
PR9999 Chapin Songs up to Shakespeare in their relation to the drama.
The puritanism of Samuel Sewall as shown in his diary and letters.
PR9999 Chiles The Tristan story in contemporary British drama. 1
PR9999 Chu Modernist itineraries : gender, geography, genre / 1
PR9999 Clark Drama and the culture of commercial hospitality in early modern England / 1
PR9999 Coch In a lady's bower : poetry, gardens, and the problem of pleasure in early modern England / 1
PR9999 Colarelli Of mind and manner : association and digression in the Seasons, the Task, and the Prelude / 1
PR9999 Corber The anxiety of the imagination : politics and the romantic woman writer / 1
PR9999 Cosand English religious poetry of the sixteenth century. 1
PR9999 Cowles "I don't want to know about it": self-deception in the mid-Victorian novel / 1
PR9999 Cox The shapes of fancy : figural use of the wanton warrior in Elizabethan drama / 1
PR9999 Craig A survey of the critical theories contained in prefatory matter of prose fiction before 1640. 1
PR9999 Crichton Those despicable kings as object lessons in political obedience for the sixteenth century. 1
PR9999 Culp After belief : the response to cultural crisis in three late Victorian novelists / 1