Call Number Title Count
N8999.N49 2004 Historische Kulturlandschaften als Gegenstand der Landschaftsplanung : Dokumentation des zweiten Neubrandenburger Symposiums vom 22. Januar 2004 / 1
N8999.T39 The anatomy of anxiety : a psychoanalytic account of the work of Hans Bellmer / 1
N8999.Y52 1996 Togil ŭi yesul pundan esŏ tʻongil ro / 1
N8999 Allen The teaching of history and appreciation of art in high school. 1
N8999 Arguelles Charles Henry and the formation of a psychophysical aesthetic / 1
N8999 Aso New illusions : the emergence of a discourse on traditional Japanese arts and crafts, 1868-1945 / 1
N8999 Ballard Minimum essentials in art equipment for the first six grades of the elementary school. 1
N8999 Banks The magical powers of the horse as revealed in the archeological explorations of early China / 1
N8999 Beard The quantification of visual aesthetic judgment using verbal and nonverbal scales / 1
N8999 Belozerskaya Burgundian arts across Europe : new paradigms for the fifteenth century / 1
N8999 Bezruczko The construction and validation of a Rasch preference scale for design complexity : an aspect of aesthetic judgment / 1
N8999 Bohrer A new antiquity : the English reception of Assyria / 1
N8999 Bowditch Eduard Steichen : artistic practice and national identity, 1899-1923 / 1
N8999 Brzyski-Long Modern art and nationalism in fin de siécle Poland / 1
N8999 Chacon Michelangelism in Spanish art of the sixteenth century / 1
N8999 Clark Objectives and subject matter in art for grades X, XI, and XII. 1
N8999 Clarke Baudelaire & the ideal of modernism in art. 1
N8999 Connolly Imagined pilgrimage in Gothic art : maps, manuscripts and labyrinths / 1
N8999 Cope The Venetian chapel of the sacrament in the sixteenth century : a study in the iconography of the early Counter-Reformation. 1
N8999 D'Alessandro 'Über alles die Liebe' : the history of sexual imagery in the art and culture of the Weimar Republic / 1
N8999 DeRoo Private objects, public institutions : French art and the reinvention of the museum 1968-1978 / 1
N8999 Driscoll The walking position in European art. 1
N8999 Drucker Art in pre-exilic Israel. 1
N8999 Dubin Paying the piper : the public funding of artists / 1
N8999 Dunn Religious institutions as art patrons in Late Baroque Rome / 1
N8999 Eaton Titian's Rape of Europa : the intersection of ethics and aesthetics / 1
N8999 Evans Belief and art.
Belief and art /
N8999 Fern The artistic theories of Charles Ricketts, and their application in his book illustration. 1
N8999 Fink The role of France in American art: 1850-1870. 1
N8999 Gardner The art in Nō : a reconsideration of the relation of religion and art / 1
N8999 Gilbert "The (New) World in the time of the surrealists" : European surrealists and their Mexican contemporaries / 1
N8999 Goldman Aspects of Seicento patronage : Cassiano dal Pozzo and the amateur tradition / 1
N8999 Gollrad Eyewitnessing and the illustrative aesthetic : visualizing history in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century France / 1
N8999 Hammer Attitudes toward art in the nineteen twenties in Chicago / 1
N8999 Harshman A study of central ideas found within the development of the theories and arts of Dada and Surrealism / 1
N8999 Higgins Enversioning Fluxus : a venture into whose Fluxus where and when / 1
N8999 Hilsdale Diplomacy by design : rhetorical strategies of the Byzantine gift / 1
N8999 Hogan Traveling with the eye : the sites and spaces of modern art in New York, 1915-1950 / 1
N8999 Houze Fashion, disguise, and transformation origins of the modern art movement in Vienna, 1897-1914 / 1
N8999 Hutton Robert Bowyer and the historic gallery : a study of the creation of a magnificent work to promote the arts in England / 1
N8999 Jaffee The abstraction within, diagrammatic impulses in twentieth century American art, pedagogy,and art history / 1
N8999 James Animals in graphic art: a classification on the basis of imagery. 1
N8999 Johnson The art of the woman : women's art exhibitions in fin-de-siècle Vienna / 1
N8999 Jolles Curating Surrealism : the French avant-garde in exhibition, 1925-1938 / 1
N8999 Junyk Faces of Janus : the revival of classicism in modernist Paris / 1
N8999 Kaplan Laszlo Moholy-Nagy : biographical writings / 1
N8999 Kelpe The symbols of the evangelists in early Christian art /
A descriptive catalogue of the collection of replicas of Irish antiquities in the Department of Art at the University of Chicago.
N8999 Kibish A problem of Lutheran iconography: Lucas Cranach's pictures of Christ blessing the children. 1
N8999 Kirk A short history of the representations of "The Nativity of Christ" in Italian art of the fifteenth century. 1
N8999 Knowles Tuscan landscape painting from Giotto to Masaccio. 1
N8999 Kochman Russian émigré artists in Munich, 1890-1914 : cultural mission and the development of artistic identity / 1
N8999 Legakis Athletic contests in archaic Greek art / 1
N8999 Lew Figuring a tradition : romanitic (sic) poetics and the writing of English painting, 1769-1860 / 1
N8999 Lin Reconceptualizing British modernism : the modernist encounter with Chinese art / 1
N8999 Lindahl The jealous mistress : role conflict, success, and well-being in women artists / 1
N8999 Linrothe Compassionate malevolence : wrathful deities in esoteric Buddhist art / 1
N8999 Lopez-Diaz The art of the aborigines of Porto Rico. 1
N8999 Mackenzie Maschinenmenschen : images of the body as a machine in the art and culture of Weimar Germany / 1
N8999 Madigan Athens 211 and the illustrated homilies of John Chrysostom / 1
N8999 Mahsun A review of the critical reactions to pop art in the United States / 1