Call Number Title Count
PE3999 Aldrich Two contrasted methods of teaching English composition. 1
PE3999 Anderson A study of errors in composition in the University of Chicago high school.
An investigation of the factors conditioning success in teaching English.
PE3999 Aucoin The sociohistorical and linguistic development of African American English in Virginia and South Carolina / 1
PE3999 Bardovi-Harlig A functional approach to English sentence stress / 1
PE3999 Bradley Diagnostic and remedial measures relating to linguistic disabilities. 1
PE3999 Brawer Aspects of dramatic art in the Middle English cycle plays. 1
PE3999 Brooks The use of rules in the teaching of spelling. 1
PE3999 Butler Nature of the content of third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade readers. 1
PE3999 Butterworth The ability of elementary-school children to use a dictionary. 1
PE3999 Chamberlain The laboratory versus the recitation method of teaching English composition to groups of low ability. 1
PE3999 Charney The development of personal pronouns / 1
PE3999 Condit The relation between attainment in language and general scholastic success. 1
PE3999 Corcoran An experiment in correlating English composition with curriculum activities. 1
PE3999 Creswell Usage in dictionaries and dictionaries of usage. 1
PE3999 Dagley The comparative value of French and Latin in the study of the English vocabulary. 1
PE3999 Dainora An empirically based probabilistic model of intonation in American English / 1
PE3999 Dannettelle Correlation between written and oral English composition. 1
PE3999 Davis The literature of advanced school readers in the United States, 1785-1900.
The literature of advanced school readers in the United States, 1785-1900 ...
The phonology of Yiddish-American speech.
PE3999 Davison Performative verbs, adverbs and felicity conditions: an inquiry into the nature of performative verbs. 1
PE3999 Dickson The present status of instruction in phonics as revealed in eighteen reading manuals. 1
PE3999 Diesing The significance of the McGuffey readers in American literary history: a critical survey. 1
PE3999 Dixon Syntactic indexes and student writing performance. 1
PE3999 Ducker The present status of the teaching of phonics as shown by an analysis of eighteen reading manuals ... 1
PE3999 Duckett A comparative study of two contrasting types of language-composition instruction, instruction based on functional centers of expression and instruction based on rhetorical centers of expression. 1
PE3999 Enochs Measuring the ability to write. 1
PE3999 Faucett The Revision of scientific language principles for oriental application in the teaching of English ... / 1
PE3999 Fennell An analytical study of the vocabularies used in primary readers. 1
PE3999 Foster Linguistic and rhetorical aspects of adult compositions. 1
PE3999 Fox The rhetorical function of medieval verse conventions in Tudor drama, ca. 1485-1570. 1
PE3999 Frazer The dialect subareas of the Illinois midland. 1
PE3999 Gavin An experiment in measuring achievement in college composition in relation to the effect of a semester's course in writing practice. 1
PE3999 Goble Quantitative analysis of present practice with respect to the teaching of English work in high schools. 1
PE3999 Gosser Some studies in the vocabulary of Old English. 1
PE3999 Gross John Constable's Reflections upon accuracy of style. 1
PE3999 Gruber A linguistic and ethnographic analysis of apology narratives performed in the context of federal sentencing hearings / by Mary Catherine Gruber. 1
PE3999 Hanna A critical study of the English in the curricula of the teachers colleges of Wisconsin. 1
PE3999 Harford An experiment in correlating English with content subjects. 1
PE3999 Harris The development of language ability during the elementary school period.
Discrimination of word meanings in the fourth and sixth grades.
PE3999 Harvey Iambic pentameter from Shakespeare to Browning / 1
PE3999 Heflin Characteristic features of New Mexico English between 1805 and 1890.
Characteristic features of New Mexico English between 1805 and 1890 ... /
PE3999 Herndobler White working-class speech : the east side of Chicago / 1
PE3999 Horner The laboratory versus the recitation method of teaching English composition to groups of mixed ability. 1
PE3999 Hughes Rate of acquisition of an English-speaking vocabulary by Spanish-speaking children. 1
PE3999 Huglin An analysis of the content of grammar in high schools. 1
PE3999 Hunter The American colloquial idiom, 1830-1860. 1
PE3999 Isidro The development of written English expression of Filipino children. 1
PE3999 Isidro y Santos The development of written English expression of Filipino children ... 1
PE3999 Johnson A study of errors in English composition ...
Phonetic alphabets and phonetic texts as evidence of American pronunciation before 1850.
English expression : a junior college curriculum study ... /
PE3999 Kearins Laboratory versus recitation method of teaching English composition / 1
PE3999 Keaton Americanisms in early American newspapers.
Americanisms in early American newspapers,
PE3999 Kenny Instruction in remedial English : a suggested program based on an analysis of certain English-usage difficulties among students in Chicago public high schools and colleges. 1
PE3999 Kim Factors affecting the difficulty of phoneme identification : the case of Korean children learning ESL / 1
PE3999 Kleiman Drill in representative junior high school language textbooks. 1
PE3999 Kuhn The grammar of the Mercian dialect.
A grammar of the Mercian dialect,
PE3999 Lambert Studies in the relationship of thought and syntax in colloquial English ... / 1
PE3999 Laughlin The American with his dictionary : a historical survey of lexicographical criticism in the United States / 1
PE3999 LeGrand Or and any : the semantics and syntax of two logical operators. 1
PE3999 Levi The syntax and semantics of nonpredicating adjectives in English / 1
PE3999 Long Studies in the vocabulary of Ohio 1837 to 1847. 1
PE3999 Lyman English grammar in American schools before 1850 ... 1