Call Number Title Count
JS9999.C75 Electoral systems of Chicago and Cook County 1
JS9999 Abdullahi Traditional elites and political modernization : local government reforms in the North-Western State of Nigeria / 1
JS9999 Allen Politics in Hamilton County, Illinois. 1
JS9999 Almond Plutocracy and politics in New York city. 1
JS9999 Andersen The Los Angeles county Bureau of efficiency 1
JS9999 Anderson Designing attractive municipal reports through the application of advertising principles 1
JS9999 Auerbach The French child and interest in municipal elections. 1
JS9999 Beckman The relationship of the government of the city of Chicago to Cook County from 1893 to 1916. 1
JS9999 Bellion Council-manager government in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 1
JS9999 Bent British municipal trade unions: Policies, practices, relation to Whitleyism and influence on local government.
The municipal employee strike in Pontiac, Michigan: 1946.
JS9999 Berger Cook county Central Committee of the Democratic Party 1
JS9999 Bergman The Portland Freeway: a study in multi-level government. 1
JS9999 Bernstein Why "Taiwan is too democratic" : legitimation, administration, and political participation in Taipei / 1
JS9999 Beyle Governmental reporting in Chicago. 1
JS9999 Bixler The government of Cook County, Illinois. 1
JS9999 Black The Black movement model of mayoral leadership / 1
JS9999 Bo Chinese provincial leaders : economic performance and political mobility / 1
JS9999 Bolling The city-manager government of Dayton, Ohio 1
JS9999 Bradwell Local governments of colonial Georgia 1
JS9999 Brooks A study of present practice in the teaching of civics, as indicated by text-books and other teaching material ... 1
JS9999 Brown The politics of reform : Kansas City's municipal government, 1925-1950.
Political areal-functional organization, with special reference to St. Cloud, Minnesota.
JS9999 Cappell Professional projects and the private production of law / 1
JS9999 Carr Belleville and Galesburg : decision-making and community political culture on the Illinois frontier / 1
JS9999 Case Village Panchayats: instruments of state administration and local self-government in rural India. 1
JS9999 Chen Building local state capacity in China / 1
JS9999 Cherry Effective precinct organization. 1
JS9999 Chute The public matériel problem in the Chicago region ...
The public matériel problem in the Chicago metropolitan region.
JS9999 Ciporen A social analysis of the French socialist vote in the 1914 legislative elections in Sceaux / 1
JS9999 Colfax The big city Voter : a study of political participation in Chicago. 1
JS9999 Conant The politics of metropolitan reorganization in a Michigan area. 1
JS9999 Conroy The electoral system of Chicago and Cook County. 1
JS9999 Coppock Personnel service programs for public jurisdiction: an analysis of prgrams for improving oersonnel administration in small public jurisdictions. 1
JS9999 Crenson Non-issues in city politics : the case of air pollution. 1
JS9999 Curtis County and township government in Illinois 1
JS9999 Davies The role of the town governors in the defense and military colonization of Muscovy's southern frontier : the case of Kozlov, 1635-1638 / 1
JS9999 Davis Topics to be included in instruction in civics as indicated by an analysis of current periodicals. 1
JS9999 Deem The abandoment of the city manager plan in Madison, Wisconsin. 1
JS9999 Dorn The administrative partitioning of Costa Rica : politics and planners in the 1970s / 1
JS9999 Eckersberg A study of the proposed consolidation of the Chicago Park District and the City of Chicago. 1
JS9999 Eisenstein The elections of 1912 in Chicago. 1
JS9999 Ellison The status of women in the Chicago city service. 1
JS9999 Farnell The politics of the city of London (1640-1646)
The politics of the city of London (1649-1657)
JS9999 Feingold The Irish boards of poor law guardians, 1872-86: a revolution in local government. 1
JS9999 Ferguson County government in Virginia, 1700-1830 1
JS9999 Fisher The commune. 1
JS9999 Fitzgerald Growth of municipal activities in Chicago, 1833 to 1875. 1
JS9999 Floro A city manager in the state of Michigan : a case study of an itinerant professional. 1
JS9999 Follo City manager government in Escanaba, Michigan. 1
JS9999 Frank Politics in the nonpartisan city. 1
JS9999 Frederick The relation of government in rural localities to the economic base: a study of Douglas and Jasper counties in Illinois 1
JS9999 Gable The Chicago City Council : a study of urban politics and legislation. 1
JS9999 Gartner Joseph W. Folk and municipal reform in St. Louis, 1900-1914. 1
JS9999 Geier Knowledge and the political order in Plato's Republic. 1
JS9999 Geisler Chicago Democratic voting, 1947-57. 1
JS9999 Goldschmidt The management of public relations in municipal administration ...
The management of public relations in municipal administration.
JS9999 Goldstein The effects of the adoption of woman suffrage: sex differences in voting behavior--Illinois 1914-1921. 1
JS9999 Goodnow The administration of zoning 1
JS9999 Graves The effects of Panchayati Raj on state and local factionalism within the Indian National Congress Party. 1
JS9999 Greene Re-thinking Chicago : an experiment in Christian community building. 1
JS9999 Hanson Stockholm municipal politics. 1