Call Number Title Count
N9999 Allan Making the scene : assemblage, pop art and locality in 1960s Los Angeles / 1
N9999 Bakke Contemporary Slovene art and artifice / 1
N9999 Beckman Layers of being : bodies, objects, and spaces in Warring States burials / 1
N9999 Brunson The Moor's last sigh : Boabdil and the Black image in American orientalism, 1816-1893 / 1
N9999 Chatterjee Narrating sanctity : the narrative icon in Byzantium and Italy / 1
N9999 Debreczeny Ethnicity and esoteric power : negotiating the Sino-Tibetan synthesis in Ming Buddhist painting / 1
N9999 Fernandez-Salvador Images and memory : the construction of collective identities in seventeenth-century Quito / 1
N9999 Godbey Rubbernecking and the business of disaster : painting, photography, cinema and the culture of catastrophe / 1
N9999 Hand Embodied abstraction : biomorphic fantasy and empathy aesthetics in the work of Hermann Obrist, August Endell and their followers / 1
N9999 Hanson Embodying erudition : English art, medicine, & antiquarianism in the age of empiricism / 1
N9999 Higgins The persistence of vision : modern and postmodern collage / 1
N9999 Hong Theatricalizing death in performance images of mid-imperial China / 1
N9999 Hume Contested cubisms : transformations of the Czech Avant-Garde, 1910-1914 / 1
N9999 Hunter Robert Hooke fecit : making and knowing in Restoration London / 1
N9999 Korey Putti, pleasure, and pedagogy in sixteenth-century Italian prints and decorative arts / 1
N9999 Kyan The body and the family : filial piety and Buddhist art in late medieval China / 1
N9999 Lee Nirvana imagery in medieval Chinese art / 1
N9999 Lingley Widows, monks, magistrates, and concubines : social dimensions of sixth-century Buddhist art patronage / 1
N9999 Lisiewicz Mission impossible? Zachęta National Gallery of Art at the end of the 20th century / 1
N9999 Markey The New World in Renaissance Italy : a vicarious conquest of art and nature at the Medici court / 1
N9999 Morehead Creative pathologies : French experimental psychology and symbolist avant-gardes, 1889-1900 / 1
N9999 Normore Feasting the eye in Valois Burgundy / 1
N9999 Sena Pursuing antiquity : Chinese antiquarianism from the tenth to the thirteenth century / 1
N9999 Straughn Jewish expressionism : the making of modern Jewish art in Berlin / 1
N9999 Volan Last judgments and last emperors : illustrating apocalyptic history in late- and post-Byzantine art / 1
N74453.M83 Esthétiques d'Orient et d'Occident / 1
n 85386473 Autographs, [not after 1885]. 1
n/a If you are raped: what every woman needs to know 1
N-CLR-8.4 98908248 Ecology and environment in Nepal. Part 4 1
N-E 77-906691 Lumbini development project 1
N-E 78-904074 The occult seeker / 1
N-E 79-905550 National inventory of educational innovations / 1
N-E 81-902512 Health service long term plan and the various roles of medical graduates. 1
N-E 81-902513 Working guidelines for model schools in Nepal. 1
N-E 84-910318 Role of Small Farmer Development Programme in meeting basic human needs a study of Dulari Project, Morang District / 1
N-E 84-910321 Implementing decentralization policies and programmes a case study of Rapti Integrated Rural Development Programme, Nepal / 1
N-E 84-910322 Role of local development officer in development process / 1
N-E-2005-317616; 21 2005317616 Evolving sui generis options for the Hindu-Kush Himalayas / 1
N-E-2005-386306; 10 2005386306 All mothers are working mothers : a play / 1
N-E-2006-345429; 25 2006345429 Livestock, fodder, pastures, and people : an integrated study in the Northern areas of Pakistan / 1
N-E-2006-561875; 22 2006561875 Sectoral devolution strategy : study report 2005. 1
N-HD-95910570 95910570 Aśoka ke kaṛi Bhojapuri gītā saṅgraha / 1
N-N 93-905567 Election observation report : general elections, 1991, Nepal. 1
N-N-96-906164; 09 96906164 Kuhiro bhitrako gāum̐ kathā saṅgraha / 1
N-N-5728 91909490 Āmāko samjhanā : śokakāvya / 1
N-N-5736 91909709 Nepālī nirvacana / 1
N-Sr-2007-389338 2007389338 Smr̥ti memorable melodies. 1
n-Tib 70-923788 Jo bo Nā-ro-paʼi khyad chos Bsre ʼphoʼi khrid rdo rje theg par bgrod paʼi śiṅ rta chen po źes bya ba bźugs so / 1
N-Tib 71-914968 Bsre ʼphoʼi lam dbye bsdu bźugs so / 1
N-Tib 78-914967 Jo bo Nā-ro paʼi khyad chos Bsre ʼphoʼi gźuṅ ʼgrel Rdo rje ʼchaṅ gi dgoṅs pa gsal bar byed pa źes bya ba bźugs so / 1
na It's your body: a woman's guide to gynecology 1
NA Le politiche per la casa in Emilia Romagna una valutazione /
La città italiana prima dell'Unità Milano, Torino, Genova : 1700-1861 /
Frammenti urbani e frammenti spaziali Bologna città europea /
La progettazione della città portuale sperimentazioni didattiche per una nuova Livorno /
La ciudad fragmentada : nuevas formas de hábitat /
NA1 The elements of architecture
The chateaux of the Loire : Orléanais, Blésois, Touraine, Anjou.
The journal of the American Society of Architectural Historians
The American architect
The American architect [and] the architectural review
American architect and building news
NA1-9428 Wohnungsbau und Wohnungswirtschaft in Russland Die Situation und Perspektiven im Vergleich mit Deutschland. 1
NA1.A1A7130 1984 Architecture in Canadian illustrated news and L'Opinion publique : inventory of references / 1
NA1.A1D34 Daidalos : Berlin architectural journal. 1
NA1.A12H37 Harvard design magazine. 1
NA1.A12J6 Journal of architectural and planning research
Journal of architectural research.
Journal of architectural and planning research.
NA1.A15 Academy architecture and architectural review. 1
NA1.A16 2003 Urban flashes Asia : new architecture and urbanism in Asia / 1