Call Number Title Count
JF3999 Ahlin Corruption : political determinants and macroeconomic effects / 1
JF3999 Aun Functional representation in government. 1
JF3999 Baum Decentralization of authority in a bureaucracy. 1
JF3999 Burgess The influence of Taylorism on public adminstration 1
JF3999 Burke Federal regulation of congressional elections in northern cities, 1871-1894. 1
JF3999 Cannon The national origin of the single-member district system 1
JF3999 Cozine A member of the state : citizenship law and its application in Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938 / 1
JF3999 Filer An economic theory of voter turnout / 1
JF3999 Grant The administration of politics : a political theory of public administration. 1
JF3999 Greenstone Local union government: a case study of social and political determinants.
Labor politics in three cities: political action in Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
JF3999 Hartmann Bureaucracy, democracy, and the government worker: how policy, placement, size and specialization relate to controls on discretion. 1
JF3999 Hattery The world affairs activities of Wisconsin statewide voluntary associations. 1
JF3999 Hawkins Interaction and coalition realignments in consensus-seeking groups : a study of experimental jury deliberations / 1
JF3999 Holcomb A study of proportional representation in America cities. 1
JF3999 Homa The role of the opposition in representative government. 1
JF3999 Irving A critical and historical study of Woodhull & Claflin's weekly. 1
JF3999 Jickling Civil Service ethics: a study of conduct values 1
JF3999 Kesselman The politics of the Housing Act of 1959. 1
JF3999 Kirwan Politics and administration : an analysis of Woodrow Wilson's "The study of administration". 1
JF3999 Landye San Francisco and the Federal government: co-operation and conflict in intergovernmental relations. 1
JF3999 Leatherman The political socialization of students in the Mennonite secondary schools / 1
JF3999 Liu The election-driven democratic transformation : a comparative perspective /by Yih-Jiun Liu. 1
JF3999 Mackie Is democracy impossible? : a preface to deliberative democracy / 1
JF3999 Marchant-Shapiro The impact of ambiguity on election outcomes / 1
JF3999 Maynard The operation of the referendum in Chicago. 1
JF3999 McCarthy The constitutionality of federal aid to the states. 1
JF3999 McSweeney Political party opposition in hybrid systems : social democratic party fortunes in Japan and the Federal Republic of Germany / 1
JF3999 Mittlebeeler The law of disciplinary removal of public officers in England, Massachusetts, and Kentucky : a comparison. 1
JF3999 Nezami-Nav The Persian political élite. 1
JF3999 Nicgorski Roscoe Pound's early writings and the problem of natural law in contemporary jurisprudence. 1
JF3999 Nieburg The propaganda aspects of cold war diplomacy. 1
JF3999 Ockleberry A comparative study of the methods of selecting professional personnel for the public services of the United States, Great Britain, and Canada. 1
JF3999 Papps The number of political parties / 1
JF3999 Rich Agenda setting : mental health policy and the professional / 1
JF3999 Rosenbloom The relationship between the citizen and the state in public employment in America. 1
JF3999 Schmidt The work of the United Nations on the political rights of women. 1
JF3999 Simon Decision-making and administrative organization...
A theory of administrative decision.
JF3999 Strickland Governmental interaction with four marginal political groups. 1
JF3999 Walters Human nature in politics: a study of the work by Graham Wallas. 1
JF3999 Weber Induction into citizenship. 1
JF3999 Woodly Changing politics : new issue acceptance and the American way / 1
JF3999 Zaverucha Civil-military relations during the process of transition : Spain, Argentina and Brazil / 1
JF3999 Zimand The development of legislative immunity 1
Jhankar RKLP 5001 Āratī saṅgraha Aarti sangrah / 1
Jhanker 1a Keu sukhī naẏa 1
JHM 11617682 Still-- there's you / 1
Jicko Jz 1 The nearness of you 1
Jigu 1 Chŏng T'ae-ch'un & Pak Ŭn-ok koldŭn. 1
Jigu 2 Samullori 1
Jigu LMS 120092 Court music 1
Jim&Jen 1s Jim & Jennie on stage 1
JimTaylor Jz 1 Keep on dreaming 1
Jinx 1s Jinx 1
Jive 1 The low end theory 1
Jive 2 Greatest hits 1
Jive 3 Justified 1
Jive 4 The singles collection 1
Jive 5 12 play 1
Jive 6 Happy people U saved me / 1
Jive 7 R. Kelly 1