Call Number Title Count
JQ9999 Akinsanya The Nigerianisation of the Western Nigeria higher public service. 1
JQ9999 Altshuler The development of federalism in Nigeria. 1
JQ9999 Andersen The Jana Sangh : ideology and organization in party behavior / 1
JQ9999 Aruego The Philippine commission: a study in the development of adminstration in the Philippines 1
JQ9999 Baruah Getting a fair share : politics and the poor in rural India / 1
JQ9999 Blake The study of elections and voting behavior in India. 1
JQ9999 Brass The Congress Party organization in Uttar Pradesh: the transformation from movement to party in an Indian state. 1
JQ9999 Brichta The problems of the executive in a multi-party system: the case of Israel. 1
JQ9999 Busche Minor parties and political groups and their efforts to expand democracy in China, 1927-1947. 1
JQ9999 Cantori The organizational basis of an elite political party, the Egyptian Wafd. 1
JQ9999 Carey A comparative study of civil disobedience and parliamentarianism in the Indian National Congress, 1930-1940. 1
JQ9999 Carlson Presidentialism in Africa : explaining institutional choice / 1
JQ9999 Chizik Political parties in palestine 1
JQ9999 Collier Electoral politics and authoritarian rule : institutional transfer and political change in tropical Africa. 1
JQ9999 Conkling Bureaucracy in Makassar, Indonesia : the political anthropology of a complex organization / 1
JQ9999 Edwards Patrimonial and bureaucratic administration in Nepal : historical change and Weberian theory / 1
JQ9999 El Dairy History of the Autralian Public Service Commission, 1920-1940. 1
JQ9999 El-Nahal Judicial administration in Ottoman Egypt in the seventeenth century : a study based on the sharīʻah court registers / 1
JQ9999 Fabilane Philippine elections--a comparative study. 1
JQ9999 Fairweather Structure and process in the Japanese political system during the period of the Tokugawa Shogunate, 1603-1867. 1
JQ9999 Fein The Parliament of Israel: its structure and function. 1
JQ9999 Frenzen Japanese electoral politics: a study of elections, 1949-1955. 1
JQ9999 Graves Party system, competition and social mobilization in India. 1
JQ9999 Hardgrave The political culture of a community in change; the nadars of Tamilnad. 1
JQ9999 Jenkins The Philippine commission from 1900 to 1907. 1
JQ9999 Khan Indian struggle for independence between 1937-47 1
JQ9999 Mailick The establishment of a system of personnel administration in Israel. 1
JQ9999 Marengo The rules of the Italian political game / 1
JQ9999 Michel Preventive detention in the Indian Constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court. 1
JQ9999 Moog Whose interests are supreme? : the organizational politics of the civil courts in two districts of Uttar Pradesh / 1
JQ9999 Myers The development of the Indonesian Socialist Party. 1
JQ9999 Nagai Electoral laws and party organization as mediating structures between voters' preferences and party policy stands : an analysis and interpretation of Japan's Liberal Democratic Party / 1
JQ9999 Nayar Impact of the community development program on rural voting behavior in India. 1
JQ9999 Nelson Political integration in Lebanon /
Radicalism in Arab political thought: Kamāl Junblāt.
JQ9999 Newberg Courts and constitutional politics in Pakistan / 1
JQ9999 Olberding Towards imperial conviction : the use of evidence in the military memorials of the Early Han / 1
JQ9999 Ramachandran Evolution of provincial autonomy an experiment with dyarchy in India. 1
JQ9999 Riker The rise and fall of political parties in Japan : a survey and analysis. 1
JQ9999 Rusch Role of the Congress Socialist Party in the Indian National Congress, 1931-1942. 1
JQ9999 Ryan The politics of survival : bureaucracy and democratization in the Allied Occupation of Japan, 1945-1952 / 1
JQ9999 S ez Federalism without a center : the impact of political reform and economic liberalization on India's federal system / 1
JQ9999 Sadiq Redefining citizenship : illegal immigrants as voters in India and Malaysia / 1
JQ9999 Sandweiss Democracy through conquest: a study of the new Japanese Constitution. 1
JQ9999 Shabad Participatory democracy : the case of Yugoslavia / 1
JQ9999 Shodhan Legal representations of Khojas and Pushtimārga Vaishnava polities as communities : the Aga Khan case and the Maharaj Libel case in mid-nineteenth century Bombay / 1
JQ9999 Staveley The Legislative Council in New south Wales, 1930-1950 1
JQ9999 Su Agency, incentive, and institutional design : bureaucracy control and evolution of governance in contemporary China / 1
JQ9999 Takeuchi The control of Foreign relations on Japan. 1
JQ9999 Tao The recruitment of officials on grounds other than ability during the former Han Dynasty, 205 B.C.-8 A.D. / 1
JQ9999 Thompson The introduction of American law in the Philippines and Porto Rico, 1898-1905 / 1
JQ9999 Tremblay State-centered policy analysis in India / 1
JQ9999 Wahab The legal position of the tribes in Iraq with reference to their customary law, government policies, and the law of the land. 1
JQ9999 Wang The reformation movement and ideological development of the Kuomintang in Taiwan, 1950-1952. 1
JQ9999 Wood The relationship between the Indian princely states and the Indian central government, 1921-1933. 1
JRecords 1s No fear 1
JRIRec 1 Two sonatas for solo cello 1
JRIRec 2 Arensky/Rachmaninoff 1
JRIRec 3 Complete works for cello and piano. Vol. 1 1
JRIRec 4 Enoch Arden, op. 38 1
JRIRec 5 The complete works for cello & piano 1