Call Number Title Count
PD9999 Ascher Gothic words containing Indo-European "n" and "m" suffixes. 1
PD9999 Beck Problems in Gothic phonology. 1
PD9999 Benson The study of place-names, with special reference to Sweden and the history of her colonization. 1
PD9999 Brekke Holt as an appellative and a farm-name element in Icelandic. 1
PD9999 Dahlstrom The Germanic K-formations in the Scandinavian languages. 1
PD9999 Denton North and West Germanic consonant gemination : a philological and phonetic reanalysis / 1
PD9999 Hale Place names in the parish of Andebu, county Vestfold, Norway. 1
PD9999 Heyd Indo-European T suffixes in Gothic. 1
PD9999 Jeep Alliterating word-pairs in Old High German / 1
PD9999 Lane Emergence and transformation of a dialect : Thyborønsk (Danish) / 1
PD9999 Olsson The gender of English loan-nouns in the Swedish-American language. 1
PD9999 Owen The origin of alliteration as a device of poetic technique in German verse. 1
PD9999 Popp Orthographic revisions in the original texts of P. Chr. Asbjørnsen's Norske huldre - eventyr og folkesagn. 1
PD9999 Williams Some Gothic synonyms: Greek aner, Gothic wair, aba, guma, manna. 1
PDB 108 Schoepper/Marine Band Vol. 5 / 1
PDB 109 Schoepper/Marine Band Vol. 6 / 1
PE1 A grammar of the living dialect of Queensbury
An historical dictionary of baseball terminology ...
PE1.A2 Abstracts of English studies. 1
PE1.B6 English philological studies. 1
PE1.C2 The CEA critic. 1
PE1 .C66 2007eb The theatre of civilized excess : new perspectives on Jacobean tragedy / 1
PE1 .C66 n.s., v.181 Love in Jeanette Winterson's novels / 1
PE1 .C66 n.s. v. 199eb Dangerous writing : the autobiographies of Willa Muir, Margaret Laurence and Janet Frame / 1
PE1 .C66 new ser., v. 164 D.H. Lawrence and Germany : the politics of influence / 1
PE1 .C678 n.s. v.202eb Elizabeth Bowen and the writing of trauma : the ethics of survival / 1
PE1.C7 College English : an official organ of the National Council of Teachers of English. 1
PE1.C84 Costerus. 1
PE1.E46 English. 1
PE1.E48 English and American studies in German. 1
PE1.E5 The English journal : the official organ of the National council of teachers of English ... 1
PE1.E51 The English journal; the official organ of the National council of teachers of English ... 1
PE1.E51 v.19 no.9 Small magazines. 1
PE1.E53 English progress. 1
PE1.E55 English studies. 1
PE1.E554 English studies in Africa. 1
PE1.F73 Franco-British studies. 1
PE1.J723 The Journal of English studies. 1
PE1.J86 The Journal of English studies. 1
PE1.P21 Papers on language & literature. 1
PE1.R45 The Review of English studies : a quarterly journal of English literature and the English language ... 1
PE1.S88 Studia, anglica posnaniensia. 1
PE1.S9 Studies in philology. 1
PE1.S9 v.2 Studies in the syntax of the King James version. 1
PE1.S9 v.3 The influence of E. T. A. Hoffmann on the tales of Edgar Allan Poe, 1
PE1.S9 v.37 Balthazar Rasinus and his praise of studies at the University of Pavia, 1
PE1.S91 Studies in philology ... Extra series ... 1
PE2 The art of pronunciation digested into two parts, vox audienda & vox videnda... /
Studies in the historical phonology of the Yorkshire dialects.
Erfurt electronic studies in English EESE.
PE3 The English secretorie; or, Methode of writing of epistles and letters: with a declaration of such tropes, figures and schemes as either vsuallie, or for ornament sake are therein required. Also the parts and office of a secretorie
Studies in the linguistic geography of Staffordshire,
PE3.A16 AAA, Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik 1
PE3.A6 Anglia. Zeitschrift für englische Philologie ... 1
PE3.A61 Anglia. Beiblatt ... Mitteilungen über englische Sprache und Literatur und über englischen Unterricht. Zeitschrift für englische Philologie. 1
PE3.A63 Anglia. Übersicht über die im Jahre ... auf dem Gebiete der englischen Philologie erschienenen Bücher, Schriften und Aufsätze. 1
PE3.A64 Buchreihe der Anglia : Zeitschrift für englische Philologie. 1
PE3.A64 v.1 John Lydgate; ein Kulturbild aus dem 15. Jahrhundert. 1
PE3.A64 v.2 Zinn und Zink; Studien zur abendländischen Wortgeschichte. 1
PE3.A64 v.3 Die Weltanschauung Henry Fieldings. 1
PE3.A64 v.4 Humoristische Tendenzen in der englischen Dichtung des Mittelalters. 1
PE3.A64 v.5 Englische religiöse Lyrik des 17. Jahrhunderts; Studien zu Donne, Herbert, Crashaw, Vaughan. 1
PE3.A64 v.6 Das persönliche Menschenbild Matthew Arnolds in der dichterischen Gestaltung. 1
PE3.A64 v.7 Homer und die englische Humanität; Chapmans und Popes Übersetzungskunst im Rahmen der humanistischen Tradition. 1