Call Number Title Count
JK9999 Abood Search and seizure: the Fourth Amendment 1
JK9999 Adams The career Foreign Service: some problems resulting from the report of the 1954 Public Committee on Personnel.
Executive policy and the St. Lawrence Project.
The influence of the Indians of Georgia's adoption of the federal constitution.
JK9999 Albright The personnel of federal judges since 1900. 1
JK9999 Alulis The new liberalism of Alexis de Tocqueville / 1
JK9999 Anastaplo Notes on the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States. 1
JK9999 Andersen How realignments happen : mobilization and the creation of a Democratic majority, 1928-1936 /
Politics distilled : prohibitionists, moral reform, and the American party system, 1869-1933 /
JK9999 Anderson A study of centralization in the state of Illinois
The tariff as a factor in the Liberal Republican movement.
JK9999 Andrews The role of Congress in national defense policy; an examination of Defense Department appropriations, 1953-1954. 1
JK9999 Arneson The constitution of Minnesota. 1
JK9999 Ashby The Federal administration, 1865 to 1877. 1
JK9999 Atkinson The overthrow of the reconstruction regime in Arkansas. 1
JK9999 Baar When judges lobby : Congress and court administration. 1
JK9999 Bailey The constitutional beginnings of Kentucky.
Municipal pension funds in Chicago
JK9999 Baisden The major political decisions in the New Jersey Constitutional Convention of 1947 1
JK9999 Balitzer James Wilson's natural law teaching. 1
JK9999 Barber On constitutional meaning.
On the rule of non-delegation.
JK9999 Bartel Chief Justice Taney and the problem of state rights.
The civil serice activities of Willima Dudley Foulke
JK9999 Bartlett Land issues in the rise of the Republican party in Illinois. 1
JK9999 Bass The veto power of the President : its theory and practice. 1
JK9999 Batson Measuring the effectiveness of personnel administration in state and local government. 1
JK9999 Baughman Common ground : jurisdictional politics in the U.S. House of Representatives / 1
JK9999 Becker The Pinckney plan for the federal constitution. 1
JK9999 Beldon History of the woman suffrage movement in Illinois. 1
JK9999 Belinsky Problems of service rating: some considerations concerning the evaluation of psychological qualities by verbal methods with reference to the special requirements of public personnel administration. 1
JK9999 Belknap A study of senatorial voting by scale analysis. 1
JK9999 Belser The Supreme Court and federal-state relationships in the United States between 1930 and 1940. 1
JK9999 Bendix The public servant in a democracy : a study of the social origins and careers of higher federal administrators. 1
JK9999 Benson A study of the rhetorical characteristics of the Federalist. 1
JK9999 Berens Blueprint for reform: Curtis, Eaton, and Schurz 1
JK9999 Bernitt The defeat of Michigan democracy in 1896. 1
JK9999 Bernstein Some French reactions to the American presidential campaign of 1952. 1
JK9999 Bershtein The "Bricker" movement to amend the Constitution. 1
JK9999 Bessette Deliberation in Congress : a preliminary investigation / 1
JK9999 Beth Church and state in American political theory. 1
JK9999 Bill The meaning and background of the interstate comity of the Federal Constitution. 1
JK9999 Bixler The evolution of administration in Massachusetts from 1910 to 1925 1
JK9999 Blustein Voting tradition and socio-economic factors in the 1936 presidential election in Illinois. 1
JK9999 Boatright Invisible politics : the ideological strategies of congressional challengers / 1
JK9999 Bohnert Federal administrative analysis offices 1
JK9999 Bosworth Federal administrative relations with the states and their political subdivisions, 1930-1940. 1
JK9999 Bourgin Affirmative government in the early American economy, 1787-1829 : the myth of laissez-faire / 1
JK9999 Bowers The Pennsylvania legislature, 1815-1860: a study of democracy at work. 1
JK9999 Bowman A short history of woman suffrage in California. 1
JK9999 Bradford The background and formation of the Republican party in Ohio, 1844-1861. 1
JK9999 Bridges A city in the republic : New York and the origins of machine politics / 1
JK9999 Brooker American belief systems in 1976 / 1
JK9999 Brown The 1948 Progressive campaign : a scientific approach. 1
JK9999 Burleigh A thing of wax : judicial review, the constitution, and constitutional law / 1
JK9999 Buttenwieser The election of Jews to Congress 1
JK9999 Caine A comparison of hte personnel of the Senate of the first five congresses, 1789-1799 with the last five, 1914-1924. 1
JK9999 Caldwell Contributions to thought on public administration: Hamilton and Jefferson. 1
JK9999 Calia The institutional origins of social policy in the American states / 1
JK9999 Calkins PAC and the Democratic Party : a study of relationships between an interest group and a political party. 1
JK9999 Carpenter Corporate identity and administrative capacity in executive departments, 1862-1932 / 1
JK9999 Carrig The legal status of the Communist Party of the United States. 1
JK9999 Carroll Intergovernmental administrative relations: a case study. 1
JK9999 Castleberry The Supreme Court and international questions : 1917-1948. 1
JK9999 Chao Constitutional aspects of hte treatment of Communists in the United States. 1
JK9999 Charnow Federal aid with special reference to Illinois exclusive of unemployment relief and social security. 1
JK9999 Chase The Democratic Convention of 1924: a study of sectional, religious, and ethnic conflict.
The emergence of the national nominating convention.