Call Number Title Count
P1999.M9 'Semantic field' versus 'semantic class' / 1
P1999 Anderson Language contact in south-central Siberia / 1
P1999 Bailey Inflectional pattern of Indo-European nouns. 1
P1999 Ballif Air expenditure in English and French 1
P1999 Barr A theory of dynamic coordination for conversational interaction / 1
P1999 Beach Dyspragmia in Wernicke's aphasia and Alzheimer's disease : an investigation in clinical pragmatics / 1
P1999 Ben-Zeev Approaches to study of phonetic symbolism. 1
P1999 Berman The stem formation of Hittite nouns and adjectives. 1
P1999 Bhowmik Legislating the everyday : periodicals and their audiences in England, 1665-1712 / 1
P1999 Bidlack The development of concrete and abstract noun definitions : a metalinguistic analysis / 1
P1999 Billings Speaking beauties : language use and linguistic ideologies in Tanzanian beauty pageants / 1
P1999 Binnick Studies in the derivation of predicative structures. 1
P1999 Bosch Phonotactics at the level of the phonological word / 1
P1999 Brentari Theoretical foundations of American sign language phonology / 1
P1999 Bruck Theoretical considerations on meaning-changing rules / 1
P1999 Burke Children's comprehension of some verbs of desire and of expectation / 1
P1999 Campbell Mood and modality in Hurrian / 1
P1999 Carter Hittite cult-inventories. 1
P1999 Celis Linguistic measurement of proximity of harm / 1
P1999 Chametzky Coordination and the organization of a grammar / 1
P1999 Conrad Conceptual combination and the given/new distinction / 1
P1999 Cullen Truth and reference in English complementation / 1
P1999 Cymerman Effects of context on the expressive language skills of lower and middle SES preschoolers / 1
P1999 Davis The role of focus, theme, and rheme in information encoding and retrieval /
Phonological memory in single word reading tasks : evidence from rhyme priming /
P1999 Deane Semantic theory and the problem of polysemy / 1
P1999 Dove Rethinking the biology of grammar : development and the language faculty / 1
P1999 Eggert Disconcordance : the syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of or-agreement / 1
P1999 Eisenlohr Language ideology and imaginations of Indianness in Mauritius / 1
P1999 Ellingson Discourse, action, and social change : the politics of race, slavery, and abolitionism in pre-civil war America / 1
P1999 Emery Linguistic patterning in the second half of the life cycle / 1
P1999 Emmett Phonetic studies with the artificial palate. 1
P1999 Escher The direct method of studying foreign languages. Part I. Antecedents of the direct method to the end of the XVIIIth century. 1
P1999 Farley Individual variation in phonological development and imitation / 1
P1999 Fisher Towards the reconstruction of Proto-Yucatec. 1
P1999 Fox Individual variability in the perception of vowels / 1
P1999 Francis Variation within lexical categories /
Perceptual learning, attention, and phonetic categorization /
P1999 Franklin Liar, liar, hands on fire : what gesture-speech asynchrony reveals about thinking / 1
P1999 Friedl A study of conflict involved in the use of different languages. 1
P1999 Gaytan A study of path : the semantics of English and Spanish dynamic prepositions and motion and manner verbs / 1
P1999 Glaessner Bilingual children in school : the negotiation of language use in a first grade classroom / 1
P1999 Green A study in pre-lexical syntax : the interface of syntax and semantics. 1
P1999 Griesemer Communication and scientific change : an analysis of conceptual maps in the macroevolution controversy / 1
P1999 Guile Glide-obstruentization and the syllable coda hierarchy / 1
P1999 Hammarberg The background of modern phonology / 1
P1999 Harris Levels of speech processing and order of information / 1
P1999 Heard An investigation of the effects of motives and attitudes on intention to continue foreign-language study / 1
P1999 Hemphill On the perception/production interface in speech processing / 1
P1999 Higgins A multi-modular approach to model selection in statistical natural language processing / 1
P1999 Huck Discontinuity and word order in categorial grammar / 1
P1999 Ishino Metaphor and metonymy in gesture and discourse / 1
P1999 Kathman The morphosyntax of complex verb agreement / 1
P1999 Katz "Where was it one first heard of the truth? : The the" / 1
P1999 Kendrick Ancient epics, Renaissance translations / 1
P1999 Kim The tonal system of accentual languages / 1
P1999 Kimbara Interpersonal influences on gesture production : evidence for gesture form convergence across speakers in dyadic interaction / 1
P1999 Lane Words for clothing in the principal Indo-European languages. 1
P1999 Larson Dynamic computational networks and the representation of phonological information / 1
P1999 Lee The objectification of subjectivity / 1
P1999 Levy Communicating thematic structure in narrative discourse : the use of referring terms and gestures / 1
P1999 Lucy Grammatical categories and cognitive processes : an historical, theoretical, and empirical re-evaluation of the linguistic relativity hypothesis / 1