Call Number Title Count
PJ9999 Abbott The Kurrah papyri of the Oriental institute.
The Ḳurrah papyri from Aphrodito in the Oriental Institute /
PJ9999 Allen The inflection of the verb in the Pyramid texts / 1
PJ9999 Alwahab The morphophonemics of the Iraqui Arabic verb. 1
PJ9999 Andrews The translation of Aramaic dî in the Greek Bibles. 1
PJ9999 Asher A prism of Ashurbanipal. 1
PJ9999 Baepler A comparison of studies of the hebrew verb in the last twenty-five years. 1
PJ9999 Baquir Babylonian Amulets and Some Inscriptions Thereon. 1
PJ9999 Baumann The suffix conjugation of early Egyptian as evidenced in the underworld books / 1
PJ9999 Bowman Pre-Christian Aramaic as a cultural element. 1
PJ9999 Boyd A collection and examination of the Ugaritic vocabulary contained in the Akkadian texts from Ras Shamra / 1
PJ9999 Brovarski The inscribed material of the First Intermediate Period from Naga-ed-Dêr / 1
PJ9999 Brundage Notes on some blocks from the excavations of Medinet Habu. 1
PJ9999 Brux Collection of Arabic letters written chiefly by members of the Greek Catholic Melchite clergy. 1
PJ9999 Bull The religious texts from an Egyptian coffin of the Middle Kingdom. 1
PJ9999 Burt Parallelism in Jāhiliyya poetry and the Northwest Semitic connection / 1
PJ9999 Callender Coptic nominal sentences and related constructions. 1
PJ9999 Caminos Osorkon's annals: being a translation of, and a philological commentary on, the hieroglyphic texts inscribed on the Bubastite gate in the great temple of Amun at Karnak. 1
PJ9999 Caplice The Akkadian text genre namburbi. 1
PJ9999 Caton Tribal poetry as political rhetoric from Khawlān aṭ- Ṭiyāl, Yemen Arab Republic / 1
PJ9999 Christian Some unpublished Old Babylonian letters at the University of Chicago. 1
PJ9999 Clemens A study of the sacrificial terminology at Ugarit : a collection and analysis of the Ugaritic and Akkadian textual data / 1
PJ9999 Cohn Yiddish given names : a lexicon / 1
PJ9999 Collins Natural illness in Babylonian medical incantations / 1
PJ9999 Conklin Oath formulae in Classical Hebrew and other Semitic languages / 1
PJ9999 Cooper Sumero-Akkadian literary bilingualism. 1
PJ9999 Creason Semantic classes of Hebrew verbs : a study of Aktionsart in the Hebrew verbal system / 1
PJ9999 Cruz-Uribe Saite and Persian demotic cattle documents and their use in the legal system in ancient Egypt / 1
PJ9999 Darnell The enigmatic netherworld books of the Solar-Osirian unity : cryptographic compositions in the tombs of Tutankhamun, Ramesses VI, and Ramesses IX / 1
PJ9999 Der Manuelian Studies in archaism of the Egyptian twenty-sixth dynasty / 1
PJ9999 Doret Old and Middle Egyptian narrative verbal system / 1
PJ9999 Eisele The syntax and semantics of tense, aspect and time reference in Cairene Arabic / 1
PJ9999 El-Nadoury The Egyptian term hʻ -nswt and the problems of the "accession" of the Egyptian king. 1
PJ9999 Fox The structure of morphology of Cairene Arabic / 1
PJ9999 Furayha Quadriliterals from the dialect of Ras al-Matn (Lebanon) / 1
PJ9999 Furayhah Quadriliterals from the dialect of Ras al-Matn (Lebanon) ... 1
PJ9999 Galston Opinion and knowledge in Farabi's understanding of Aristotle's philosophy. 1
PJ9999 Gartland The concept of Isis during the Egyptian Old Kingdom based upon the Pyramid Tests. 1
PJ9999 Gaudard The demotic drama of Horus and Seth (P. Berlin 8278a, b, c; 15662; 15677; 15818; 23536; 23537a, b, c, d, e, f, g) / 1
PJ9999 Geers A Babylonian omen-text. 1
PJ 9999 Gessler Influence of Babylonian poetry upon hebrew poetry... 1
PJ9999 Glick Politeness marking in modern Israeli Hebrew / 1
PJ9999 Goerwitz Tiberian Hebrew pausal forms / 1
PJ9999 Gogel A grammar of Old Hebrew / 1
PJ9999 Gragg Toward a syntax of the Sumerian verb; the dimensional infixes. 1
PJ9999 Green Eridu in Sumerian literature / 1
PJ9999 Greig The influence of the semantic categories of Egyptian verbs of perception and cognition on grammatical structure in Late Egyptian / 1
PJ9999 Grobel A preliminary investigation of the ancestry of the irregular verbs in Hebrew. 1
PJ9999 Gross Phonological and morphological opacity in the verbal system of modern Hebrew / 1
PJ9999 Hallo The ensi's of the Ur III dynasty.
Early Mesopotamian royal titles : a philologic and historical analysis.
PJ9999 Hallock The Chicago syllabary and the Louvre syllabary AO 7661.
The Chicago syllabary and the Louvre syllabary AO 7661 /
PJ9999 Harris The archive of the Sin temple in Tutub (Khafajah). 1
PJ9999 Hawley Studies in Ugaritic epistolography / 1
PJ9999 Hays The typological structure of the Pyramid texts and its continuities with Middle Kingdom mortuary literature / 1
PJ9999 Heck Qudāma B. Jaʻfar (d. 33/948) and his Kitāb al-Kharāj wa s̳ināʻat al-kitāba : administrative contributions to knowledge / 1
PJ9999 Hefter "You have asked--" : the addressee and the absent reader in the works of al-Jāḥiẓ / 1
PJ9999 Heidel The quadriliteral verb in Akkadian. 1
PJ9999 Hoberman Verb inflection in Modern Aramaic : morphosyntax and semantics / 1
PJ9999 Honeyman The mission of Burzoe in the Arabic Kalilah and Dimnah.
The mission of Burzoe in the Arabic Kalilah and Dimnah ...
PJ9999 Horwitz The structure of a Coptic donation contract.
The structure of a Coptic donation contract : a part of a dissertation submitted to the faculty of the division of the Humanities in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Oriental Languages and Literatures, 1940 /
PJ9999 Hotta Multi-dimensional word formation in Japanese / 1