Call Number Title Count
PJ9999 Abbott The Ḳurrah papyri from Aphrodito in the Oriental Institute /
The Kurrah papyri of the Oriental institute.
PJ9999 Allen The inflection of the verb in the Pyramid texts / 1
PJ9999 Alwahab The morphophonemics of the Iraqui Arabic verb. 1
PJ9999 Andrews The translation of Aramaic dî in the Greek Bibles. 1
PJ9999 Asher A prism of Ashurbanipal. 1
PJ9999 Baepler A comparison of studies of the hebrew verb in the last twenty-five years. 1
PJ9999 Baquir Babylonian Amulets and Some Inscriptions Thereon. 1
PJ9999 Baumann The suffix conjugation of early Egyptian as evidenced in the underworld books / 1
PJ9999 Bowman Pre-Christian Aramaic as a cultural element. 1
PJ9999 Boyd A collection and examination of the Ugaritic vocabulary contained in the Akkadian texts from Ras Shamra / 1
PJ9999 Brovarski The inscribed material of the First Intermediate Period from Naga-ed-Dêr / 1
PJ9999 Brundage Notes on some blocks from the excavations of Medinet Habu. 1
PJ9999 Brux Collection of Arabic letters written chiefly by members of the Greek Catholic Melchite clergy. 1
PJ9999 Bull The religious texts from an Egyptian coffin of the Middle Kingdom. 1
PJ9999 Burt Parallelism in Jāhiliyya poetry and the Northwest Semitic connection / 1
PJ9999 Callender Coptic nominal sentences and related constructions. 1
PJ9999 Caminos Osorkon's annals: being a translation of, and a philological commentary on, the hieroglyphic texts inscribed on the Bubastite gate in the great temple of Amun at Karnak. 1
PJ9999 Caplice The Akkadian text genre namburbi. 1
PJ9999 Caton Tribal poetry as political rhetoric from Khawlān aṭ- Ṭiyāl, Yemen Arab Republic / 1
PJ9999 Christian Some unpublished Old Babylonian letters at the University of Chicago. 1
PJ9999 Clemens A study of the sacrificial terminology at Ugarit : a collection and analysis of the Ugaritic and Akkadian textual data / 1
PJ9999 Cohn Yiddish given names : a lexicon / 1
PJ9999 Collins Natural illness in Babylonian medical incantations / 1
PJ9999 Conklin Oath formulae in Classical Hebrew and other Semitic languages / 1
PJ9999 Cooper Sumero-Akkadian literary bilingualism. 1
PJ9999 Creason Semantic classes of Hebrew verbs : a study of Aktionsart in the Hebrew verbal system / 1
PJ9999 Cruz-Uribe Saite and Persian demotic cattle documents and their use in the legal system in ancient Egypt / 1
PJ9999 Darnell The enigmatic netherworld books of the Solar-Osirian unity : cryptographic compositions in the tombs of Tutankhamun, Ramesses VI, and Ramesses IX / 1
PJ9999 Der Manuelian Studies in archaism of the Egyptian twenty-sixth dynasty / 1
PJ9999 Doret Old and Middle Egyptian narrative verbal system / 1
PJ9999 Eisele The syntax and semantics of tense, aspect and time reference in Cairene Arabic / 1
PJ9999 El-Nadoury The Egyptian term hʻ -nswt and the problems of the "accession" of the Egyptian king. 1
PJ9999 Fox The structure of morphology of Cairene Arabic / 1
PJ9999 Furayha Quadriliterals from the dialect of Ras al-Matn (Lebanon) / 1
PJ9999 Furayhah Quadriliterals from the dialect of Ras al-Matn (Lebanon) ... 1
PJ9999 Galston Opinion and knowledge in Farabi's understanding of Aristotle's philosophy. 1
PJ9999 Gartland The concept of Isis during the Egyptian Old Kingdom based upon the Pyramid Tests. 1
PJ9999 Gaudard The demotic drama of Horus and Seth (P. Berlin 8278a, b, c; 15662; 15677; 15818; 23536; 23537a, b, c, d, e, f, g) / 1
PJ9999 Geers A Babylonian omen-text. 1
PJ 9999 Gessler Influence of Babylonian poetry upon hebrew poetry... 1
PJ9999 Glick Politeness marking in modern Israeli Hebrew / 1
PJ9999 Goerwitz Tiberian Hebrew pausal forms / 1
PJ9999 Gogel A grammar of Old Hebrew / 1
PJ9999 Gragg Toward a syntax of the Sumerian verb; the dimensional infixes. 1
PJ9999 Green Eridu in Sumerian literature / 1
PJ9999 Greig The influence of the semantic categories of Egyptian verbs of perception and cognition on grammatical structure in Late Egyptian / 1
PJ9999 Grobel A preliminary investigation of the ancestry of the irregular verbs in Hebrew. 1
PJ9999 Gross Phonological and morphological opacity in the verbal system of modern Hebrew / 1
PJ9999 Hallo Early Mesopotamian royal titles : a philologic and historical analysis.
The ensi's of the Ur III dynasty.
PJ9999 Hallock The Chicago syllabary and the Louvre syllabary AO 7661.
The Chicago syllabary and the Louvre syllabary AO 7661 /
PJ9999 Harris The archive of the Sin temple in Tutub (Khafajah). 1
PJ9999 Hawley Studies in Ugaritic epistolography / 1
PJ9999 Hays The typological structure of the Pyramid texts and its continuities with Middle Kingdom mortuary literature / 1
PJ9999 Heck Qudāma B. Jaʻfar (d. 33/948) and his Kitāb al-Kharāj wa s̳ināʻat al-kitāba : administrative contributions to knowledge / 1
PJ9999 Hefter "You have asked--" : the addressee and the absent reader in the works of al-Jāḥiẓ / 1
PJ9999 Heidel The quadriliteral verb in Akkadian. 1
PJ9999 Hoberman Verb inflection in Modern Aramaic : morphosyntax and semantics / 1
PJ9999 Honeyman The mission of Burzoe in the Arabic Kalilah and Dimnah.
The mission of Burzoe in the Arabic Kalilah and Dimnah ...
PJ9999 Horwitz The structure of a Coptic donation contract.
The structure of a Coptic donation contract : a part of a dissertation submitted to the faculty of the division of the Humanities in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Oriental Languages and Literatures, 1940 /
PJ9999 Hotta Multi-dimensional word formation in Japanese / 1