Call Number Title Count
ML3999.F31 Reichardt's Lieder : a microcosm of emerging German cultural definitions of self / 1
ML3999 Anderson Symbols of saints : theology, ritual, and kinship in music for John the Baptist and St. Anne, 1175-1563 / 1
ML3999 Aracena Singing salvation : Jesuit musics in colonial Chile, 1600-1767 / 1
ML3999 Auner Schoenberg's compositional and aesthetic transformations 1910-1913 : the genesis of Die glückliche Hand / 1
ML3999 Austern Music in English children's drama, 1597-1613 / 1
ML3999 Bacon John Wilbye : a study of his madrigals in their historical background. 1
ML3999 Baker The philosophic bases of Hanslick's "the beautiful in music". 1
ML3999 Barolsky Romantic piano performance as creation / 1
ML3999 Bartlet Etienne Nicolas Méhul and opera during the French revolution, consulate and empire : a source, archival, and stylistic study / 1
ML3999 Beaster-Jones Selling music in India : commodity genres, performing cosmopolitanism, and accounting for taste / 1
ML3999 Becker Music in the life of ancient China, as reflected in the ceremonial books: the I Li, the Chou Li, [and] the Li Chi. 1
ML3999 Beikman The uses of terms for music : Johannes Ockeghem. 1
ML3999 Bernick Heinrich Schütz on modality / 1
ML3999 Bernstien A critical study of the Lorenz method of analysis. 1
ML3999 Bhogal Arabesque and metric dissonance in the music of Maurice Ravel (1905-1914) / 1
ML3999 Blackburn The Lupus problem. 1
ML3999 Blumenthal An analysis of the third movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. 1
ML3999 Boneau Louise Bertin and opera in Paris in the 1820s and 1830s / 1
ML3999 Borders The cathedral of Verona as a musical center in the Middle Ages : its history, manuscripts, and liturgical practice / 1
ML3999 Bradshaw The history of the falsobordone from its origins to 1750. 1
ML3999 Brennan "Singing the same song" : music, morality and movement in Yoruba churches / 1
ML3999 Brokaw Techniques of expansion in the preludes and fugues of J.S. Bach / 1
ML3999 Buchsbaum An analytical study of the first movement of Beethoven's piano sonata, opus 78. 1
ML3999 Buckley The violin sonatas of Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber. 1
ML3999 Budwig Manuel de Falla's Atlántida : an historical and analytical study / 1
ML3999 Burkhart Reflections of a musical temperament: French criticisms (1885-1945) of the works of Brahms. 1
ML3999 Burkholder The evolution of Charles Ives's music : aesthetics, quotation, technique / 1
ML3999 Butler An analysis of "Tzigane" by Maurice Ravel. 1
ML3999 Byler Italian currents in the popular music of England in the sixteenth century. 1
ML3999 Cain Songbirds : representation, meaning, and indigenous public culture in Native American women's popular musics / 1
ML3999 Caplin Theories of harmonic-metric relationships : from Rameau to Riemann / 1
ML3999 Carpenter The works of Antonio de Cabezón. 1
ML3999 Castelvecchi Sentimental opera : the emergence of a genre, 1760-1790 / 1
ML3999 Chae Music, festival, and power in Louis XIV's France : court divertissements and the musical construction of sovereign authority and noble identity, 1661-1674 / 1
ML3999 Chen Voices of double marginality : music, body, and mind of Taiwanese aborigines in the post-modern era /
Morning and evening service : the practice of ritual, music, and doctrine in the Chinese Buddhist monastic community /
ML3999 Cheskin Catholic-liberal opera : outline of a hidden Italian musical romanticism / 1
ML3999 Chesnut Mozart as a teacher of elementary musical theory / 1
ML3999 Cheville The function of music in religious education. 1
ML3999 Chow Representing China musically : a Chinese conservatory and China's musical modernity 1900-1937 / 1
ML3999 Cole "Nature" at the Opéra : sound and social change in France, 1750-79 / 1
ML3999 Cook Transformational approaches to romantic harmony and the late works of César Franck / 1
ML3999 Cooper The house of Novello : practice and policy of a Victorian music publisher, 1829-1866 / 1
ML3999 Cowan An analysis of the departure sections in Ludwig van Beethoven's Quartet in F major, opus 59, number 1.
Morphology and value in music/ by Denis Cowan.
ML3999 Currid The acoustics of national publicity : music in German mass culture, 1924-1945 / 1
ML3999 Curtis On nationalism and music / 1
ML3999 Davidian Debussy's sonata forms / 1
ML3999 Davies The italianized frontier : music at Durango Cathedral, español culture, and the aesthetics of devotion in eighteenth-century New Spain / 1
ML3999 Davis A social psychological study of musicians. 1
ML3999 Dean The scribes of the Sistine Chapel, 1501-1527 / 1
ML3999 Dehnert Music and neo-scholasticism. 1
ML3999 Dempsey The coordination of action : non-verbal cooperation in jazz jam sessions / 1
ML3999 Dent Country critics : Música caipira and the production of locality in Brazil / 1
ML3999 Dillane Sound tracts, songlines, and soft repertoires : Irish music performance and the city of Chicago / 1
ML3999 Dixon Some stylistic figurations of early stringed instrument music and their effect on early keyboard music. 1
ML3999 Dueck Festival of nations : First Nations and Metis music and dance in public performance / 1
ML3999 Duffy The Jena choirbooks : music and liturgy at the Castle Church in Wittenberg under Frederick the Wise, Elector of Saxony / 1
ML3999 Elias Imitation, fragmentation, and assimilation of chansons in the masses of Gombert, Clemens, and Crecquillon : a kaleidoscopic process / 1
ML3999 Emery The modern symphony orchestra : a study of social control. 1
ML3999 Empey Spanish folk music as source material for religious education. 1
ML3999 Engelhardt Singing in "transition" : musical practices and ideologies of renewal in the Orthodox church of Estonia / 1