Call Number Title Count
NB1999 Asher The sixth-through-eighth-century sculptures of Bihar. 1
NB1999 Babon Location, location, location : reception, context, and controversy over sculpture in urban spaces / 1
NB1999 Blaettler Through Emmaus eyes : art, liturgy, and monastic ideology at Santo Domingo de Silos / 1
NB1999 Blaine Attic funeral monuments. 1
NB1999 Bleeke Situating Sheela-na-gigs : the female body and social significance in Romanesque sculpture / 1
NB1999 Bogart Attitudes toward sculpture reproductions in America : 1850-1880 / 1
NB1999 Breasted The development of the human figure in the statuary of the eighteenth dynasty in Egypt. 1
NB1999 Brooks The pasos of Valladolid: a study in seventeenth-century Spanish sculpture. 1
NB1999 Bushkoff The Buddha figure in Mathuran art. 1
NB1999 Cheng Fabricating life out of death : sixth century funerary monuments and the negotiation of cultural traditions / 1
NB1999 Christ The sarcophagus of Junius Bassus : patron, workshop and program / 1
NB1999 Cohen Temple architecture and sculpture in Noḷambavāḍi / 1
NB1999 Danusubroto Three aspects of Henry Moore's art. 1
NB1999 Dixon The influence of classical sculpture on Donatello. 1
NB1999 Dowley A series of statues of grands hommes ordered by the Academie royale de peinture et de sculpture. 1
NB1999 Fehl The classical monument : foundations of a tradition and its moral implications. 1
NB 1999 Fogg Christian sculpture in America... 1
NB1999 Fruechtenicht The study of African negro wood carvings from certain tribes in West Africa and the Belgian Congo region. 1
NB1999 Garen Carved relief ornament from the sanctuary of Visigothic period churches in Spain / 1
NB1999 Green Daniel in the lions' den as an example of romanesque typology. 1
NB1999 Greenhut Seventh-century Japanese sculpture. 1
NB1999 Guralnick Kouroi and the Egyptian Canon: a study of proportions. 1
NB1999 Hamer Patronage and iconography in Romanesque England : the Herefordshire school in context / 1
NB1999 Harvey French Baroque tomb sculpture : the activation of the effigy / 1
NB1999 Hedin Gaspard and Balthazard Marsy : sculptors of Louis XIV / 1
NB1999 Ho Gongxian and its pivotal importance to the Chinese Buddhist sculptural tradition of the sixth century / 1
NB1999 Howard Bartolomeo Cavaceppi, eighteenth-century restorer. 1
NB1999 Lawrence Flemish baroque commemorative monuments, 1566-1725 / 1
NB1999 Levine Monumental transformations : the changing status of Constantin Meunier's monument to labor / 1
NB1999 Lomax A comparative analysis of the representation of the Madonna and Child in Italian plastic art of the trecento and quattrocento: Agostino di Giovanni and Desideric da Settignano. 1
NB1999 Loos-Noji The parable of the wise and foolish virgins in twelfth-century art : alternative approaches to visual imagery / 1
NB1999 Morris Prolegomena to a study of Gandhāra art / 1
NB1999 Olmstead Studies in the stylistic development of Persian Achaemenid art. 1
NB1999 Osuhowski The foliate head as a motif in medieval sculpture. 1
NB1999 Payne Florentine quattrocento sculpture and its cultural milieu. 1
NB1999 Reynolds From green cube to site : site-specific practices at American sculpture parks and gardens, 1965-1987 / 1
NB1999 Rhie A study of the historical literary evidences and stylistic chronological dating of the Buddhist images in the main (shrine) hall of the Fo-kuang monastery at Wu-t'ai shan. 1
NB1999 Rutchick Sculpture programs in the Moissac Cloister : Benedictine culture, memory systems and liturgical performance / 1
NB1999 Sewall Cast iron figure sculpture of China from northern Sung through Ming dinasties. 1
NB1999 Shaw Naturalism and expressionism in Antonine relief : the Metropolitan reworking of standard motifs / 1
NB1999 Sherer The human eye in Greek sculpture. 1
NB1999 Susman Tino di Camaino, his workshop, and followers : a problem of connoisseurship / 1
NB1999 Tschaegle Actualism in portrait sculpture: a problem of style based on examination of the naturalism of French eighteenth century portrait busts with emphasis on the style of Houdon. 1
NB1999 Tsiang Bodies of Buddhas and princes at the Xiangtangshan Caves : image, text, and stūpa in Buddhist art of the Northern Qi dynasty (550-577) / 1
NB1999 Wang Yudong Figures en buste in medieval China : three studies / 1
NB1999 Weiner Transition from Gupta to Pāla sculpture. 1
NB1999 Williams Lorado Taft : American sculptor and art missionary. 1
NB1999 Worley Pierre Julien and French neoclassical sculpture / 1
NB1999 Zacharias Seven terracottas in the classical collection, University of Chicago. 1
NBIL-09115 96910964 The mirror of gesture being the Abhinaya darpaṇa of Nandikeśvara / 1
NBIL-17236 98910195 Khaḍī bolī Hindī sāhitya kā itihāsa 1
NBIL-17744 97908642 Ākharāvaṭa 1
NBIL-18214 96908764 Draupadī-vinaya, athavā, Karuṇa-bahattarī 1
NBIL-18569 98912914 Kavitā-kaumudī 1
NBIL-20116 99944484 Suśīlā vidhavā strīśikshā vidhāyaka upadeśapūṇa sāmajika upanyāsa jisameṃ vidhavāvivāha nirākaraṇa aura vidhavādharmakā varṇana kiyāgayāhai / 1
NBIL-20391 99941330 Samānāntara rekhāem̐ yathārtha jīvana kī kalātmaka kahāniyām̐ / 1
NBIL-20398 97910618 Jādū kā mulka 1
NBIL-28885 95907307 Marāṭhī-Baṅgālī śikshaka, athavā, Marāṭhīcyā dvārẽ Baṅgālī bhāshā śikaṇyācẽ sādhana 1
NBIL-37303 98911352 Paśvālambhamīmāṃsā 1
NBIL-38076 97911723 Yajurvedabhāṣyam 1