Call Number Title Count
PM9999 Attinasi Lak T'an: a grammar of the Chol (Mayan) word. 1
PM9999 Ball Out of the park : trajectories of Wauja (Xingu Arawak) language and culture / 1
PM9999 Bartholomew The reconstruction of Otopamean (Mexico) 1
PM9999 Bender Reading culture : the Cherokee syllabary and the Eastern Cherokees, 1993-1995 / 1
PM9999 Berkely Remembrance and revitalization : the archive of pure Maya / 1
PM9999 Boyle Hidatsa morpho-syntax and clause structure / 1
PM9999 Brinkman Etsmeystkhw khwe snwiyepmshtsn : 'you know how to talk like a whiteman' / 1
PM9999 Day The Jacaltec language. 1
PM9999 Drachman Twana phonology 1
PM9999 Durston Pastoral Quechua : the history of Christian translation in Peru, 1550-1650 / 1
PM9999 Dyk Verb types in Wishram, an American Indian language of the northwest coast. 1
PM9999 Foster The syntax of noun phrase complement construction in Chiconcuac Nuhuatl / 1
PM9999 Fox Proto-Mayan accent, morpheme structure conditions, and velar innovations / 1
PM9999 Furbee-Losee The correct language, Tojolabal: a grammar with ethnographic notes. 1
PM9999 Galucio The morphosyntax of Mekens (Tupi) / 1
PM9999 Goss Ute lexical and phonological patterns. 1
PM9999 Graczyk Incorporation and cliticization in Crow morphosyntax / 1
PM9999 Halpern Yuma. 1
PM9999 Hanks Deixis and the organization of interactive context in Yucatec Maya / 1
PM9999 Hoijer Tonkawa, an Indian language of Texas,
Tonkawa, an Indian language of Texas.
PM9999 Hopkins The Chuj language. 1
PM9999 Kroeber Comparative syntax of subordination in Salish / 1
PM9999 Krueger The verbal category system of Cakchiquel Mayan / 1
PM9999 Leer The schetic categories of the Tlingit verb / 1
PM9999 Lengyel The Cultural organization of language in a Mayan community / 1
PM9999 Li A study of Sarcee verb-stems
Mattole, an Athabaskan language /
PM9999 Mannheim Structural change and the structure of change : the linguistic history of Cuzco Quechua in relation to its social history / 1
PM9999 Maxwell How to talk to people who talk Chekel 'different' : the Chuj (Mayan) solution / 1
PM9999 Melnar Caddo verb morphology / 1
PM9999 Moore "The people are here now." : the contemporary culture of an ancestral language : studies in obsolescent Kiksht (Wasco-Wishram dialect of Upper Chinookan) / 1
PM9999 Nuckolls The grammar and images of aspect in lowland Ecuadorean Quechua / 1
PM9999 Smith-Stark Jilotepequeño Pocomam phonology and morphology / 1
PM9999 Sprott Jemez syntax / 1
PM9999 Straight Yucatec Maya pedolectology : segmental phonology. 1
PM9999 Suslak The future of Totontepecano Mixe : youth and language in the Mixe Highlands / 1
PM9999 Swadesh The Nootka aspect system 1
PM9999 Turner Highland Chontal grammar. 1
PM76831 .R66 2008eb Roots of Creole structures : weighing the contribution of substrates and superstrates / 1
PM Jz 1 Ed Bickert 1
PMPress 1 Songs of freedom 1
PN Alexander Kluge : Raw Materials for the Imagination / edited by Tara Forrest.
Grotesque Revisited : Grotesque and Satire in the Post/Modern Literature of Central and Eastern Europe.
Developing Web Applications with Apache, MySQL, memcached, and Perl.
Hamish Henderson /
Performing adaptations : essays and conversations on the theory and practice of adaptation /
Psychology of revolution, the.
Science fiction, new space opera, and neoliberal globalism. Nostalgia for infinity /
Poetry and Its Others : News, Prayer, Song, and the Dialogue of Genres.
Hemingway's Paris : a Writer's City in Words and Images.
A nuova luce cinema muto italiano 1 : atti del convegno internazionale, Bologna, 12-13 novembre 1999 /
Fèlsina all'avanguardia negli studi di teatro e di spettacolo sviluppi e problemi : conferenza di ateneo, Bologna, 10 aprile 2000 /
PN1 Chinese political and cultural themes; a study of Chinese Communist films.
Comic grace : we mortal fools in movie comedy.
Emerson Goes to the Movies Individualism in Walt Disney Company's Post-1989 Animated Films.
I Want to Change My Life : Can Reality TV Competition Shows Trigger Lasting Career Success?.
PN1.A2 Acta litteraria.
Acta litteraria
PN1.A28 Acta neophilologica. 1
PN1.A45 Alif : journal of comparative poetics. 1
PN1.A78 Art and literature. 1
PN1.A9 Aufgabe. 1
PN1.B73 Bracket. 1
PN1.D59 Diwan : Zeitschrift für arabische und deutsche Poesie. 1
PN1.E97 Europäische Hefte = Cahiers européens = Notes from Europe. 1
PN1.G45 Geibun kenkyū. 1
PN1.G73 Gramma : journal of theory and criticism = Gramma : periodiko theōrias kai kritikēs. 1
PN1.H48 Helicon; revue internationale des problemes généraux de la littérature ... 1
PN1.J83 Journal of literary studies = Tydskrif vir literatuurwetenskap. 1
PN1.K6 Komparatistische Hefte. 1
PN1.K85 KulturPoetik. 1
PN1.L58 Litteraria Pragensia. 1
PN1.M64 The Modern review. 1
PN1.P475 A perifériáról a centrum : világirodalmi áramlás a 20. század középső évtizedeitől = From periphery -- to centre : trends in world literature from the middle decades of the Twentieth Century to the present. 1
PN1.Q5 Qui parle.
Ça parle