Call Number Title Count
PN6999 Literary openness and open poetics : a Chinese view in a cross-cultural perspective / 1
PN6999.D33 A study of the Guignol lyonnais. 1
PN6999 Abood The reception of the Abbey Theatre in America, 1911-1914. 1
PN6999 Abramson In the eye of the director : self-reflexivity in the films of Alfred Hitchcock / 1
PN6999 Adams Gender, play, and power : the literary uses and cultural meanings of medieval chess in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries 1
PN6999 Agmon The problem and prospects of the repertory theatre as an urban institution / 1
PN6999 Amad Archiving the everyday : a topos in French film history, 1895-1931 / 1
PN6999 Ames The aesthetics of the novel. 1
PN6999 Anglin The nature of the protagonist and equality of the sexes in historical fiction for juvenile readers / 1
PN6999 Antal Persuasion of mind and body : rhetoric and poetry in Speroni, Campanella and Descartes / 1
PN6999 Archer The dramatic art of Giuseppe Verdi. 1
PN6999 Arlt The status of research in folk melodies. 1
PN6999 Askari Moving pictures before motion pictures : the pictorial tradition and American media aesthetics, 1890-1920 / 1
PN6999 Atwater The influence of the Anacreontea on German and French poetry. 1
PN6999 Avery Dancing and pantomime on the English stage, 1700-1737 ...
Entertainments on the English stage, 1700-1737.
PN6999 Babcock Mirrors, masks, and metafiction : studies in narrative reflexivity / 1
PN6999 Badertscher Ethics and professional practice in news journalism : a study of the Chicago journalism review / 1
PN6999 Balazs Toward the new man : modernism and masculinity from a relational psychoanalytic perspective / 1
PN6999 Bao Baptism by fire : aesthetic affect and spectatorship in Chinese cinema from Shanghai to Chongqing / 1
PN6999 Barbour Narrative tragedy as a critique of virtue : The Princess Casamassima, Nostromo, and All the king's men / 1
PN6999 Bartz Moral and religious significancy of seventh grade literature study. 1
PN6999 Basich The opinion of the Chicago tribune concerning internationalism in 1939 and 1946. 1
PN6999 Beals A linguistic analysis of verbal irony / 1
PN6999 Beauchamp Dramatic treatment of Antony and Cleopatra in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. 1
PN6999 Bell Incarnate freedom and the poetics of grace : autonomy and limit in the fiction of Stendhal, Tolstoy, and Dostoevsky / 1
PN6999 Bensen Problems of poetic diction in twentieth-century criticism : a part of a dissertation submitted to the faculty of the division of the Humanities in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Department of English Language and Literature, 1943 /
Problems of poetic diction as considered by twentieth-century English critics.
PN6999 Bergstrom The history of McVicker's theater. 1
PN6999 Berlin French press reform : the problem of freedom vs. responsibility, 1933-1948. 1
PN6999 Berman Narrating the historical : constructions of community in the work of four modern novelists / 1
PN6999 Berolzheimer The trend of social criticism in prose fiction from 1860 to 1915. 1
PN6999 Betts Book reviewing in the Monthly Anthology and Boston Review (1803-1811). 1
PN6999 Bihler Theory and illustrations of poetic echoing. 1
PN6999 Bines Post-Shoah identity between languages / 1
PN6999 Blackmer The status of beauty and pleasure as functions of poetry in the literary criticism of the English renaissance. 1
PN6999 Bolton The adaptive process: techniques of dramatizing fiction and their implications concerning essential differences between the arts of fiction and theater. 1
PN6999 Bond "Distrust" of imagination in English neo-classicism ...
Theories of the imagination in English literary criticism of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
PN6999 Bornedal The interpretations of art / 1
PN6999 Borroff The theory of the traslation of poetry 1
PN6999 Botting History of th emotion picture in Latin America. 1
PN6999 Breckenridge The "Chicago Times" during the Civil War. 1
PN6999 Britton Sympathy and novel : shared sentiment in Britain and France : 1750-1850 / 1
PN6999 Brock Actual relationship and chance similarity in folk melodies. 1
PN6999 Bronson The selection of news from the wire services (by wire editors of two different newspapers under same ownership in the same community) 1
PN6999 Brown Anti-theodicy and human love in the films of Ingmar Bergman /
Storytelling and trauma : Gender, identity, and testimony in contemporary context /
PN6999 Buchanan Rhythm and experience : the expanding art of rhythm in novel and film. 1
PN6999 Campbell Image and thought in the development of the lyric / 1
PN6999 Capik La vie de Thais : prolegomena / 1
PN6999 Capo Three television portraits of enduring ideals in American society : what network news depicted as the underlying values at stake in the Watergate scandal / 1
PN6999 Caprio Women's film culture in the Federal Republic of Germany : female spectators, politics and pleasure from the fifties to the nineties / 1
PN6999 Carlson Chronos in the New World : comparative studies of how the cinemas of the United States and Spanish America represent history / 1
PN6999 Carruthers Doing time : timeliness and temporal rhetorics in contemporary cinema / 1
PN6999 Cassell The development of the expression of time and event in narrative / 1
PN6999 Chaimov "A masonic lodge of literature" : popular and private discourse in the European reception of the French revolution / 1
PN6999 Chilton Global cities / urban subjects : the literary rearticulation of identity / 1
PN6999 Cioeta Thamarat al funun, Syria's first Islamic newspaper, 1875-1908 / 1
PN6999 Clark A comparative study of the fictional reading of Negro college freshmen and seniors.
News : a sociological study.
PN6999 Cline The influence of romances on tournaments of the middle ages ...
Tournaments of English and French literature compared with those of history, 1100-1500.
PN6999 Clum "The Sea beneath the soil" : visions of the good in fiction and in modern moral identity / 1
PN6999 Cmiel Democratic eloquence : language, education and authority in nineteenth-century America / 1
PN6999 Colonius Costume on the English stage until 1590. 1