Call Number Title Count
PC9999 Aduddell On elision of feminine E in modern French. 1
PC9999 Armbruster The generalization of the simple past form in Old French with special consideration of the verb estre / 1
PC9999 Asselin Negation in French. 1
PC9999 Bacon A syntactic study of verbal usage in five modern French novels. 1
PC9999 Bevans The Old French vocabulary of Champagne: a descriptive study based on localized and dated documents. 1
PC9999 Blackburn An analysis of the vocabulary of two recent French grammars. 1
PC9999 Blanc Pitch and intensity in French and English. 1
PC9999 Bradbury A comparison of nasality in Spanish and in American speech. 1
PC9999 Brown The passive and indefinite reflexives in Old Spanish. 1
PC9999 Budde An x-ray analysis of the tongue position of French vowels. 1
PC9999 Calbick A consideration of the vocabularies of ten Spanish texts. 1
PC9999 Coleman Afronegrismos en textos literarios puertorriquenos : estudio linguistico-cultural. 1
PC9999 Cox Palatalization as consonant contraction : a study of the "second palatalization" in Old French / 1
PC9999 Cummins A study of syllable frequency in French. 1
PC9999 Davis Achievement in French grammar. 1
PC9999 Dulsey A study of the reasons for the omission or inclusion of the preposition a before substantive direct objects. 1
PC9999 Dunlap Objectives in the study of French in secondary schools. 1
PC9999 Emery The composition and amount of a minimum vocabulary for reading ungraded French texts. 1
PC9999 Fabian Words for clean and dirty in Spanish. 1
PC9999 Farkas Intensionality and romance : subjunctive relatives / 1
PC9999 Fette A study of syllable frequency in Spanish. 1
PC9999 Fritz Documentos notariales aragoneses, 1258-1495: un studio linguístico. 1
PC9999 Galambos The position of personal pronouns in French : a diachronic perspective / 1
PC9999 Gilman The cultural material in the French curriculum of Illinois high schools. 1
PC9999 Griffin Elementos mozárabes del diccionario latino-arábigo (siglo XIII) atribuido a Ramón Martí. 1
PC9999 Haden The physiology of French consonant changes.
The physiology of French consonant changes; a study in experimental phonetics ...
PC9999 Hale The theory of liaison. 1
PC9999 Haygood A minimum essential French reading vocabulary 1
PC9999 Hedeen A pronouncing index to Mme. Dupuis' Traité de prononciation, 1836. 1
PC9999 Hendrickson Recherches de l'emploi du prétérit simple dans l'usage parlé du français moderne tel qu'on le trouve dans la littérature populaire. 1
PC9999 Hendrie Minimum vocabulary for reading current French literature. 1
PC9999 Jackson Syntax of the past tenses in certain contemporary plays. 1
PC9999 Jones An analysis of the vocabulary elements in two modern Spanish authors, R. Blanco-Fombona and Pío Baroja. 1
PC9999 Kniazzeh A critical edition of a portion of the thirteenth century Vides de Sants Rosselloneses, folios 156-261, manuscript 44, Paris [edited] 1
PC9999 Lake Syntactic study of French reading texts. 1
PC9999 Landry The Franco-Canadian dialect of Papineauville, Quebec; phonetic system, morphology, syntax,and vocabulary ... 1
PC9999 Lazelle Semantic derivatives of Latin saeculum in Romance. 1
PC9999 Lewis A study of the idiom content of eight ungraded French texts. 1
PC9999 Long "La flor de las ystorias de orient" by Hayton, Prince of Gorigos 1
PC9999 Martin A phonetic commentary on l'Oubli of Hérédia. 1
PC9999 McNeel The use of the infinitive in Spanish prose between 1600 and 1630. 1
PC9999 Monson Les ensenhamens occitans: essai de définition et de délimitations du genre. 1
PC9999 Nykl Rrekontamiento del rrey Alisandere : an aljamiado text, with introduction and notes / 1
PC9999 Orne A middle French vocabulary of building arts and trades
A middle French vocabulary of building arts and trades ... /
PC9999 Parker The sounds of the vowel A in French. 1
PC9999 Pate The orthographic change from oi to ai in the eighteenth century. 1
PC9999 Peirce The orthography of Catherine de Medicis' letters ... 1
PC9999 Rankin Word final high vowels in Rumanian : problems in synchronic and diachronic dialectology. 1
PC9999 Ross French pronunciation of the latter part of the seventeenth century in France... 1
PC9999 Rountree A study of Spanish intonation. 1
PC9999 Sanelo El diccionario valenciano-castellano de Manuel Joaquín Sanelo; 1
PC9999 Sears A critical study of the vocabularies of two direct-method French grammars for beginners. 1
PC9999 Sippel The use of the subject pronoun in some modern Spanish plays. 1
PC9999 Spiker The historical development of the cesura in the French decasyllable 1
PC9999 Stover The vocabularies of six French text-books. 1
PC9999 Strausbaugh The use of "auer a" and "auer de" as auxiliary verbs in Old Spanish from the earliest texts to the end of the thirteenth century ... /
The use of "auer a" and "auer de" as auxiliary verbs in Old Spanish, from the earliest texts to the end of the thirteenth century.
PC9999 Sudran The syntax of the verb in four contemporary French novels. 1
PC9999 Sugden Quantity in French and English. 1
PC9999 Tomasek Terms of sorrow and suffering in troubadour lyrics : a linguistic study / 1
PC9999 Ventresca On the origin of the type 6-10 in the Italian endecasillabo. 1