Call Number Title Count
JC999.P64 1979 A theory of rights toward limited government / 1
JC999 Abbott Primers for fascists and democrats. 1
JC999 Abel Michael Oakeshott's liberalism : the epistemology of experience and the morality of individualism / 1
JC999 Alvarez Presidentialism and parliamentarism : which works? which lasts? / 1
JC999 Andress Rousseau's idea of the state. 1
JC999 Aronson Shaftesbury's political thought. 1
JC999 Atanassow Tocqueville and the question of the nation / 1
JC999 Auerbach The political thought of Spinoza. 1
JC999 Baar The declaratory judgment and individual rights. 1
JC999 Baer Rank and title in the Old Kingdom. 1
JC999 Bass The political philosophy of Reinhold Niebuhr 1
JC999 Beck The political science of Niccolo Machiavelli.
The political science of Niccolo Machiavelli ...
JC999 Beem Pluralism and consensus : conceptions of the good in the American polity / 1
JC999 Beitzinger The political and social philosophy of John A. Ryan 1
JC999 Berins Ideology and nation-building: the symbol of unity in the ideology of the one-party states of Africa. -- 1
JC999 Berns An introduction to the political philosophy of Francis Bacon, with special attention to the principles of foreign policy.
Judicial interpretations of freedom and the problem of virtue.
JC999 Berry Imperfect union : fiscal externalities in multi-level governments / 1
JC999 Bienen Proletarian internationalism : the history of a doctrine in terms of political relationships. 1
JC999 Bigger Democracy and disobedience : dissent and the scope of political deliberation in civil disobedience theory / 1
JC999 Binmoller Some aspects of Hegel's conception of individual, society, and state. 1
JC999 Bloom The political philosophy of Isocrates. 1
JC999 Bociurkiw Soviet church policy in the Ukraine: 1919-1939. 1
JC999 Boucoyannis Land, courts, and parliaments : the hidden sinews of power in the emergence of constitutionalism / 1
JC999 Bouton Jean Bodin : the origin and development of the theory of sovereignty. 1
JC999 Boyan The expanding judicial view of the free exercise of religion clause. 1
JC999 Brann The political ideas of Alexander von Humboldt 1
JC999 Brass The classification of political systems: a critique of past attempts to classify political systems with specific referrence to the schemes of Aristotle, Mosca, Weber, and Lasswell. 1
JC999 Brennan The relation of Parts III and IV to Parts I and II of Leviathan as considered in two modern understandings of the basis of Hobbes's theory of political obligation. 1
JC999 Brown The political theory of Irving Babbitt
Comte's conception of the process of political change.
JC999 Burnam Freedom of speech and the public interest in broadcasting. 1
JC999 Burns Rawls and the dilemmas of incomes policy / 1
JC999 Butterworth Legitimacy and sovereign authority in the Social contract of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. 1
JC999 Carlson The case for limited justice : human nature, irony, and transcendence in political ethics / 1
JC999 Carney The associational theory of Johannes Althusius; a study in Calvinist constitutionalism. 1
JC999 Carpenter Neo-Scholastic views of church and state. 1
JC999 Carrig The natural law from the point of view of a modern political scientist, Hans Kelsen. 1
JC999 Charney Good man and good citizen : the ethics of Aristotle's Politics / 1
JC999 Chen Transformation from within : Chinese agency and international human rights norms, 1978-2005 / 1
JC999 Chuchian Four political Philosophers of the mid-nineteenth century 1
JC999 Clark The political philosophy of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. 1
JC999 Cohen Recent theories of sovereignty. 1
JC999 Coppala The concept of the king in the Spain of Philip III. 1
JC999 Costello The political theory of Don Luigi Sturzo 1
JC999 Cox Locke's theory of international relations. 1
JC999 Creppell The genesis of toleration as a value / 1
JC999 Cyrenne From fox to hedgehog and back again : political liberalism from John Locke to Isaiah Berlin / 1
JC999 Dadrian A comparative study of modern nationalism : a sociological effort of analysis of the cases of Modern England, France, and Germany by way of a typology, and through the use of historical and political data. 1
JC999 Dai Compliance without carrots or sticks : how international institutions influence national policies / 1
JC999 Dalton New humanism: the political philosophy of M.N. Roy. 1
JC999 Dandekar Considerations on limiting political obligations. 1
JC999 Davies The state in a 'stateless' society : the ends and powers of government in the American liberal tradition / 1
JC999 Davis The political philosophy of Reinhold Niebuhr. 1
JC999 Dawood Judicializing democracy : power, politics, and constitutional design / 1
JC999 De Felice International "balance of power" breakdowns : the Greek city-state system during the Corinthian War and the Roman intervention / 1
JC999 De Grazia The political community : a study of anomie. 1
JC999 Deng Information gap and unintended outcomes of social movements / 1
JC999 Devereaux On The Social contract. 1
JC999 Diamond The role of conscience in defenses of religious liberty /
The unmaking of citizens: a study in loyalties
JC999 Doneson The contest of regimes and the problem of justice : political lessons from Aristotle's Politics / 1
JC999 Drimmer Preventive war in international relations : the foreign policy of declining states / 1