Call Number Title Count
JN9999 Adams The struggle of the French Protestants for civil rights (1750-1788). 1
JN9999 Adler Italian industrialists from liberalism to fascism / 1
JN9999 Adut Scandal as strategy and social form : the conditions, dynamics and paradoxes of French political corruption affairs / 1
JN9999 Akpabio The protection of the rights of the minorities in the House of Commons. 1
JN9999 Aksugar Political modernization in Turkey: 1923-1961. 1
JN9999 Ashburner The parliamentary election of 1685. 1
JN9999 Bernstein Liberalism and the Liberal Party in Britain : 1899-1908 / 1
JN9999 Bogle The evolution and politics of the Soviet bureaucracy. 1
JN9999 Bouton The political theory of Sir Thomas Smith 1
JN9999 Brown Early modern Russian bureaucracy : the evolution of the chancellery system from Ivan III to Peter the Great, 1478-1717. 1
JN9999 Burchard The British labor movement in European politics, 1933-39. 2
JN9999 Burg Conflict regulation, decision-making and institutional adaptation in a multinational state : the case of Yugoslavia since 1966 / 1
JN9999 Busette Prelude to negotiations : the transformation of authoritarian rule in Hungary, 1978-89 / 1
JN9999 Cappadocia The history of the Liberal Party in France, 1814-1824. 1
JN9999 Cayley The British Labour Party in Parliament. 1
JN9999 Charitons The French Radical Party 1870-1949 1
JN9999 Coetzee Conservative pressure groups in Edwardian England, 1894-1914 / 1
JN9999 Cohen The Liberal party: 1880-1895
The British Civil Service in a critical decade 1937-1947.
JN9999 Danashon The reconstruction of British central administration under the Labor Government 1
JN9999 Day The shaping of postwar Italian politics : Italy, 1945-1948 / 1
JN9999 Deihl The attitude of Winston Churchill to Western European integration, 1945-1951. 1
JN9999 Dembkowski constitutionalism in Poland Constitutionalism in Poland. 1
JN9999 Dewing Lord Haldane's contributions to the theory of public adminstration. 1
JN9999 Egger Die Bauzonen der Stadtzürcherischen Bauordnung von 1946 / 1
JN9999 Ell Citizenship and immigration in Venice, 1305 to 1500 / 1
JN9999 Ermakoff Democratic breakdowns and the politics of self-servitude / 1
JN9999 Fagg The Spanish constituent Cortes of 1869-71. 1
JN9999 Faris Problems of representative government in the German Federal Act of 1815. 1
JN9999 Fornason The civil service clerical association 1
JN9999 Forner Catastrophe and renewal : Germany's engaged democrats between East and West : 1945- 1960 / 1
JN9999 Gerth Church and state in Ireland 1
JN9999 Goodman The Liberal Unionist Party, 1886-1895. 1
JN9999 Gross The debate about a German public law, 1600-1676; an examination of the declining influence of Roman law principles and Roman imperial traditions in the constitutional and political thought of Lutheran Germany. 1
JN9999 Gwiazda Radicalism and anxiety : a study of Édouard Drumont, Émile Zola, Léon Daudet and the politics of protest / 1
JN9999 Hamburger The philosophic radicals: a study of Bentham's disciples in English politics. 1
JN9999 Harcave The Jewish question in the first Russian Duma.
Jewish political parties & groups and the Russian state Dumas from 1905 to 1907.
JN9999 Hartman A political reading of Shakespeare's King John. 1
JN9999 Harvey The women in the British parliament, 1919-31. 1
JN9999 Heitmann The position of women in the British civil service 1
JN9999 Hellie Muscovite law and society : the Ulozhenie of 1649 as a reflection of the political and social development of Russia since the Sudebnik of 1589 / 1
JN9999 Hodgetts Unifying the British Civil Service: some trends and problems.
Organization, staffing, and control of the British civil service.
JN9999 Holtermann German political parties since 1945. 1
JN9999 Hornman Political organization in the Netherlands: with special emphasis on the political parties. 1
JN9999 Johnson Andrew Bonar Law, leader of the Conservative Party, 1911-1923. 1
JN9999 Johnston Tactics of the woman suffrage movement. 1
JN9999 Jones Party voting in the English House of Commons 1
JN9999 Joon Making states federatively : alternative routes of state formation in late medieval and early modern Europe / 1
JN9999 Kalyvas Religious mobilization and party formation : confessional parties and the Christian democratic phenomenon / 1
JN9999 Khan The Britannic voices : legislating citizenship in empire and nation-state / 1
JN9999 Kreider The relation of the Anabaptists to the civil authorities in Switzerland, 1525-1555. 1
JN9999 Kuic The Titoist deviations from the orthodox Bolshevist doctrine. 1
JN9999 Letwin Utilitarians and Fabians: the socialist transformation of liberalism. 1
JN9999 Levinger Imagining a nation : the constitutional question in Prussia, 1806-1825 / 1
JN9999 Maehl The British general eletion of 1874. 1
JN9999 Magara The dynamics of politico-economic regime transition in Italy and Japan : leadership, control, and interaction / 1
JN9999 Mageli The French Radical Party and the problem of French relations with Russia, 1917-1939 / 1
JN9999 Marchand The politics of demystification : scandals and affairs in Western democracies / 1
JN9999 Meservey Doctrine of "divine right" in the time of the Stuarts. 1
JN9999 Meskill August Ludwig von Rochau: a study on the concept of realpolitik. 1
JN9999 Miedema Formation of the constitution of the United Netherlands. 1