Call Number Title Count
PF9999 Baerg Gnadenau Low German, a dialect of Marion County, Kansas. 1
PF9999 Bradley The verbal suffix -zen in German 1
PF9999 Davis The semasiology of verbs of talking and saying in the high German dialects 1
PF9999 Dixon Measurements as applied to the teaching of German in Utah schools ... 1
PF9999 Elias Concerning the German particles of comparison. 1
PF9999 Grosser The study of German personal names. 1
PF9999 Haessler Old High German biteilen and biskerien. 1
PF9999 Hummel The syntactical distribution of MHG preverbal ge- in selected Urkunden of the thirteenth century from Basel-Colmar-Freiburg im Breisgau. 1
PF9999 Ihrig Use of the demonstrative "derjenige" to which a relative refers. 1
PF9999 Jones Fluctuation between accusative and dative in prepositional phrases tied to certain verbs, as in "Er setzt sich ins/im Gras nieder". 1
PF9999 Kent Vriunt and geselle in the Arthurian romances of Hartmann von Aue and Wolfram von Eschenbach. 1
PF9999 Lingl A study in new high German diphthongs. 1
PF9999 Lloyd Irregular word-stress in German. 1
PF9999 Manderfeld The Wessobrunn prayer. 1
PF9999 Mellor Scholarly purpose and national purpose in Jacob Gimmm's work on the Deutsches Wörterbuch. 1
PF9999 Meyer The authorship of the Old High German Tatian: addition and non-addition of pronoun subjects ... 1
PF9999 Mohr J.G. Schottelius' spelling rules compared with the practices of some of his printers. 1
PF9999 Reinmuth The meaning of the preverb ge- in the Nibelungenlied. 1
PF9999 Shapiro Genitive forms without "s" in early New High German / 1
PF9999 Simpson The phonology of Merigarto. 1
PF35771.S38 Beiträge zur deutschen Philologie und Geschichte, 1
PFF 1 Hē Hellēnikē mousikē paradosē tēs katō Italias 1
Pfizer A4RS-0194/5 Serenade in D minor, opus 44 1
Pfizer A4RS-0237/8 Sextet in B flat, op. 6 1
Pfizer A4RS-0569/70 French horn masterpieces [Russian and French compositions for French horn and piano]. 1
Pfizer Z4RS-1229/30 Horn concerti 1
Pfizer PLD 1 Music of the Bach family choral works. 1
Pfizer PLD 5 Terzetto in D 1
Pfizer PLD 9 Spanish moods 1
PG 1 Prométhée op. 82 ; Caligula : op. 52 / 1
PG1 Grammatika
Russkiĭ sintaksis v nauchnom osveshchenii /
Eslavística complutense
PG1.A29 Acta Polono-Ruthenica. 1
PG1.A63 Anzeiger für slavische Philologie. 1
PG1.A7 Archiv für slavische philologie. 1
PG1.A8 Australian Slavonic and East European studies : journal of the Australian and New Zealand Slavists' Association and of the Australasian Association for Study of the Socialist Countries. 1
PG1.B5 Biuletyn slawistyczny. 1
PG1.B76 Brown Slavic contributions. 1
PG1.B76 v.11 Modern Czech studies / 1
PG1.B76 v.12 Poetic works : a bilingual album / 1
PG1.B76 v.13 Modern Czech studies / 1
PG1.B91 Analele Universitații București. Limbi slave. 1
PG1.C42 Československá rusistika; časopis pro jazyky a literaturu slovanských národů SSSR. 1
PG1.C45 Československá slavistika ... Lingvistika,historie / 1
PG1.C66 Conversatoria linguistica. 1
PG1.E8 Études slaves et roumaines. 1
PG1.F66 Folia Slavica. 1
PG1.G37 Germanoslavica; vierteljahrsschrift für die erforschung der germanisch-slavischen kulturbeziehungen ... 1
PG1.G56 Glossos 1
PG1.G73 Graduate essays on Slavic languages and literatures /
Graduate essays on Russian language and literature /
PG1.I6 International journal of slavic linguistics and poetics. 1
PG1.I61 International review of Slavic linguistics. 1
PG1.J68 Journal of Slavic linguistics : JSL. 1
PG1.J9 Južnoslovenski filolog. 1
PG1.K31 Filologicheskiĭ sbornik : trudy kafedr russkogo i͡azyka, inostrannykh i͡azykov i literatury / 1
PG1.K57 Kirillo-mefodievskie chtenii͡a / 1
PG1.L75 Literatura slavianskikh narodov. 1
PG1.L8 Årsbok / 1
PG1.M517 Melbourne Slavonic studies. 1
PG1.M74 Il Mondo slavo. 1
PG1.N2 Annali. Sezione Slava / 1