Call Number Title Count
ND3999 Aall The conflict of tradition and change in the work and public image of the Bengali artist Abanindranath Tagore: a study of the dialog between traditionalism and modernity. 1
ND3999 Allcott Space problems in French painting during the eighteen-seventies. 1
ND3999 Bach Is Jean Perreal the Master of Moulins? 1
ND3999 Bailey Mural painting in Mexico from 1920-1930. 1
ND3999 Baldinger Formal change in recent American painting /
The development of form in American painting of the twentieth century.
ND3999 Becker The Barbizon influence on America. 1
ND3999 Bernard Identification with Christ in late nineteenth-century self-portraiture : a modern conception of the artist's societal role / 1
ND3999 Bingaman The embodiment of dreams : portraiture and the Pre-Raphaelite search for the ideal / 1
ND3999 Bishop Five Florentine cassone panels in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. 1
ND3999 Breazeale The art of Joseph-Marie Vien / 1
ND3999 Buchwald Anxious embodiments : revenants of post-WWII American Jewish masculinities in Barnett Newman's Stations of the cross / 1
ND3999 Capocci Caravaggio: a stylistic comparison between Caravaggio and Rembrandt 1
ND3999 Chapman The Bible of Floreffe : a study of a twelfth-century manuscript. 1
ND3999 Cleaver Henri Leys, nineteenth century Belgian painter.
Henri Leys, nineteenth-century Belgian painter.
ND3999 Coleman Bernardino Lanino and the Laninian current in sixteenth-century Piedmontese-Lombard painting / 1
ND3999 Cummings Benjamin Robert Haydon and the critical reception of the Elgin marbles. 1
ND3999 Cunningham Unkoku Tōgan's (1547-1618) painting and its historical setting / 1
ND3999 Deam Mapping the past : the Fleur des histoires (Brussels, Biblioth`eque royale, MS. 9231-9232) in the context of fifteenth-century Burgundian historiography / 1
ND3999 Duggins Contemporary painting in England as reflected in the letters of Horace Walpole. 1
ND3999 Ehnbom An analysis and reconstruction of the dispersed Bhāgavata Purāṇa from the Caurapañcāśikā group / 1
ND3999 Erickson At eternity's gate : a religious biography of Vincent van Gogh / 1
ND3999 Farguhar The Loredan Master. 1
ND3999 Flammia A stylistic study of the painting of Benvenuto Tisi da Garofalo. 1
ND3999 Freiberg The nature of morality in the works of John Hamilton Mortimer / 1
ND3999 Fuller "Spring in Chiang-nan" : pictorial imagery and other aspects of expression in eight Wu school paintings of a traditional literary subject / 1
ND3999 Galansino Jean Fautrier : a chronology of his early paintings (1921-1942) 1
ND3999 Goodall A study of the development of the style of Claude Monet as seen in his paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago. 1
ND3999 Granof Obstinate flesh : the early career of Rudolf Schlichter / 1
ND3999 Hahn The influence of the art of the Far East on nineteenth century French painters. 1
ND3999 Hand The symbolist work of Carlos Schwabe / 1
ND3999 Harris Development of the structural use of color in painting. 1
ND3999 Hernandez-Duran Reframing viceregal painting in nineteenth-century Mexico : politics, the Academy of San Carlos, and colonial art history / 1
ND3999 Holmstrom Costume and armour in the Roman wall paintings of mythological subjects. 1
ND3999 Howe Thomas Couture: his career and artistic development. 1
ND3999 Howell American art in the stream of realism. 1
ND3999 Howett The Master of the St. George codex. 1
ND3999 Johnston Surveying the nation in time : landscape and narrative in nineteenth-century American print culture / 1
ND3999 Kaplan Mary Cassatt: her work and place in the impressionist movement. 1
ND3999 Katz Painting with violence : the representation of Jews in the Italian Renaissance courts / 1
ND3999 King Thomas Stothard and development toward Victorian romanticism. 1
ND3999 Klitzke Ingres, his work, his theory, his critics. 1
ND3999 Kozloff Pierre Bonnard : from impressionism to abstraction. 1
ND3999 Laffargo Thomas Waterman Wood: American artist of the nineteenth century. 1
ND3999 Latini A study of modes in the development of light and shade in painting. 1
ND3999 Lawton A study of the paintings of Hsieh Shih-ch'ên (1487-c.1560) / 1
ND3999 Le Berrurier The pictorial sources of mythological and scientific illustrations in Hrabanus Maurus' De rerum naturis / 1
ND3999 Leahy A methodological consideration of the paintings of Paul Gauguin in the Century of Progress Exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago. 1
ND3999 Leong Space and time in Chinese landscape painting of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. 1
ND3999 Lindheim Re-presenting Sappho : the classical tradition in nineteenth-century French painting / 1
ND3999 Lingott Ingres double portrait drawings. 1
ND3999 Lippincott The frescoes of the Salone dei Mesi in the Palazzo Schifanoia in Ferrara : style, inconography and cultural context / 1
ND3999 Liscomb Early Ming painters : predecessors and elders of Shen Chou (1427-1509) / 1
ND3999 Marchi "Pure painting" in Berlin, 1912-1913 : Boccioni, Kandinsky and Delaunay at "Der Sturm" / 1
ND3999 Martinson Early Muromachi screen paintings. 1
ND3999 Maser The life and work of Giovanni Domenico Ferretti of Florence (1692-1768). 1
ND3999 Maurer The pursuit of spiritual knowledge : the philosophical meaning and origins of symbolist theory and its expression in the thought and art of Odilon Redon, Vincent van Gogh, and Paul Gauguin / 1
ND3999 Maxwell Paris, Bibliotheque nationale, Codex Grec 54 : an analysis of the text and miniatures / 1
ND3999 McGrath The villa of Agostino Chigi : the poems and paintings / 1
ND3999 McKeon The Codex Aureus of St. Emmeram / 1
ND3999 Merback Lucas Cranach the Elder's Martyrdom of the twelve apostles : punishment, penal themes and spectacle in his early graphic art / 1