Call Number Title Count
PA9999.K4 A comparative study of three epic heroes: Aeneas, Odysseus, Jason. 1
PA9999 Adam Tense and aspect in Roman historiographic narrative : a functional approach to the prose of the Memoria rerum gestarum / 1
PA9999 Adams Historical change and the phonological component of Greek: an enquiry into the history of the Greek verb from classical times to the present. 1
PA9999 Albritton In the grip of the future : the tragic experience of time / 1
PA9999 Allen The clausulae in certain orations of Cicero. 1
PA9999 Allison The problem of Asianism and the cultic proclamations of Antiochus I of Commagene / 1
PA9999 Arnhart Aristotle on political reasoning : a commentary on the Rhetoric / 1
PA9999 Bach Scriptores historiae Augustae (I-XVIII) as a source for Roman private life. 1
PA9999 Ballantyne The Medea myth. 1
PA9999 Bass The military narrative in Virgil's Aeneid books IX-XII. 1
PA9999 Bazemore The role of script in ancient society : the Cypriote syllabic inscriptions : a study in grammatology / 1
PA9999 Benardete Achilles and Hector: the Homeric hero. 1
PA9999 Berry Narrative and identity in Heliodoros' Aithiopika /
The history and development of the concept theia moira and theia tochē down to and including Plato.
PA9999 Billings The Socratic Elenchus 1
PA9999 Blake A neglected use of iste in Plautus and Terence. 1
PA9999 Bloom The political philosophy of Isocrates. 1
PA9999 Brokaw The interrelations of literature and politics in the generation of Catullus. 1
PA9999 Brown Philosophorum Pythagoreorum collectionis specimen ... 1
PA9999 Brunlich The descriptive ablative in Plautus and Terence. 1
PA9999 Buls Responses of the Delphic oracle in Herodotus 1
PA9999 Bunting Rhetorical language in Ovid and Vergil / 1
PA9999 Burgi A study of certain time designations in pre-Augustan literature. 1
PA9999 Bussert Cato, Varro and Columella as sources for Roman religion. 1
PA9999 Buttenwieser The distribution of the manuscripts of the Latin classical authors of the middle ages. 1
PA9999 Byre Ekphraseis of works of art and places in the Greek epic from Homer to Nonnus / 1
PA9999 Callahan The problem of time in ancient philosophy. 1
PA9999 Canakis Kai : the story of a conjunction / 1
PA9999 Carruthers Studies in Greek noun-formation: Greek nouns in Te, gen-Tes and the history of the I.E. suffix - ta. 1
PA9999 Carter Andreae Capellani regii francorum De amore.
Early Attic history in fourth century literature.
PA9999 Cavanaugh Stage conventions in Roman comedy. 1
PA9999 Chamberlain Balanced pairs of characters in Roman comedy. 1
PA9999 Chase The use of attributive prepositional phrases in colloquial Latin ... 1
PA9999 Church Criticism of the Greek drama in English literature of the nineteenth century. 1
PA9999 Cobbs Prolegomena to the Ars Grammatica Tatvini. 1
PA9999 Coffee Belli commercia : violent exchange in Vergil's Aeneid / 1
PA9999 Cohen Exile in the political language of the early principate / 1
PA9999 Colthurst The content of Latin courses in a number of North Central States. 1
PA9999 Conacher Conceptions of pleasure in the pre-Socratic philosophers. 1
PA9999 Connelly Renegotiating Ovid's Heroides / 1
PA9999 Cooke Studies in epic time-designations ...
Studies in epic time-designations.
PA9999 Cordes The religious use of oracles in Attic tragedy. 1
PA9999 Costas An outline of the history of the Greek language with particular emphasis on the koine and the subsequent stages ...
A short history of the Greek language.
PA9999 Cronin The Athenian juror and his oath ... 1
PA9999 Crosley A study of ancient Greek supplication. 1
PA9999 Curley Versus propheciales, prophecia Johannis Bridlingtoniensis (the Prophecy of John of Bridlington): an edition by Michael Curley. 1
PA9999 Danker Threnetic penetration in Aeschylus and Sophocles. 1
PA9999 Davenport Poetic personification in Propertius and Tibullus. 1
PA9999 David The dance of the muses / 1
PA9999 Davis Studies in the Greek Drama 1
PA9999 Delcamp The motivation of entrances in Roman comedy
The motivation of entrances in Roman comedy /
PA9999 Di Raimondo Word and deed in Greek tragedy. 1
PA9999 Dodd Heroes on the edge : youth, status and marginality in fifth-century Greek narrative / 1
PA9999 Dorman The Latinity of the Chronica of Regino of Prüm /
The latinity of the Chronica of Regino of Prüm.
PA9999 Dow Minor female roles in the comedies of Terence. 1
PA9999 Downie Professing illness : healing narrative and rhetorical self-presentation in Aelius Aristides' Hieroi logoi / 1
PA9999 Duffy A comparative study of the religion of the Iliad and Odyssey ...
A comparative study of the religion of the Iliad and Odyssey.
PA9999 Dunkel Panhellenism in Greek tragedy. 1
PA9999 Edmonds A path neither simple nor single : the use of myth in Plato, Aristophanes, and the 'Orphic' gold tablets / 1
PA9999 Einarson The meaning of sophrosyne. 1
PA9999 Fields The technique of exposition in Roman comedy ... /
The technique of exposition in Roman comedy.