Call Number Title Count
PL9999 Individual-level ability and stage-level ability in Korean and English / 1
PL9999 Adak Intersubjectivity : Halide Edib (1882-1964) or the "Ottoman/Turkish (women)" as the subject of knowledge / 1
PL9999 Agha Lexical structure anf grammatical categories in Llasa Tibetan / 1
PL9999 Annamalai Adjectival clauses in Tamil. 1
PL9999 Ariga Reading Ryūkyō shinshi : an investigation in literary hermeneutics / 1
PL9999 Brink Intertexts for a national poetry : the ideological origins of shintaishi / 1
PL9999 Bundy The uses of literary tradition : the poetry and poetics of the Shinkokinshū / 1
PL9999 Collins The historical relationships of the languages of Central Maluku, Indonesia / 1
PL9999 Crespi A vocal minority : new poetry and poetry declamation in China, 1915-1975 / 1
PL9999 Cutler The poetry of the Tamil saints / 1
PL9999 David A comparative study of Dravidian infinitives / 1
PL9999 Doak Dreams of difference : the Japan romantic school and the crisis of modernity / 1
PL9999 Dobrin Phonological form, morphological class, and syntactic gender : the noun class systems of Papua New Guinea Arapeshan / 1
PL9999 Duncan Grammatical form and 'thinking-for-speaking' in Mandarin Chinese and English : an analysis based on speech-accompanying gestures / 1
PL9999 Errington Changing speech levels among a traditional Javanese elite group / 1
PL9999 Fair Japanese women's language and the ideology of Japanese uniqueness / 1
PL9999 Fasold Noun compounding in Thai. 1
PL9999 Fedson The Tamil serial or compound verb / 1
PL9999 Fischer The formation of the Shi Zi / 1
PL9999 Freedman Tracking Japanese modernity : commuter trains, streetcars, and passengers in Tokyo literature, 1905-1935 / 1
PL9999 Fruehauf Urban exoticism in modern Chinese literature, 1910-1933 / 1
PL9999 Furuyama De-syntacticizing the theories of reference maintenance from the viewpoint of poetic function of language and gesture : a case of Japanese discourse / 1
PL9999 Gamm Riyāżı̄'s Riyāż us-Şuʻarā / 1
PL9999 Griswold The aesthetics of subversion : the world of Kibyoshi in eighteenth century Edo / 1
PL9999 Harman The sacred marriage of Maturai : myth, ritual, and devotion in a South Indian temple / 1
PL9999 Harrison The rise of the woman novelist in Meiji Japan / 1
PL9999 Hemphill Acquisition of Japanese rhythm and pitch accent by English native speakers / 1
PL9999 Hidalgo The connection between antecedent and consequent in Tagalog conditionals / 1
PL9999 Hutton Mikir-English dictionary / 1
PL9999 Jacobsen Transitivity in the Japanese verbal system / 1
PL9999 Jepson Chinese word order : a study of language acquisition and linguistic change / 1
PL9999 Jiang Some aspects of the syntax of topic and subject in Chinese / 1
PL9999 Keulemans Sounds of the novel : storytelling, print-culture, and martial-arts fiction in nineteenth-century Beijing / 1
PL9999 Kim The syntax and semantics of causative constructions in Korean /
Minding the shop : Zati and the making of Ottoman poetry in the first half of the sixteenth century /
PL9999 Kitano The development of children's literature in Japan. 1
PL9999 Koh Imagining childhood : narratives of formation in Korean short fiction of the 1970s / 1
PL9999 Koyama Language and its double : a critical history of dialects, languages, and metalanguages in Japan / 1
PL9999 La Marre Pain, filth and stupefaction : forms of authority and mediation in the late Meiji novel / 1
PL9999 Lam Emotional in-difference : exploring exteriority in late imperial Chinese drama and fiction / 1
PL9999 Larson Toward a simultaneous multilingual grammar for Tagalog, Cebuano and Ilocano. 1
PL9999 Lin The syntax, semantics and pragmatics of Dōu and Yě in Mandarin Chinese / 1
PL9999 Lindholm The conceptual basis of the Tamil adverbial participle / 1
PL9999 Liu Intonation systems of Mandarin and English : a functional approach / 1
PL9999 Lovins Loanwords and the phonological structure of Japanese. 1
PL9999 Luchsinger The decay of the real : Ōe Kenzaburō and the reinvention of literary heterodoxy / 1
PL9999 Matsugu The war in Kawabata yasunari's Snow country : aesthetics of empire, politics of literature, struggle of women / 1
PL9999 McCoy Some principles of the evolution in character forms as found in the bronze inscriptions of the Chou dynasty. 1
PL9999 Mizuta A discourse-semantic analysis of tense and aspect in English and Japanese / 1
PL9999 Molasky Burned-out ruins and barbed-wire fences : the American occupation in Japanese and Okinawan literature / 1
PL9999 Na Syntactic and semantic interaction in Korean : theme, topic, and relative clause / 1
PL9999 Nakatani Bodies and signs in early medieval China / 1
PL9999 Ntihirageza Quantity sensitivity in Bantu languages : focus on Kirundi / 1
PL9999 Olson The phonology and morphology of Mono / 1
PL9999 Oman A study of Hua Guan suo zhuan : a prosimetric narrative printed in 1478 / 1
PL9999 Paramasivam Effectivity and causativity in Tamil / 1
PL9999 Perry Aesthetics for justice : proletarian literature in Japan and colonial Korea / 1
PL9999 Radhakrishnan A preliminary descriptive analysis of Nancowry. 1
PL9999 Ratliff The morphological functions of tone in White Hmong / 1
PL9999 Reynolds A multimodular analysis of Japanese quantifiers / 1
PL9999 Rhee Mundart in global modernism : the poetry and poetics of Hwang Chiu and Ingeborg Bachmann / 1