Call Number Title Count
NC1999.E44 Linear perspective in modern scholarship and in Renaissance painting / by James P. Elkins. 1
NC1999 Brotsos Comic illustrated books printed in Japan in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 1
NC1999 Burnell Art and ambiguity : the aesthetics of caricature considered in relation to nineteenth century romanticism and to the work of Daumier / 1
NC1999 Carlson Fragonard's Italian landscape drawings.
"Free speaking cartoons" : the rise of political prints and drama in seventeenth century England /
NC1999 Carter L'age de l'affiche : the reception, display and collection of posters in fin-de-siècle Paris / 1
NC1999 Deffner A century of teaching elementary drawing and school art. 1
NC1999 Karel The teaching of drawing at the French Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture from 1760 to 1793. 1
NC1999 Levitt Grandville and the Fables of La Fontaine. 1
NC1999 Lowry A comparison of methods and devices in teaching curvilinear perspective. 1
NC1999 Marzio The art crusade : an analysis of American drawing manuals, 1820-1860. 1
NC1999 Odell "The soul of transactions" : illustrated travels and representations of China in the seventeenth century / 1
NC1999 Odenkirchen Moritz Retzsch, illustrator, with special reference to his relation to England. 1
NC1999 Parker An analysis of the style of advertising art. 1
NC1999 Philbrick Stylistic sources of the prints and drawings of John Flaxman, R.A. 1
NC1999 Shih On Ming dynasty illustration. 1
NC1999 Todd Children's drawings and designs. 1
NC2042.L67 A way of seeing : photographs of New York / 1
ND Chinese Paintings in Chinese Publications, 1956-1968.
Two Twelfth-Century Texts on Chinese Painting.
Bruno Pulga /
ND1 Abanindranath Tagore. Golden jubilee number. 1
ND 2 Dessins du Musée Gustave Moreau. 1
ND2 Vita di Anton Domenico Gabbiani, pittor fiorentino / 1
ND3 Tibetan painted scrolls. 1
ND4 Vie de Charles Le Brun & description détaillée de ses ouvrages. 1
ND5 Eugene Delacroix devant ses contemporains, ses ecrits, ses biographes, ses critiques / 1
ND6 Salon de 1845. 1
ND7 Des critiques faites sur les salons depuis 1699 et du Salon de 1810 de M. Guizot. 1
ND8 [Vite di alquanti pittori sel secolo XVII] 1
ND9 Vite di pittori 2
ND10 Traité de peinture, suivi d'un essai sur la sculpture. Pour servir d'introduction à une histoire universelle, relative à ces beaux-arts. 1
ND11 A bibliography of William Blake, 1
ND12 Dve dialogi. Nel primo de' quali si ragiona de le parti morali, e ciuili appertenenti à letterati cortigiani, & ad ogni gentil'huomo, e l'vtile, che i prencipi caua no da i letterati. Nel secondo si ragiona de gli errori de pittori circa l'historie. Có molte annotationi fatte sopra il Giuditio di Michelangelo, & altre figure, táto de la uecchia, quáto de la noua cappella: et in che modo uogliono esser dipinte le sacre imagini. Con un discorso sopra la parola vrbe, città, colonia, municipio, prefettura, foro, conciliabolo, oppido, terra, castello, villa, pago, borgo, e qual sia la uera città. 1
ND12.B438 1998 Beattie & Davidson / 1
ND 13 Vie de Carle Vanloo : écuyer, chevalier de l'ordre de S. Michel, premier peintre du Roi, directeur, recteur de l'Academie royale de peinture & de sculpture, & directeur des élèves protégés par le Roi / 1
ND14 Du "cubisme" / 1
ND15 Cubism, 1
ND16 Degas : der Einzug des Japanischen in die französische Malerei / 1
ND17 Carlo Saraceni: his life and works. 1
ND18 Monographie des Parrocel. Essai. 1
ND19 The psalter of Robert de Lisle / 1
ND20 A study of fifteenth century Netherlandish triptychs 1
ND21 Nicolas Poussin and the natural order. 1
ND22 An artist's reminiscences. 1
ND23 Bibliotheca Lindensiana. Upon the facsimile paintings and publications of the comte Auguste de Bastard d'Estang. 1
ND23.F26 Exhibition of paintings by Herbert W. Faulkner. 1
ND23.G74G85 2001 Marble mania : sculpture galleries in England 1640-1840 / 1
ND24 Majstori starog srpskog slikarstva. / 1
ND25 Iskusstvo i proizvodstvo; sbornik stateĭ. 1
ND25.M57 Original treatises : dating from the XIIth to XVIIIth centuries on the arts of painting, in oil, miniature, mosaic, and on glass; of gilding, dyeing, and the preparation of colours and artificial gems; preceded by a general introduction; with translations, prefaces, and notes / 2
ND26 Catalogue of the very celebrated and valuable series of capital pictures by the greatest Italian masters, formed under singular advantages, by that distinguished connoisseur, the late Samuel Woodburn ... which will be sold by auction by Messrs. Christie, Manson & Woods ... on Sat., June 9, and Mon., June 11, 1860. 1
ND27 Per le asupicate nozze del marchese Giovani Salvatico colla contessa Laura Contarini. 1
ND27.D28 The works of the late Edward Dayes, 1
ND27.F56 1997 Sämtliche Schriften / 1
ND27.H2 Art essays, 1
ND27.L560 1988 Lin Fengmian / 1
ND27.M544 The works of Anthony Raphael Mengs. 1
ND27.M545 1786 Œuvres complètes d'Antoine-Raphaël Mengs ... contenant différens traités sur la théorie de la peinture. Traduit de l'Italien. 1
ND27.M546 Opere di Antonio Raffaello Mengs, 1
ND27.M546 1787 Opere di Antonio Raffaello Mengs ... 1
ND27.M547 Obras de d. Antonio Rafael Mengs : primer pintor de cámara del rey / 1
ND28 Francesco Salviati (1510-1563) / 1