Call Number Title Count
L1099.L65 History of the Kentucky educational association. 1
L1099 Bowden History of the Cooperative Education Association of Virginia : an analysis of a community development agency and its practice of adult education. 1
L1099 Canaga The West Virginia State Education Association / 1
L1099 Corneliuson Content of state educational journals during the school years, 1929-30 and 1930-31 / 1
L1099 Crawford The history of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. 1
L1099 Gillies The Illinois Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction : an analysis of effectiveness and influence 1854-1920 / 1
L1099 Hamilton An analysis of the contents of journals of state education associations / 1
L1099 Kratzmann The Alberta Teachers' Association: a documentary analysis of the dynamics of a professional organization. 1
L1099 Levitt The activities of local teacher organizations in Chicago since 1929. 1
L1099 Lewis History of the Kentucky educational association. 1
L1099 Miller A history of the Illinois State Teachers' Association, since 1912. 1
L1099 Owen Analytical study of educational periodicals / 1
L1099 Patrick A history of the Illinois State Teachers' Association, 1854-1912. 1
L1099 Pearse Studies in white-collar unionism : the development of a teachers' union. 1
L1099 Petrin The structure of school production / 1
L2224.3.N675 2000 Norito sakubun jiten / 1
L2277.Z46 2017 Zhongguo "60 hou" zuo jia fang tan lu / 1
L2556.L56 2014 Ming bian ci zong ji cong ke shu ping / 1
L2655.C446 2012 San bo zi / 1
L2709.P274N7 The code of criminal procedure, 1898 : (v. of 1898). 1
L2822.8.M34 1996 Making good schools : linking school effectiveness and school improvement / 1
L2909.I284Z657 2008 Zuo jia Tie Ning / 1
L2921.9.N67H83 2007 Huan yan : Yan Rong shi xuan, 1986-2007 / 1
L3736 Educational mobility of second-generation Turks. Cross-national perspectives / 1
L3758.B3 R36 2009 Bāṃlādeśera gaṇasaṃgīta : bishaẏa o surabaicitrya / 1
L9999 Watkins A Chichewa grammar : Bantu language of British Central Africa. 1
LA 1 Nouveau plan d'éducation et d'instruction publique dédié à l'Assemblée nationale ... / 1
LA1 A consolation for ovr grammar schooles, or, A faithfull and most comfortable incouragement for laying of a sure foundation of all good learning in our schooles, and for prosperous building thereupon More specially for all those of the inferiour sort, and all ruder countries and places; namely for Ireland, Wales, Virginia, with the Sommer Ilands, and for their more speedie attaining of our English tongue by the same labour, that all may speake one and the same language. And withall, for the helping of all such as are desirous speedilie recouer that which they had formerlie got in the grammar schooles, and to proceed aright therein, for the perpetuall benefit of these our nations, and of the churches of Christ. 1
LA1-LA2396 History Education and Conflict Transformation : Social Psychological Theories, History Teaching and Reconciliation / 1
LA 2 Essai sur l'éducation nationale / 1
LA2 The migration of students before the rise of the universities. 1
LA 3 Students enrolled for advanced degrees. 1
LA3 The Legal basis of school organization and administration in Wisconsin 1
LA4 Das Trivium und Quadrivium in Theorie und Praxis. I. T.: Das Trivium : ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des höheren Schulwesens im Mittelalter 1
LA5 Das Erziehungsideal bei Sir Thomas More, Sir Thomas Elyot, Roger Ascham, und John Lyly. 1
LA5.B5 1931 Politik und Pädagogik im Ausland. 1
LA5.B8 Aspects of education: a study in the history of pedagogy, 1
LA5.C9 Readings in the history of education; a collection of sources and readings to illustrate the development of educational practice, theory, and organization, 1
LA5.H55 History of education 1
LA5.H65 Pamphlets on History of education 1
LA5.H66 Pamphlets on History of education -- 1891-1893. 1
LA5 .R68 2005 The RoutledgeFalmer reader in history of education / 1
LA5.S64 Khrestomatii͡a po istorii pedagogiki : posobie dli͡a pedagogicheskikh uchilishch / 1
LA5.U4 Three thousand years of educational wisdom; selections from great documents, 1
LA5.U4 1963 Three thousand years of educational wisdom : selections from great documents. 1
LA5.W86 Zródła do dziejów wychowania i myśli pedagogicznej / 1
LA6 Origin and development of the New York common school system. An address delivered before the New York state teachers' association, at Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Tuesday evening, July 8, 1890. 1
LA7 Organized labor and higher education in the United States ... April 1949. 1
LA7.C3 Essays upon popular education : containing a particular examination of the schools of Massachusetts, and an outline of an institution for the education of teachers / 1
LA7.H85 Picking up the options. 1
LA7.K4 Philanthropy and learning, with other papers, 1
LA7 .L452 1998 Lei Peihong wen xuan / 1
LA7.L580 1990 Liu Zhen xian sheng wen ji / 1
LA7.S2 Repeliendo la invasion. 1
LA7.W2 Education : how old the new / 1
LA7.Z43 2007 Zhang Chuting jiao yu wen ji = Zhang Chuting's collected works on education. 1
LA8 Die volksschule vor und nach Luther : Eine historische studie . 1
LA9 Theodorici Carnotensis Bibliotheca septem artium liberalium. Fol. 2: Incipit prologus Theodorici in Eptatheucon volumen VIItem artium liberalium. 1
LA9.B325 1996 Historiographie pädagogischer Theorien : zwischen historisch-systematischer Methode und Systemtheorie / 1
LA9.B680 1982 Educational historiography : tradition, theory, and technique / 1