Call Number Title Count
JL9999 Buenda Laredo Uncertainty and voting behavior in transtions to democracy / 1
JL9999 Cleary Electoral competition and democracy in Mexico / 1
JL9999 Helmke Ruling against the rulers : court-executive relations in Argentina under dictatorship and democracy / 1
JL9999 Hernandez-Valdez The political economy of the governorship : inequality and local democracy in Mexico during the 1990s / 1
JL9999 Perez Yarahuan Policy making and electoral politics : three essays on the political determinants of social welfare spending in Mexico, 1988-2003 / 1
JL9999 Veloso Remaking the future : childhood and the paradoxes of citizenship in the Brazilian democratic imagination / 1
JMT 1 She who weeps
JMT 2 Dedication 1
JMT 3 Jumpworld 1
JMT 4 Live 1
JMT 5 Goin' home 1
JN Inciucio forever : la costante del trasformismo nella politica italiana /
La cultura politica nell'Italia che cambia percorsi teorici ed empirici /
JN1 The countrey justice containing the practice of the iustices of the peace out of their sessions : gathered for the better helpe of such iustices of peace as haue not been much conuersant in the studie of the lawes of this realme /
Treasury minute books, 1719-1722 and 1725-1728.
Akty, otnosiashchiesia do grazhdanskoĭ raspravy drevnieĭ Rossii
JN1.A5 Annuaire européen d'administration publique. 1
JN1.B69 Bollettino di legislazione comparata. 1
JN1.E278 Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. 1
JN1.J34 Jahrbuch für europäische Verwaltungsgeschichte : JEV = Annuaire d'histoire administrative européenne = Annuario per la storia amministrativa europea = Yearbook of European administrative history. 1
JN2 Politisation et structure de classe: essai d'analyse écologique comparée des élections sociales et des élections législatives en France de 1946 à 1962 /
The priviledges and practice of Parliaments in England.
Privy Council registers, 1631-1637
JN3 Études administratives.
Düstûr meclis⁻i Tanzîmâtʼ in teşkilinden beru tertîb vetanzîm olunan kavânîn ve nizâmat
JN3.A6 Annuaire européen. European yearbook. 1
JN3.H36 Handbuch der Quellen und Literatur der neueren europäischen Privatrechtsgeschichte / 1
JN3.M49 Novus thesaurus juris civilis et canonici, continens varia et rarissima optimorum interpretum, imprims hispanorum et gallorum, opera, tam edita antehac, quam inedita, in quibus utrumque jus emendater, explicatur, atque ex humanioribus literis, antiquitatibus, et veteris ævimonumentis illustratur. Ex collectione et museo Gerardi Meerman. 1
JN4 A briefe discourse concerning the power of the Peeres and Commons of Parliament in point of judicature 1
JN 4 Supplement to the Official journal of the European Communities. Annual index ... alphabetical and methodological 1
JN5 Certain considerations in order to a more speedy, cheap, and equall distribution of justice throughout the nation most humbly presented to the High Court of Parliament of the most hopeful common-wealth of England / 1
JN 5 Official journal of the European Communities: Information and notices 1
JN5 .A64 2014 Agenda setting, policies, and political systems : a comparative approach / 1
JN5.A64 2014 Agenda setting, policies, and political systems : a comparative approach / 1
JN5 .A64 2014eb Agenda setting, policies, and political systems : a comparative approach / 1
JN5.A86 1987 Gli Aspetti sociali delle istituzioni rappresentative (secoli XIX-XX) / 1
JN5 .B87 1997 The clash of civilizations : war-making and state formation in Europe / 1
JN5 .C58 2016 Citizenship and Empire in Europe 200-1900 : the Antonine Constitution after 1800 years / 1
JN5.C688 1999 Civitas : storia della cittadinanza in Europa / 1
JN5.C75 The Constitutions of Europe. 1
JN5.D68 2011 Dottrine e istituzioni in Occidente / 1
JN5.E24 2008 L'échec en politique : objet d'histoire / 1
JN5 .E46 2007 E-government in Europe : re-booting the state / 1
JN5 .E77 1997eb Birth of the leviathan : building states and regimes in medieval and early modern Europe / 1
JN5.E770 1997 Birth of the leviathan : building states and regimes in medieval and early modern Europe / 1
JN5 .E95 1997 European politics in transition / 1
JN5.E950 1987 European politics in transition / 1
JN5.E950 1992 European politics in transition / 1
JN5.G474 2007 Geschichte der Politik : alte und neue Wege / 1
JN5 .J65 2000eb Organizing European space / 1
JN5.K74 2004 Europa und seine Grenzen : mit sechs weiteren Essays zu Europa ; zum zehnjährigen Jubiläum des Europainstituts der Universität Basel / 1
JN5 .K83 2012 European politics / 1
JN5.L43 2000 La république européenne : introduction à l'histoire des institutions publiques et des droits communs de l'Europe / 1
JN5 .L45 2011 The politics of the European Union / 1
JN5.L530 1984 Regime change and the coherence of European governments / 1
JN5 .L67 2006 Democracy in the new Europe / 1
JN5.M37 2000z Challenges to democracy in Europe / 1
JN5.P630 The development of the modern state : a sociological introduction / 1
JN5.P655 Politique européenne 1
JN5.P680 1996 Power elites and state building / 1
JN5.P76 2013 Progressive Perspektiven : Europas Sozialdemokratie in Zeiten der Krise : Werner A. Perger im Gespräch mit Jutta Allmendinger, Job Cohen, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Brigitte Ederer, Henrik Enderlein, Pär Nuder, Peer Steinbrück, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Hannes Swoboda / 1
JN5.S833 2009 Staatsrecht und Politik : Festschrift für Roman Herzog zum 75. Geburtstag / 1
JN5 .T43 2018 Technocratic ministers and political leadership in European democracies / 1
JN5.Y56 2012 Ge guo zheng zhi zhi du / 1
JN6 Jus populi, or, A discourse wherein clear satisfaction is given as well concerning the right of subiects as the right of princes shewing how both are consistent and where they border one upon the other : as also, what there is divine and what there is humane in both and whether is of more value and extent. 1
JN 6 Official journal of the European Communities. Legislation 1