Call Number Title Count
PK9999 Adarkar Karṇa in the Mahābhārata / 1
PK9999 Aronoff Contrasting modes of textual classification : the Jātaka commentary and its relationship to the Pali Canon / 1
PK9999 Ayres Speaking like a state : nationalism, language, and the case of Pakistan / 1
PK9999 Bagchi Clausal subordination in Bangla : a cross-modular approach / 1
PK9999 Bakic-Hayden Devastating victory and glorious defeat : the Mahabharata and Kosovo in national imaginings / 1
PK9999 Barz Early developments within the Bhakti sect of Vallabhācārya according to sectarian traditions. 1
PK9999 Beeman The meaning of stylistic variation in Iranian verbal interaction / 1
PK9999 Bledsoe Written in stone : inscriptions of the Kathmandu Valley's Three Kingdoms / 1
PK9999 Bronner Poetry at its extreme : the theory and practice of bitextual poetry (slesa) in South Asia / 1
PK9999 Busch The courtly vernacular : the transformation of Brajbhāṣā literary culture (1590-1690) / 1
PK9999 Carr Vocalization in the Old Persian script. 1
PK9999 Chandola A syntactic sketch of Garhwali. 1
PK9999 Cherchi A study in modern Georgian morphosyntax : a hierarchy-based analysis with special reference to 'indirect verbs' and 'passives of state' / 1
PK9999 Clooney Retrieving the Pūrva Mīmāṃsā of Jaimini / 1
PK9999 Coppola Urdu poetry, 1935-1970 : the progressive episode. 1
PK9999 Cox Making a tantra in medieval south India : the Mahārthamañjarī and the textual culture of Cōl̲a Cidambaram / 1
PK9999 Dent Irony in Hindi short stories : translation and structural analysis / 1
PK9999 Dharwadker The future of the past : modernity, modern poetry, and the transformation of two Indian traditions / 1
PK9999 Dwarikesh The historical syntax of the conjunctive participial phrase in the New Indo-Aryan Dialects of the Madhyadesa ("Midland") of Northern India. 1
PK9999 Fair The historical novels of Bhai Vir Singh : narratives of Sikh nationhood / 1
PK9999 Fisher An outline of the doctrines of the Candilya Sutras acoording to the commentary of Swapnecwara 1
PK9999 Fitzgerald The mokṣa anthology of the great Bhārata : an initial survey of structural issues, themes, and rhetorical strategies / 1
PK9999 Gabbay The language of tolerance : Amīr Khusraw and the development of Indo-Persian culture / 1
PK9999 Gautam Conflict of callings : literature, politics, and the birth of pain in the poetry of Muktibodh (1917-1964) / 1
PK9999 Gerow A glossary of Indian figures of speech. 1
PK9999 Hartley Language regions and linguistic provinces in India. 1
PK9999 Hastings Past perfect, future perfect : Sanskrit revival and the Hindu nation in contemporary India / 1
PK9999 Holisky A contribution to the semantics of aspect : Georgian medial verbs / 1
PK9999 Kinra Secretary-poets in Mughal India and the ethos of Persian : the case of Chandar Bhān Brahman / 1
PK9999 Klaiman Volitionality and subject in Bengali : a study of semantic parameters in grammatical processes / 1
PK9999 Knutson The consolidation of literary registers in the world of the Senas and the beginning of its afterlife : Sanskrit and Bengali social poetics, 12th-14th century / 1
PK9999 Leidecker The noetical terminology in Upanisads and Bhagavad Gita. 1
PK9999 Masica A study of the distribution of certain syntactic and semantic features in relation to the definability of an Indian linguistic area. 1
PK9999 McCrea The teleology of poetics in medieval Kashmir / 1
PK9999 Munda Structural features of the Vaisnava songs of the Pãcpargana (dialect of) Bengali : a study in the language of poetry / 1
PK9999 Okten Jāmī (817-898/1414-1492) : his biography and intellectual influence in Herat / 1
PK9999 Phukan Through a Persian prism : Hindi and Padmavat in the mughal imagination / 1
PK9999 Poulos Feminine sense and sensibility : a comparative study of six modern women short fiction writers in Hindi and Urdu : Rashid Jahan, Ismat Chughtai, Qurratul-Ain Hyder, Mannu Bhandari, Usha Priyamvada, Vijay Chauhan / 1
PK9999 Pritchett Marvelous encounters : qissa literature in Urdu and Hindi / 1
PK9999 Reich A battlefield of a text : inner textual interpretation in the Sanskrit Mahābhārata/ 1
PK9999 Sahota A literature of the sublime in late colonial India : romanticism and the epic form in modern Hindi and Urdu / 1
PK9999 Sarkar Segmental phonology of standard colloquial Bengali / 1
PK9999 Selby Toward a grammar of love : a comparative study of interpretive modes in classical Indian poetry / 1
PK9999 Shapiro Aspects of Hindi abstract verbal syntax. 1
PK9999 Singer Agreement : cross-linguistic variation and acquisition / 1
PK9999 Soifer Beast and priest : a motific study of the Narasiṁha and Vāmana Avatāras in cosmological perspective / 1
PK9999 Steele Relocating the postcolonial self : place, metaphor, memory and the Urdu poetry of Mustafa Zaidi (1930-1970) / 1
PK9999 Sullivan The seer of the fifth Veda : Kr̥s̥n̥a Dvaipāyana Vyāsa in the Mahābhārata / 1
PK9999 Tiwari Maha multipedia a nine-night performance of the Mahābhārata reworked in mixed media / 1
PK9999 Tuite Number agreement and morphosyntactic orientation in the Kartvelian languages / 1
PK9999 Vashi Dance in Sanskrit literature from Pāṇini to Bharata Muni.
Dance in the early Sanskrit literature.
PK9999 Vrudhula The Bengali Babu : ideology, stereotype, and the quest for authenticity in colonial South Asian literature / 1
PK9999 Wilks Aspects of the Köroğlu destan : Chodźko and beyond / 1
PK9999 Williams The Ḍholā-Mārū Rā dūhā and the rise of the Hindi literary tradition / 1
PK9999 Wysocki Acoustic analysis of Georgian stop consonants and stop clusters / 1
PK9999 Yazijian From performance to literature : the Caṇḍīmaṅgala of Kavikaṅkaṇa Mukunddarāma Cakravarti / 1
PK15660 .U233 1961 Ucca mādhyamika Asamīẏā kabitā saṅkalana / 1
PL Grammar of the Great Andamanese Language : an Ethnolinguistic Study.
Grammatical Development of Chinese among Non-native Speakers : From a Processability Account.
PL1 Two Tibetan prayers
A study of Naima.
Katherine Garrison Chapin, Mark Van Doren, Wystan Hugh Auden [and] Richard Eberhart reading their own poems
PL1.A1I4 Uralic and Altaic series. 1