Call Number Title Count
JV9999 Alencar e Silva Neto The emergence of controlled immigration in France / 1
JV9999 Alvarez Permanent migration and some structural correlates : a comparative analysis of recent international migration / 1
JV9999 Bell The attitude of organized labor toward immigration. 1
JV9999 Bourgeois Made in America? : high-skill immigration to the U.S. / 1
JV9999 Bouwman The attitude of the Protestant churches of America toward the Japanese question. 1
JV9999 Brite The attitude of European States toward emigration to the American Colonies, 1607-1820. 1
JV9999 Chaney Social and educational protection of the immigrant girl in Chicago. 1
JV9999 Chang Transpacific borderlands and boundaries : race, migration and state formation in the North American Pacific Rim, 1882-1917 / 1
JV9999 Chen Chinese under both exclusion and immigration laws. 1
JV9999 Chung Colonial migration from Korea to Japan / 1
JV9999 Cochran A history of restriction of American immigration, 1607-1820. 1
JV9999 Engstrom The Carter administration's response to the Mariel boatlift / 1
JV9999 Ericson The British colonial system and the question of change of policy on the eve of the American Revolution ...
The British colonial system and the question of change of policy on the eve of the American Revolution.
JV9999 Feldman The federal court and European immigration during the war. 1
JV9999 Gordon Immigrant to citizen : naturalization education in the United States, 1914-1973 / 1
JV9999 Ha Backlash : public attitudes toward immigration in multiracial America / 1
JV9999 Hale The United States and Japanese immigration. 1
JV9999 Heath Cultivating the nation, refining empire : wine, sugar, and citizenship in the Aude and Guadeloupe, 1880-1910 / 1
JV9999 Hill The economic impact of immigration into the United States. 1
JV9999 Hinners French colonial policy in North Africa and Indo-China since the Second World War. 1
JV9999 Hoff Problems of post-war immigration as illustrated in the Chicago area. 1
JV9999 Holdengraber A study of the family separated as a result of emigration. 1
JV9999 Johnson Struggling over the past : decolonization and the problem of history in settler societies /
Immigration since the world war.
JV9999 Joiner The national origins quota system: politics of revision. 1
JV9999 Kenny Mobilizing diasporas in nationalist conflicts / 1
JV9999 Klaus British colonial theories : 1570-1850. 1
JV9999 Klopp Integration as multiculturalism : immigration and the transformation of citizenship in Germany / 1
JV9999 Knorr British colonial theories : 1570-1850. 1
JV9999 Kuhn American emigration to Canada West, 1897-1913 1
JV9999 Lacuesta Emigration and human capital : who leaves, who comes back and what difference does it make / 1
JV9999 Largent The immigration question before Congress 1896-1917. 1
JV9999 Lau Paper families : identity, immigration administration and Chinese exclusion / 1
JV9999 Lewis Immigration to the middle colonies before 1783.
Social aspects of the post-war immigrant Jew.
JV9999 Magana Bodies on the line : life, death, and authority on the Arizona-Mexico border / 1
JV9999 Matras Israel: absorption of immigrants, social mobility, and social change. 1
JV9999 Mc Laughlin Reshaping a citizenry : naturalization in southern California / 1
JV9999 McIntyre British imperialism in India and Brazil, 1850-1914 / 1
JV9999 McIvor A history of Canadian population and immigration. 1
JV9999 Merrill Methods of assimilating immigration. 1
JV9999 Meyers The political economy of international immigration policy : a comparative and quantitative study / 1
JV9999 Mirilovic Regime type, security and the politics of migration / 1
JV9999 Norton The right to leave the United States. 1
JV9999 Onagan Federal immigration legislation 1917-1930. 1
JV9999 Paulson Insurance motives for migration : evidence from Thailand / 1
JV9999 Pedraza-Bailey Political and economic migrants in America : Cubans and Mexicans / 1
JV9999 Ratcliffe A history of efforts to encourage immigration to Minnesota. 1
JV9999 Rengers The failure of a liberal colonial policy; Netherlands East Indies, 1816-1830.
The failure of a liberal colonial policy : Netherlands East Indies, 1816-1830 /
JV9999 Ricketts Periphery to core migration : specifying a model / 1
JV9999 Risch Encouragement and aid to immigrants, 1607-1830. 1
JV9999 Schwartz The Wagner-Rogers Resolution. 1
JV9999 Smith The ideology of German colonialism, 1840-1918. 1
JV9999 Tegtmeyer Pak Outsiders moving in : identity and institutions in Japanese responses to international migration / 1
JV9999 Tuerk The Supreme Court and public policy: the regulation of immigration, 1820-82 1
JV9999 Wu Chinese immigration in the Pacific area. 1
JV9999 Young German immigration and colonization in Chile, 1849-1914. 1
JV64811921 Visitor's guide to Ellis Island 1
JVC 1 Bulgarian polyphony II / 1
JVC 2 Hardcastle / 1
JVC 3 The Jazzmasters. 1
JVC 4 Ernie Watts Quartet. 1