Call Number Title Count
PA9999.K4 A comparative study of three epic heroes: Aeneas, Odysseus, Jason. 1
PA9999 Adam Tense and aspect in Roman historiographic narrative : a functional approach to the prose of the Memoria rerum gestarum / 1
PA9999 Adams Historical change and the phonological component of Greek: an enquiry into the history of the Greek verb from classical times to the present. 1
PA9999 Albritton In the grip of the future : the tragic experience of time / 1
PA9999 Allen The clausulae in certain orations of Cicero. 1
PA9999 Allison The problem of Asianism and the cultic proclamations of Antiochus I of Commagene / 1
PA9999 Arnhart Aristotle on political reasoning : a commentary on the Rhetoric / 1
PA9999 Bach Scriptores historiae Augustae (I-XVIII) as a source for Roman private life. 1
PA9999 Ballantyne The Medea myth. 1
PA9999 Bass The military narrative in Virgil's Aeneid books IX-XII. 1
PA9999 Bazemore The role of script in ancient society : the Cypriote syllabic inscriptions : a study in grammatology / 1
PA9999 Benardete Achilles and Hector: the Homeric hero. 1
PA9999 Berry The history and development of the concept theia moira and theia tochē down to and including Plato.
Narrative and identity in Heliodoros' Aithiopika /
PA9999 Billings The Socratic Elenchus 1
PA9999 Blake A neglected use of iste in Plautus and Terence. 1
PA9999 Bloom The political philosophy of Isocrates. 1
PA9999 Brokaw The interrelations of literature and politics in the generation of Catullus. 1
PA9999 Brown Philosophorum Pythagoreorum collectionis specimen ... 1
PA9999 Brunlich The descriptive ablative in Plautus and Terence. 1
PA9999 Buls Responses of the Delphic oracle in Herodotus 1
PA9999 Bunting Rhetorical language in Ovid and Vergil / 1
PA9999 Burgi A study of certain time designations in pre-Augustan literature. 1
PA9999 Bussert Cato, Varro and Columella as sources for Roman religion. 1
PA9999 Buttenwieser The distribution of the manuscripts of the Latin classical authors of the middle ages. 1
PA9999 Byre Ekphraseis of works of art and places in the Greek epic from Homer to Nonnus / 1
PA9999 Callahan The problem of time in ancient philosophy. 1
PA9999 Canakis Kai : the story of a conjunction / 1
PA9999 Carruthers Studies in Greek noun-formation: Greek nouns in Te, gen-Tes and the history of the I.E. suffix - ta. 1
PA9999 Carter Early Attic history in fourth century literature.
Andreae Capellani regii francorum De amore.
PA9999 Cavanaugh Stage conventions in Roman comedy. 1
PA9999 Chamberlain Balanced pairs of characters in Roman comedy. 1
PA9999 Chase The use of attributive prepositional phrases in colloquial Latin ... 1
PA9999 Church Criticism of the Greek drama in English literature of the nineteenth century. 1
PA9999 Cobbs Prolegomena to the Ars Grammatica Tatvini. 1
PA9999 Coffee Belli commercia : violent exchange in Vergil's Aeneid / 1
PA9999 Cohen Exile in the political language of the early principate / 1
PA9999 Colthurst The content of Latin courses in a number of North Central States. 1
PA9999 Conacher Conceptions of pleasure in the pre-Socratic philosophers. 1
PA9999 Connelly Renegotiating Ovid's Heroides / 1
PA9999 Cooke Studies in epic time-designations ...
Studies in epic time-designations.
PA9999 Cordes The religious use of oracles in Attic tragedy. 1
PA9999 Costas A short history of the Greek language.
An outline of the history of the Greek language with particular emphasis on the koine and the subsequent stages ...
PA9999 Cronin The Athenian juror and his oath ... 1
PA9999 Crosley A study of ancient Greek supplication. 1
PA9999 Curley Versus propheciales, prophecia Johannis Bridlingtoniensis (the Prophecy of John of Bridlington): an edition by Michael Curley. 1
PA9999 Danker Threnetic penetration in Aeschylus and Sophocles. 1
PA9999 Davenport Poetic personification in Propertius and Tibullus. 1
PA9999 David The dance of the muses / 1
PA9999 Davis Studies in the Greek Drama 1
PA9999 Delcamp The motivation of entrances in Roman comedy
The motivation of entrances in Roman comedy /
PA9999 Di Raimondo Word and deed in Greek tragedy. 1
PA9999 Dodd Heroes on the edge : youth, status and marginality in fifth-century Greek narrative / 1
PA9999 Dorman The latinity of the Chronica of Regino of Prüm.
The Latinity of the Chronica of Regino of Prüm /
PA9999 Dow Minor female roles in the comedies of Terence. 1
PA9999 Downie Professing illness : healing narrative and rhetorical self-presentation in Aelius Aristides' Hieroi logoi / 1
PA9999 Duffy A comparative study of the religion of the Iliad and Odyssey.
A comparative study of the religion of the Iliad and Odyssey ...
PA9999 Dunkel Panhellenism in Greek tragedy. 1
PA9999 Edmonds A path neither simple nor single : the use of myth in Plato, Aristophanes, and the 'Orphic' gold tablets / 1
PA9999 Einarson The meaning of sophrosyne. 1
PA9999 Fields The technique of exposition in Roman comedy.
The technique of exposition in Roman comedy ... /