Call Number Title Count
LC6999.W Christian education in secondary schools of the North Central Association 1
LC6999 Abatso The coping personality : a study of Black community college students / 1
LC6999 Abraham A study of pupil accounting in city school systems as revealed by school surveys. 1
LC6999 Abromowitz Toward a pholosophy of Jewish education for conservative congregations. 1
LC6999 Acker Sex differences in graduate student ambition / 1
LC6999 Adams Occupational cohesion among adult educators. 1
LC6999 Albrecht A critical study of the empirical investigations since 1933 of the religious psychology of college students. 1
LC6999 Aldrich Distribution of high school graduates in Kansas. 1
LC6999 Allen An examination of experiences in student life which influence religious behavior.
The growth of professionalism in the adult educational movement, 1928-1958: a content analysis of the periodical literature.
The relationship between personal values and 4-H Club adult leadership /
LC6999 Altalib The effect of family problems on students / 1
LC6999 Ampene Teaching styles in adult basic education. 1
LC6999 Ancheta Planning a curriculum on occupational activities for Filipino mentally retarded children. 1
LC6999 Andrews Private correspondence schools : group and marketing methods. 1
LC6999 Apel Prediction of adult educators' attitudes toward institutional changes. 1
LC6999 Appleton The social psychology of the school-room, or, the problem of the elementary school.
Sociological basis of education and its influence upon the curriculum /
LC6999 Arai An investigation into moral situations and concepts of junior high school pupils.
An investigation into moral situations and concepts of junior high school pupils ...
LC6999 Armour The higher education of women in Japan. 1
LC6999 Armstrong A controlled experiment in the direct method of developing ideals. 1
LC6999 Arnot Expressional work of religious education in rural communities 1
LC6999 Aron Curricular proposals for the ethical and political education of adolescents : overcoming dogmatism and relativism and teaching Deweyan deliberation / 1
LC6999 Aronson The effects of a parent education program on the reading performance of first-grade children. 1
LC6999 Atherton The contribution of Methodism to education in Illinois, to 1855.
Moral education and the virtues /
LC6999 Atkins Status of and training provided by Negro teachers colleges / 1
LC6999 Atwood Adult education programs for negroes in Kentucky. 1
LC6999 Aubrey An experiment in college religious education.
An introduction to the study of the student religious problem.
LC6999 Averill Educational participation and openness to new ideas. 1
LC6999 Axford William Henry Lighty, adult education pioneer /
A description and analysis of the Intercollegiate Zionist Federation of America in Roosevelt College of Chicago : a study of a cultural group.
LC6999 Bailey The collège at Moulins, 1761-1780; an example of the former Jesuit colleges outside Paris but within the jurisdiction of the Parlement of Paris. 1
LC6999 Balfanz Schooling and manufacturing productivity in the United States, 1880-1940 : a state-level analysis / 1
LC6999 Ball An experiment in the adjustment of maladjusted pupils in the secondary school. 1
LC6999 Bandow Learning in vocational and academic education / 1
LC6999 Baranwal Demand for literacy in rural India : a case study in Bihar State / 1
LC6999 Barichello The schooling of farm youth in Canada / 1
LC6999 Bartell Measures of classroom climate associated with ethnicity and sex / 1
LC6999 Barth Franciscan education and the social order in Spanish North America (1502-1821) 1
LC6999 Bartz The moral and religious significance of seventh grade literature study 1
LC6999 Battershell The justification for a special curriculum for rural church schools 1
LC6999 Beam The religious attitudes and habits of college freshmen ...
The religious attitudes and habits of college freshmen.
LC6999 Beck The American Institute of Sacred Literature : a historical analysis of an adult education institution. 1
LC6999 Beckley An evaluation of the present status of college training for executives in terms of selected objectives. 1
LC6999 Beirne The problem of Americanization in the Catholic schools of Puerto Rico : 1952-1972. 1
LC6999 Belford Practices in curriculum planning in humanities courses and their implications. 1
LC6999 Benell The evaluation of community adult health education techniques. 1
LC6999 Benjamin The function of the Christian secondary school in China today. 1
LC6999 Bennett Values derived from an introductory survey of the Bible. 1
LC6999 Besley Industrial education in the American colonies and United States 1620 to 1860 ... 1
LC6999 Bilderbach Fifteen year of the Smith-Hughes Law in Illinois, 1917-32 1
LC6999 Bilhorn Withdrawals from high school in an urban community. 1
LC6999 Bissinger Agencies for parental education 1
LC6999 Blaine The Biblical knowledge of high school pupils. 1
LC6999 Blair The parochial school as a source of relief to the school district and as an added burden to its patrons. 1
LC6999 Blauch Federal cooperation in vocational education. 1
LC6999 Bond A study of high school girls' aspirations, attitudes, and values.
Social and economic influences on the public education of Negroes in Alabama, 1865-1930 ...
Social and economic influences on the public education of Negroes in Alabama, 1865-1930 /
LC6999 Boom The Julius Rosenwald Fund's aid to education in the South. 1
LC6999 Booth Christian philanthropy and the educational uplift of the Negro in the South, 1865-1900. 1
LC6999 Borich Adult educator's decision-making regarding advanced degrees. 1
LC6999 Borinstein Generalized imitation across topographical classes by severely retarded children / 1
LC6999 Borth Coping and defending in black classrooms : a study of non-intellective correlates of achievement. 1
LC6999 Bourgeois University politics : adult education in a Belgian university / 1
LC6999 Bouseman The pulled-away college : a study of the separation of colleges from the Young Men's Christian Association.
A contribution of C. G. Jung to Christian education.