Call Number Title Count
NA9999 Arnold Ancient and mediaeval doors and windows, their development from 500 B.C. to the gothic period. 1
NA9999 Barghouti City planning in Syria-Palestine in Hellenistic and Roman times. 1
NA9999 Barron Cistercian architecture 1
NA9999 Bassett A comparative study of plateresque style. 1
NA9999 Bernstein Contemporary opinion of American domestic arts, 1860-95, as shown in house design and interior-decoration books. 1
NA9999 Blake The church architecture of the city of Mexico. 1
NA9999 Bross The church of Santo Spirito in Sassia : a study in the development of art, architecture and patronage in Counter Reformation Rome / 1
NA9999 Ciletti The patronage of the last Medici : the projects of the Electress Palatine Anna Maria Luisa De' Medici in the Basilica of S. Lorenzo / 1
NA9999 Clague Chicago counterpoint : the Audoritum Theater building and the civic imagination / 1
NA9999 Dornemann The architecture of the temples of bronze age Palestine and Syria. 1
NA9999 Dyckman The concepts of standards and requirements in public school planning : a case study in community planning method ... 1
NA9999 Elliott The reconstruction, decoration, and furnishing of a New England colonial country house. 1
NA9999 Foote Color in public spaces : toward a communication-based theory of the urban built environment / 1
NA9999 Garretson An Austrian programmer of the Baroque : the life and work of Conrad Adolph von Albrecht / 1
NA9999 Gebhard The orchestra in the Greek theater. 1
NA9999 Gilliland The Romanesque animal capital : a discussion of one of its forms. 1
NA9999 Green Haus Vaterland, Berlin : pleasure architecture as a mirror of conflicts in German history, 1912-1961 / 1
NA9999 Harris Le Corbusier and the headquarters of the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Health 1936-1945 / 1
NA9999 Harvison The Gothic revival and the American home, 1840-1880. 1
NA9999 Hatch The origin of the Roman triumphal arch. 1
NA9999 Hazard "Realized day-dreams" : excursions to authors' homes / 1
NA9999 Hinchman African Rococo : house and portrait in eighteenth-century Senegal / 1
NA9999 Hoey Gothic architectural design in northern England and Scotland : 1190-1260 / 1
NA9999 Ibrahim Roman and early Christian floor mosaics from Corinthian Kenchreai. 1
NA9999 Jacks Antiquarianism and archaeological method in Renaissance Rome / 1
NA9999 Jones The hermeneutics of sacred architecture : a reassessment of the similitude between Tula, Hidalgo and Chichen Itza, Yucatan / 1
NA9999 Kaminishi Etoki : the art and rhetoric of pictorial exegesis / 1
NA9999 Kingsbury "So noble a fabrick" : Chiswick: Lord Burlington's architectural theory and practice / 1
NA9999 LaChapelle The Escanaba Planning Commission. 1
NA9999 Lai Chinese modern : Sun Yat-sen's mausoleum as a crucible for defining modern Chinese architecture / 1
NA9999 Larimore The Cultural geography of St. Charles, Missouri: housetypes. 1
NA9999 Law Chicago architectural sculpture. 1
NA9999 Lee The logic of the bones : architecture and the anatomical sciences at the Muséum d'histoire naturelle, Paris, 1793-1889 / 1
NA9999 Leonard The history of architecture in Chicago 1
NA9999 Lewis Henry Ives Cobb and the Chicago school.
A history of color in architecture.
NA9999 Lighter The fireplace designs of Sir Christopher Wren. 1
NA9999 Lin Building a sacred mountain : Buddhist monastic architecture in Mount Wutai during the Tang Dynasty, 618-907 C.E. / 1
NA9999 Lowry Chateau du Louvre; its origins during the Renaissance.
Palais du Louvre, 1528-1624; the development of a sixteenth century architectural complex.
NA9999 Lyman The Romanesque captials in Saint-Sernin de Toulouse and related sculpture. 1
NA9999 Mast American architecture and the academic reform, 1876-1893. 1
NA9999 Mathews "They wished to destroy the temple of God" : responses to Diego Gelmírez's cathedral construction in Santiago de Compostela, 1100-1140 / 1
NA9999 McCabe A sociological analysis of modern architectural design. 1
NA9999 Morrison The development of skyscraper style, 1874-1922. 1
NA9999 Peach Discipline to liberate : the social vision of Neues Bauen / 1
NA9999 Pearlman Joseph Hudnut and the education of the modern architect / 1
NA9999 Peet The temple of Diva Faustina : Antoninus Pius and the Roman Forum / 1
NA9999 Philbrick Some geographical aspects of house architectural style in Maine. 1
NA9999 Pickens A study of the secular architecture in Tuscany during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. 1
NA9999 Raynsford Sites of lost dwelling : the figure of the archaic city in the discourses of urban design, 1938-1970 / 1
NA9999 Remmel The origins of the American school building : Boston public school architecture, 1800-1860 / 1
NA9999 Ren Building globalization : transnational architectural production in urban China / 1
NA9999 Rogers A study of the makara and kīrttimukha with some parallels in Romanesque architectural ornament of France and Spain.
Cultural planning in cities.
NA9999 Russenberger The villa estate in 19th century England : roots of a suburban ideal / 1
NA9999 Schaefer Two Gandharan temples and their Near Eastern sources. 1
NA9999 Scranton The chronology of Greek walls /
Greek walls.
NA9999 Sharkey Emerging patterns in a redevelopment area: the West Central area of Chicago. 1
NA9999 Smith Renaissance city gates of the Veneto /
The significance of trends in American church architecture 1900-1944.
NA9999 Somol In form falls fiction : misreading the avantgarde in contemporary architecture / 1
NA9999 Sroat The humanism of brutalist architecture : the Yale Art & Architecture Building and postwar constructions of aesthetic experience in American universities and architecture / 1
NA9999 Stallworth The development of secular Gothic architecture in the United States. 1