Call Number Title Count
LB3999 Evaluation of award of scholarships in a liberal arts college. 1
LB3999.T18 An analysis of reading curricula in Chinese elementary schools / 1
LB3999 Abbott Values and value-perceptions of school superintendents and board members. 1
LB3999 Abdullah The effects of teacher attitudes toward students on teacher planning, instructional support, and teacher's effort in maintaining order in the classroom / 1
LB3999 Abells A study of the emotionality of pre-school children in a pressure situation. 1
LB3999 Abernethy Relationships between mental and physical growth ...
Relationships between mental and physical growth.
Correlations in the physiological and mental development of high-school girls /
LB3999 Abowd An econometric model of the U. S. market for higher education / 1
LB3999 Abrahamson Classroom constraints and teacher coping strategies: a way to conceptualize the teaching task. 1
LB3999 Abrams Value of the correction formula in scoring three-response tests / 1
LB3999 Abu-Libdeh Strength of association in the simple general linear model : a comparative study of Hays' omega-squared / 1
LB3999 Acuna Opportunity structure and cognitive growth / 1
LB3999 Adams Sentence patterns of junior high-school pupils /
The effect of appearance of dolls upon their use by pre-school children /
The mathematics encountered in the general reading of newspapers and periodicals /
Achievement in reading in rural schools /
LB3999 Addison The educational activities of Kiwanis International / 1
LB3999 Adler An analysis of the most popular high school books in literature / 1
LB3999 Agger Grade placement of science topics and principles in the high school / 1
LB3999 Aikenhead Consolidated and non-consolidated schools in Manitoba / 1
LB3999 Airasian An application of a modified version of John Carroll's model of school learning.
Formative evaluation instruments : a construction and validation of tests to evaluate learning over short time periods.
LB3999 Alberstett An analytical study of the characteristic elements of teachers' contracts in the United States / 1
LB3999 Alexander The prediction of teacher-pupil interaction with a projective test. 1
LB3999 Alkire The person-content of the minds of a selected group of high school pupils / 1
LB3999 Allan History of the non-residential degree program at Illinois Wesleyan Univesity, 1873-1910 : a study of a pioneer external degree program in the United States / 1
LB3999 Allen A study of the financial condition of the Public School System of Birmingham, Alabama.
A study of inter-personal relationships among the members of an elementary school faculty.
The career mobility of Black college faculty : a study of the relations between ascription, professionalism, and the determinants of mobility in the academic marketplace /
LB3999 Allender The effect of conflict on learning efficiency.
Prediction of high school students' attitudes by teachers.
LB3999 Allison Professional and lay influences on school board decision-making.
School law as revealed by a survey of the Supreme Court decisions of Colorado, South Dakota, and North Dakota /
LB3999 Alred Attributions, autonomy, and control : how middle school teachers motivate students to learn / 1
LB3999 Alston Teaching as a moral practice : a study of relations of knowledge, power, and ethics / 1
LB3999 Althaus The selective character of the suburban high school / 1
LB3999 Althaus abstract The distribution of the tax burden of township and community high schools in Illinois ... 1
LB3999 Ambrose An analysis of the scientific material in a widely read weekly periodical / 1
LB3999 Ammentorp The influence of social support in decision making: a study of primary groups. 1
LB3999 Ammons Educational objectives: the relation between the process used in their development and their quality. 1
LB3999 Amundson The influence of the Committee of Eight on textbooks in history for the sixth grade / 1
LB3999 Anagnostopoulos Setting standards, failing students : a case study of merit promotion in two Chicago high schools / 1
LB3999 Anania The effects of quality of instruction on the cognitive and affective learning of students / 1
LB3999 Andersen An experimental study of free reading versus directed reading /
City superintendent reports : their development and present status /
LB3999 Anderson A statistical comparison of the Scholarship Records of Members of Women's Clubs and of Non-Club Women in the University of Chicago.
Analysis of three programs for preschool disadvantage children.
The Chicago Teachers' Federation.
Time and school learning.
Effects of property tax limitation law upon school support in Michigan cities /
History of the certification of teachers in Iowa /
Scholarship in high school and college and success in teaching /
The content of the course in elementary physiology, anatomy and hygiene /
Duties of business executives in cities of 100,000 or more inhabitants /
The mastery of time concepts by students in the junior high school /
A study of secondary school examinations /
The influence of a cooperative study on teacher test behavior and classroom practices.
LB3999 Andresen The significance of profundity in literary appreciation. 1
LB3999 Andrews Administration significance of psychological differences between secondary teachers of different subject matter fields.
A study of the educational legislation and the administration of the public school system of Kansas.
The relation between vocabulary difficulties and failures in high school mathematics /
LB3999 Andrich Latent trait psychometric theory in the measurement and evaluation of essay writing ability. 1
LB3999 Angell The relationship of two year old children's initial adjustment to a nursery school situation with their later social ascendance rank in the school group. 1
LB3999 Anibal A comparative study of the effectiveness of teaching high school chemistry through individual laboratory experimentation and lecture demonstration / 1
LB3999 Anthony The identification and measurement of classroom environmental process variables related to academic achievement.
The elimination situation in Alpena High School /
Results obtained by use of drill material in plane geometry /
LB3999 Arbuckle Student personnel services in colleges and universities in the Chicago area. 1
LB3999 Arcilla Nihilism and liberal education : Richard Rorty on conversational edification / 1
LB3999 Arlin Learning rate and learning rate variance under mastery learning conditions. 1
LB3999 Arnesen Accomplishment during the freshman year at college : as affected by a shortening of the period of elementary and secondary school education / 1
LB3999 Arthur Measuring the effect of remedial teaching in first year algebra / 1
LB3999 Artingstall The effect of nursery school education on later school adjustment. 1
LB3999 Ascano The training of teachers in the Philippine Islands. 1
LB3999 Ash Beyond vocationalism: the aspirations of urban college students. 1
LB3999 Ashleman The educational value of the dramatic method in Foreign Language Teaching. 1
LB3999 Ashley Home and school co-operation in eliminating language errors / 1
LB3999 Asser Faculty responses to funding environments at two universities / 1
LB3999 Assie Educational selection and social inequality in Africa : the case of the Ivory Coast / 1
LB3999 Ataullah Cultural influence on children's solution of verbal problems : a qualitative study. 1
LB3999 Atiyeh The interaction of associative and dynamic processes in selective recall : an experimental study of the recall of finished and unfinished tasks. 1
LB3999 Avalos Improving student learning by using advance organizers and organizers at the middle and end of each textbook chapter / 1
LB3999 Axelman The relational experiences of African-American adolescents and the role of signifcant adults : an examination of teenage lives during the transition to high school / 1
LB3999 Bachelor British secondary-modern and secondary-grammar school teachers : contrasts and similarities. 1
LB3999 Bachmann Structural differentiation in public, service organizations : the case of school systems / 1