Call Number Title Count
PG9999 Alissandratos Traces of sophistic theory and patristic practice in Slavic eulogies of the fourteenth and fifteenth century / 1
PG9999 Allen Dostoevsky, madness, and religious fervor : reason and its adversaries / 1
PG9999 Alperin Soviet music and the novel : a political study. 1
PG9999 Any Boris Mixajlovič Èjxenbaum : the formalist literary theory and criticism, 1918-1929 / 1
PG9999 Ayers Social discourse in the Russian society tale / 1
PG9999 Barron The American reception of Henryk Sienkiewicz's Quo vadis? 1
PG9999 Beaver Time in the lyric poetry of Joseph Brodsky / 1
PG9999 Beloded Syntactic and discourse-functional properties of Wh-questions in Russian / 1
PG9999 Belyavski-Frank The "Balkan conditional" in dialectal Serbo-Croatian : a semantic and syntactic study / 1
PG9999 Bennett Divining history : providential interpretation in the Primary Chronicle of Kievan Rus' / 1
PG9999 Bulatovic Modality, futurity and dependent tense : the semantics of the Serbian perfective nonpast and future 2 / 1
PG9999 Cavagnaro My Dostoevsky, myself : the self-reflective impulse in Dostoevsky's readers / 1
PG9999 Chatterjee Aspect and aktionsart in Slavic and Indo-Aryan : a semantic approach / 1
PG9999 Darden Accentual patterns in the derivation of Russian substantives. 1
PG9999 De Armond Deverbal and deadjectival verb derivation based on Russian and English. 1
PG9999 Dyer Word order in the simple Bulgarian sentence : a study in grammar, semantics and pragmatics / 1
PG9999 Egger An acoustic analysis of word boundaries in contemporary standard Russian / 1
PG9999 Fowler The syntax of the genitive case in Russian / 1
PG9999 Friedman The grammatical categories of the Macedonian indicative : A study in syntax, semantics, and structure / 1
PG9999 Ginzburg On the structural role of sound in the poetry of Fedor Tyutchev / 1
PG9999 Gleason Changes in values among certain Russian writers of the 1760's. 1
PG9999 Goodwin Contrasts of case and of adjective form in Russian predicate noun and adjective constructions. 1
PG9999 Grinberg Constructing Jewish texts in Russian literature : the cases of Mandelshtam, Brodsky, and Slutsky / 1
PG9999 Grose A strong wind overhead : three independent writers under Soviet power / 1
PG9999 Hristova Syntactic structure and grammatical function : the participles in the Kievan Chronicle / 1
PG9999 Humphries The morphology and semantics of doublet derived imperfective verbs in modern standard Macedonian / 1
PG9999 Izmirlieva The Christian art of listing : listing God in Slavia Orthodoxa / 1
PG9999 Kaiser Modeling entailment based semantics in Polish using phases and second order logic / 1
PG9999 Khasin The theatre of privacy : vision, self and narrative in Nabokov's Russian language novels / 1
PG9999 Klassen Russiche Literatur in der Freien bühne und in der Gesellschaft. 1
PG9999 Krive Poetry and the politics of sorrow : appropriating the early Akhmatova / 1
PG9999 Lapushin "Dew on the Grass" : the poetics of "inbetweenness" in Chekhov / 1
PG9999 Laszlo An information science approach to Slavic accentology / 1
PG9999 Li Russian émigré literature in China : a missing link / 1
PG9999 Linden The historical reconstruction of the original text of The cherry orchard and an analysis of the circumstances leading to the creation and distortion of Chekhov's play / 1
PG9999 Lychyk A comparison of Russian and Ukrainian deverbal derivation / 1
PG9999 March Morphology of the inflection of three Kajkavian dialects / 1
PG9999 Merchant The impact of Irish-Ireland on Young Poland, 1890-1918 / 1
PG9999 Merz The morphology of aspect in Russian and Slovenian imperfectivization. 1
PG9999 Naylor The nominal declension in the C̆akavian Serbocroatian dialects and literary Serbocroatian compared with that of Russian. 1
PG9999 O'Neil Vzgljadom Šekspira ("with Shakespeare's eyes") : Puškin's creative appropriation of Shakespeare / 1
PG9999 Pisaro Quantity in Czech : a dialectal and historical analysis / 1
PG9999 Pomorska Teorie literackie i szkoły poetyckie na pocza̦tku XX W. W Rosji (literary theories and poetic schools at the beginning of the XX century in Russia) 1
PG9999 Preveden The vocabulary of navigation in the Balto-Slavic languages. 1
PG9999 Raitsimring It's a crime to punish a crime : Dostoevsky's views on criminal law, as extrapolated from Vremia and Epokha / 1
PG9999 Rice V.K. Trediakovskij and the Russian poetic genres, 1730-1760: studies in the history of eighteenth-century Russian literature. 1
PG9999 Rondestvedt Definite/indefinite and related pragmatic categories in early original Slavic / 1
PG9999 Ruechelle A comparative study of the religious values in the dramas of Chekhov, Gorki, and Andreyev. 1
PG9999 Scott An experiment in sociology of form : a re-evaluation of the "crude sociologism" of V. F. Pereverzev / 1
PG9999 Sims Influence of the English language upon the Slavic language as spoken in America 1
PG9999 Soglasnova Russian hypocoristic formation : a quantitative approach / 1
PG9999 Sternstein Purposing the liberated word : Czech poetism and Russian Cubo-Futurism / 1
PG9999 Titelbaum Morphosyntactic patterns of contemporary Russian voice and aspect. 1
PG9999 Trzeciak Visions and re-visions : Nabokov as self-translating author / 1
PG9999 Urbaszewski Creating the first classic poet of socialist realism : Mayakovsky as a subject of 'celebration culture' 1935-1940 / 1
PG9999 Vavrus Quanitiy in the Slovak systems of inflection and derivation. 1
PG9999 Villhauer Analogy in the Ukrainian verb / 1
PG9999 Williams Diminutivity in Bulgarian : a formal and semantic study / 1
PG9999 Wyman The task of active empathy : Scheler, Bakhtin and Dostoevsky / 1
PG9999 Young The accentuation of colloquial Lithuanian / 1