Call Number Title Count
PE3999 Aldrich Two contrasted methods of teaching English composition. 1
PE3999 Anderson An investigation of the factors conditioning success in teaching English.
A study of errors in composition in the University of Chicago high school.
PE3999 Aucoin The sociohistorical and linguistic development of African American English in Virginia and South Carolina / 1
PE3999 Bardovi-Harlig A functional approach to English sentence stress / 1
PE3999 Bradley Diagnostic and remedial measures relating to linguistic disabilities. 1
PE3999 Brawer Aspects of dramatic art in the Middle English cycle plays. 1
PE3999 Brooks The use of rules in the teaching of spelling. 1
PE3999 Butler Nature of the content of third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade readers. 1
PE3999 Butterworth The ability of elementary-school children to use a dictionary. 1
PE3999 Chamberlain The laboratory versus the recitation method of teaching English composition to groups of low ability. 1
PE3999 Charney The development of personal pronouns / 1
PE3999 Condit The relation between attainment in language and general scholastic success. 1
PE3999 Corcoran An experiment in correlating English composition with curriculum activities. 1
PE3999 Creswell Usage in dictionaries and dictionaries of usage. 1
PE3999 Dagley The comparative value of French and Latin in the study of the English vocabulary. 1
PE3999 Dainora An empirically based probabilistic model of intonation in American English / 1
PE3999 Dannettelle Correlation between written and oral English composition. 1
PE3999 Davis The literature of advanced school readers in the United States, 1785-1900 ...
The literature of advanced school readers in the United States, 1785-1900.
The phonology of Yiddish-American speech.
PE3999 Davison Performative verbs, adverbs and felicity conditions: an inquiry into the nature of performative verbs. 1
PE3999 Dickson The present status of instruction in phonics as revealed in eighteen reading manuals. 1
PE3999 Diesing The significance of the McGuffey readers in American literary history: a critical survey. 1
PE3999 Dixon Syntactic indexes and student writing performance. 1
PE3999 Ducker The present status of the teaching of phonics as shown by an analysis of eighteen reading manuals ... 1
PE3999 Duckett A comparative study of two contrasting types of language-composition instruction, instruction based on functional centers of expression and instruction based on rhetorical centers of expression. 1
PE3999 Enochs Measuring the ability to write. 1
PE3999 Faucett The Revision of scientific language principles for oriental application in the teaching of English ... / 1
PE3999 Fennell An analytical study of the vocabularies used in primary readers. 1
PE3999 Foster Linguistic and rhetorical aspects of adult compositions. 1
PE3999 Fox The rhetorical function of medieval verse conventions in Tudor drama, ca. 1485-1570. 1
PE3999 Frazer The dialect subareas of the Illinois midland. 1
PE3999 Gavin An experiment in measuring achievement in college composition in relation to the effect of a semester's course in writing practice. 1
PE3999 Goble Quantitative analysis of present practice with respect to the teaching of English work in high schools. 1
PE3999 Gosser Some studies in the vocabulary of Old English. 1
PE3999 Gross John Constable's Reflections upon accuracy of style. 1
PE3999 Gruber A linguistic and ethnographic analysis of apology narratives performed in the context of federal sentencing hearings / by Mary Catherine Gruber. 1
PE3999 Hanna A critical study of the English in the curricula of the teachers colleges of Wisconsin. 1
PE3999 Harford An experiment in correlating English with content subjects. 1
PE3999 Harris The development of language ability during the elementary school period.
Discrimination of word meanings in the fourth and sixth grades.
PE3999 Harvey Iambic pentameter from Shakespeare to Browning / 1
PE3999 Heflin Characteristic features of New Mexico English between 1805 and 1890.
Characteristic features of New Mexico English between 1805 and 1890 ... /
PE3999 Herndobler White working-class speech : the east side of Chicago / 1
PE3999 Horner The laboratory versus the recitation method of teaching English composition to groups of mixed ability. 1
PE3999 Hughes Rate of acquisition of an English-speaking vocabulary by Spanish-speaking children. 1
PE3999 Huglin An analysis of the content of grammar in high schools. 1
PE3999 Hunter The American colloquial idiom, 1830-1860. 1
PE3999 Isidro The development of written English expression of Filipino children. 1
PE3999 Isidro y Santos The development of written English expression of Filipino children ... 1
PE3999 Johnson English expression : a junior college curriculum study ... /
Phonetic alphabets and phonetic texts as evidence of American pronunciation before 1850.
A study of errors in English composition ...
PE3999 Kearins Laboratory versus recitation method of teaching English composition / 1
PE3999 Keaton Americanisms in early American newspapers.
Americanisms in early American newspapers,
PE3999 Kenny Instruction in remedial English : a suggested program based on an analysis of certain English-usage difficulties among students in Chicago public high schools and colleges. 1
PE3999 Kim Factors affecting the difficulty of phoneme identification : the case of Korean children learning ESL / 1
PE3999 Kleiman Drill in representative junior high school language textbooks. 1
PE3999 Kuhn The grammar of the Mercian dialect.
A grammar of the Mercian dialect,
PE3999 Lambert Studies in the relationship of thought and syntax in colloquial English ... / 1
PE3999 Laughlin The American with his dictionary : a historical survey of lexicographical criticism in the United States / 1
PE3999 LeGrand Or and any : the semantics and syntax of two logical operators. 1
PE3999 Levi The syntax and semantics of nonpredicating adjectives in English / 1
PE3999 Long Studies in the vocabulary of Ohio 1837 to 1847. 1
PE3999 Lyman English grammar in American schools before 1850 ... 1