Call Number Title Count
NK 9999 Adamsheck An underwater deposit from the Kenchreai harbor. 1
NK9999 Adelman Cypro-geometric pottery : refinements in classification / 1
NK9999 Auerbach Terra cotta plaques from the Diyala and their archaeological and cultural contexts / 1
NK9999 Beardslee Scenes from the Iliad on Attic vases. 1
NK9999 Berg The enigma of the origin of the Oseberg shipgrave's ornament. 1
NK9999 Brewer The decorating and furnishing of a house in a the manner of the English Regency. 1
NK9999 Chambers Pictures in the home. 1
NK9999 Copass Story material in the decorative arts of Chaucer's time ...
Story material in the decorative arts of Chaucer's time.
NK9999 Cornog Trends in decoration of modern French glass. 1
NK9999 Engelbrecht The Association of Arts and Industries : background and origins of the Bauhaus movement in Chicago. 1
NK9999 Ford Style cycles in American furniture, 1830-1930. 1
NK9999 Gaut The influence of certain Buddhist symbols on Chinese textiles and other art objects. 1
NK9999 Gray A study of the structural and decorative treatment of Louis XVI furniture. 1
NK9999 Hamlish Scripted performances : the aesthetics of language and the art of Chinese calligraphy / 1
NK9999 Harris The spectacle of stained glass in modern France and medieval Chartres : a history of practices and perceptions / 1
NK9999 Holderbaum The influence of the French rococo on Chippendale furniture. 1
NK9999 Hollis A test of judgments in art appreciation on interior decoration materials. 1
NK9999 Hosier Florentine tapestries : Medician heraldic tapestries of Florentine origin. 1
NK9999 Howard Saint-Valentin vases. 1
NK9999 Jones Influences determining the construction and type of New England colonial furniture. 1
NK9999 Kantor Plant ornament : its origin and development in the ancient Near East. 1
NK9999 Kardara A study of Rhodian pottery. 1
NK9999 Kube Furniture of the Middle ages. 1
NK9999 Kyle Vases in the museum at Athens with scenes from the palaestra and stadium. 1
NK9999 Lambie A key to the identification of Persian Safidian, Turkish, and Italian decorative textiles of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. 1
NK9999 Mc Curdy English crewel embroidery motives and stitchery of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. 1
NK9999 McCurdy English crewel embroidery motives and stitchery of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. 1
NK9999 McNair The politics of calligraphic style in China : Yan Zhenqing (709-785) and the Song literati / 1
NK9999 Meeks The serpentine stem pattern in fifteenth century textiles. 1
NK9999 Miner The Chinese influence on Chippendale furniture. 1
NK9999 Moon The Priam painter : a study in late black-figure vase-painting, with an appendix on the Euphiletos painter / 1
NK9999 Muick Gorgoneia in Attic vase painting 1
NK9999 Nuckles The decorating and furnishing of a typical Spanish American house. 1
NK9999 Osgood The influence of the Skyscraper upon modern decorative arts. 1
NK9999 Paulin Some technical and historical aspects of T'ang and Sung ceramic products. 1
NK9999 Perkins Beads as a source for ancient history. 1
NK9999 Poor Sung albums of antiquities and some ancient Chinese bronzes. 1
NK9999 Potter The design of early English printed textiles. 1
NK9999 Reynolds Trends in the use of color and texture in interior decoration in the United States from 1927 to 1937. 1
NK9999 Scheidemantel The Buckingham collection velvet cope and the serpentine branch pattern in early fifteenth century velvets. 1
NK9999 Smith Modern design in American domestic furniture, 1925 to 1945. 1
NK9999 Svatik A Euphronios kylix. 1
NK9999 Swanson Origin and development of design as shown in the ornamentation of early people in various races. 1
NK9999 Thomas The origin and development of porcelain in China: a study based on dated vessels. 1
NK9999 Von Keller A Ukrainian ivory cross of the sixteenth century. 1
NK9999 Washburn The Sicilian and Italian influence on the decorative textiles of William Morris. 1
NK9999 Wieber Designing the nation : Neo-Northern Renaissance interiors and the politics of identity in late nineteenth-century Germany, 1876-1888 / 1
NK9999 Williams Partial catalogue of the collection of Greek vases in the Art Institute, Chicago.
Greek and Roman terracotta lamps from Kenchreai.
NK9999 Wilmot The common floral motives in Chinese textiles. 1
NK9999 Winter The Carmona Ivories and the Phoenicians in Spain. 1
NK9999 Wolfson A study of two Attic vase painters. 1
NK9999 Woodside French influence on American furniture as seen through the engraved designs of Pierre de La Mésangère's Collection des meubles et objets de goût published from 1802 to 1835 / 1
NK9999 Workman The influence of Gothic art on Chippendale furniture. 1
NK9999 Zacharias Ionian bird bowls. 1
NMC 1 Mary Wiegold's songbook 1
NMC 2 East 11th street ; Windows and canopies ; La femme invisible 1
NMC 3 Elisabeth Lutyens, 1906-1983 1
NMC 4 Wavesongs 1
NMC 5 Mars + Venus, & other chamber works 1
NMC 6 Symphony no 4 1