Call Number Title Count
LA3999 Transforming the future : "quality" children and the Chinese nation / 1
LA3999 Acheson The value of a psychological examination in predicting freshman grades in college / 1
LA3999 Acomb A study of the status and trend of the unified training of kindergarten and primary teachers in state institutions / 1
LA3999 Albright A critical study of the organization of eight thirteen-grade unit schools in Gary, Indiana. 1
LA3999 Alexander Dutch and Puritan education in America in the 17th century. 1
LA3999 Alsup Missouri school tendencies / 1
LA3999 Altbach Students, politics, and higher education in a developing area; the case of Bombay, India. 1
LA3999 Andrews A history of education in the Bombay Presidency, India, under the British administration. 1
LA3999 Arens THe impact of communism on education in China, 1949-1950. 1
LA3999 Awani-Alele Dynamics of education in the birth of a new nation: case study of Nigeria. 1
LA3999 Bacote Higher education in Virginia between 1830 and 1860. 1
LA3999 Baer A survey of the schools of Cuyahoga County, Ohio. 1
LA3999 Baker Coles County as a possible unit in the reorganization of schools in Illinois / 1
LA3999 Bardwell A survey of the schools of McHenry County, Illinois / 1
LA3999 Bartot The transformation of the national education policy domain, 1956-1992 / 1
LA3999 Basmadjian Educational systems in Turkey. 1
LA3999 Bass A survey of the county high schools of Tennessee / 1
LA3999 Baxter Schooling in context : teachers, education and the state in Wertheim am Main, 1550-1750 / 1
LA3999 Beck Chicago newspapers and the public schools, 1890-1920. 1
LA3999 Bell The Development of the public high school in Chicago / 1
LA3999 Benitez A study of primary education in the Philippines during the Spanish domination / 1
LA3999 Berd The origins, implementation, and the demise of socialist education in Mexico, 1932-1946 / 1
LA3999 Blanke Educational policy formulation at the state level as viewed by chief state school officers. 1
LA3999 Blauch The history of elementary education in Connecticut before 1800 / 1
LA3999 Blough A proposed school building program for Hammond, Indiana / 1
LA3999 Bond A survey of the schools of Bauxite, Arkansas / 1
LA3999 Bone Secondary education in the Guianas.
A study in the efficiency of pupil selection for secondary education in British Guiana.
LA3999 Bramlett Popular education in North Carolina from 1815 to 1860. 1
LA3999 Bratcher A comparison of resident and non-resident teachers in village and small city school systems in Kentucky ... /
A comparison of resident and non-resident teachers in village and small city school systems in Kentucky.
LA3999 Brewer Attitudes and characteristics of teachers in a multi-lateral system of schools: a survey and comparison of Volksschule, Realschule, and Gymnasium teachers in the Federal Republic of Germany. 1
LA3999 Brokaw Union school movements for higher education in China 1
LA3999 Brown A study of the financial status of elementary and secondary schools in Missouri ...
Postgraduate students in the public high schools of Indiana /
LA3999 Buck The moral value of the Chinese classical educational system including an estimate of the civil serivce examininations 1
LA3999 Bullock The old Chinese educational institutions: an estimation of their values with a brief survey of their development. 1
LA3999 Bunger A History of public high schools in Ohio 1
LA3999 Buresh Educational issues at the 1969-1970 Illinois State Constitutional Convention. 1
LA3999 Burnette An educational survey of the schools of Benton County, Indiana / 1
LA3999 Burns Unified control of state supported higher education in Georgia. 2
LA3999 Butler A survey of the public school system of Sullivan, Illinois / 1
LA3999 Carlson History of public school education in South Carolina and Georgia up to 1860. 1
LA3999 Carr The development of the public High School in Illinois from 1860 to 1924. 1
LA3999 Chaffee Education and examinations in Sung society (960-1279) / 1
LA3999 Cheal Canadian provincial school systems: their input-output differences. 1
LA3999 Chen Politics of education in communist China, 1958-1968. 1
LA3999 Christofferson A survey of the senior high school at Red Wing, Minnesota / 1
LA3999 Cibulka Administrators as representatives: the role of local communities in an urban school system. 1
LA3999 Clark A history of the development of the high schools of Kentucky.
The Illinois School Problems Commission, a case study.
LA3999 Clarson A study of public secondary education in Tuscon, Arizona / 1
LA3999 Clement Standardization of the schools of Kansas / 1
LA3999 Cobun Educational concomitants of political leadership in five states of the ante-bellum North and South. 1
LA3999 Combs A survey of the schools of Buchanan County, Virginia / 1
LA3999 Coolidge A study in relative efficiency of Illinois high schools based on comparisons of enrollment and population / 1
LA3999 Cowles A study of secondary education in Utah / 1
LA3999 Crossman A statistical study of the efficiency of the secondary schools of South Dakota / 1
LA3999 Curran An administrative survey of the high school at Lead, South Dakota / 1
LA3999 De Boer The influcence of reconstruction on education in Alabama. 1
LA3999 De Vera The development of public high schools in the Philippine Islands / 1
LA3999 Dean The history of the development of the public high school in Indiana / 1
LA3999 Dewey The development of public-school administration in Chicago. 1
LA3999 Dockrell Education, social class, and the development of ability. 1