Call Number Title Count
JA999 Abrams Neo-Conservatism : an analysis of its causes and ethnic basis / 1
JA999 Aichinger Civic education in the new republic. 1
JA999 Albertson Mysterious ways : the mechanisms of religious persuasion in American politics / 1
JA999 Boime A political interpretation of Franz Kafka's The trial. 1
JA999 Caverley Death and taxes : sources of democratic military aggression / 1
JA999 Chari The reification of the political : critical theory and postcapitalist politics / 1
JA999 Coleman A structural approach to the study of political change with a case study of the movement towards independence in Quebec since 1949 / 1
JA999 Colmo Ancient communism / 1
JA999 Copeland Realism and the origins of major war / 1
JA999 Crain Conceptions of the political regime in the ages 8 to 16. 1
JA999 Crane Citizen participation : the issues / 1
JA999 Davis Motives and motivation : social context, civic orientation, and political behavior / 1
JA999 DeCoursey The "moral worth of the individual" and T.H. Green's social and political thought. 1
JA999 Dennis The decision-making approach to politics. 1
JA999 Farrell The current crisis in political science and the possibilities for transcendental phenomenology / 1
JA999 Franco The political philosophy of Michael Oakeshott / 1
JA999 Goldsmid Intergenerational similarity in political attitudes : the effects of parent-child relationship and exposure to politics. 1
JA999 Grofman Rationality and choice in the context of noncooperative games. 1
JA999 Grossman Policy formation and coalition governments : a game theoretic approach / 1
JA999 Johnson Symbol and strategy : on the cultural analysis of politics / 1
JA999 Junn Learning about politics : sources of political knowledge in America / 1
JA999 Kontos The political thought of Graham Wallas 1
JA999 Korenblat The Deutsche Hochschule für Politik : public affairs institute for a new Germany, 1920-1933. 1
JA999 Leach A study of political attitudes in six pre-adults. 1
JA999 Lee Committing suicide for fear of death : power shifts and preventive war / 1
JA999 Lin Turning gray : transition of political communication in China, 1978-2008 / 1
JA999 Machado Political socialization in authoritarian systems : the case of Brazil / 1
JA999 Mahoney Moral knowledge and the meaning of political discourse / 1
JA999 Nacol Dimensions of risk in early modern British political thought / 1
JA999 Rensenbrink Technology and utopia : political claims of moral freedom. 1
JA999 Rohr Prophet without honor : public policy and the selective conscientious objector. 1
JA999 Sable Disciplining method : evidence, rhetoric and the reconstruction of the political sciences / 1
JA999 Schaefer Wisdom and morality : an examination of Aristotle's discussion of continence and incontinence in Book VII of the Nicomachean ethics. 1
JA999 Schuessler Doing good by stealth? : democracy, deception, and the use of force / 1
JA999 Steintrager Human nature and political society: the ethical foundations of J.S. Mill's political thought. 1
JA999 Sternheimer Political socialization and Soviet youth; the development of political identity in the U.S.S.R. 1
JA999 Tsou Towards a science of politics.
A study of the development of the scientific approach in political studies in the United States : with particular emphasis on the methodological aspects of the works of Charles E. Merriam and Harold D. Lasswell.
JA999 Ward Authority and democracy : an essay on the political thought of Yves R. Simon. 1
JA999 Wells The political science of everyday life as revealed by an analysis of newspapers and periodicals. 1
JA999 White Intelligence and political behavior : a case study in political socialization. 1
JA999 Youatt Nonhuman agency and the politics of global biodiversity / 1
JA999 Youmans The political philosophy of Herbert Croly. 1
JA1536.Y36 2003 Yan lun mian ze quan / 1
JA1698.S5M65 2001 Nihon Shakaitō no kenkyū : rosen tenkan no seiji katei / 1
JA6311.F593 P37 1977a Constitution of the Fly River Provincial Government. 1
Jackson 1s Wanda Jackson @ her best 1
Jade 1 Brazilian baroque Terra de Santa Cruz. 1
Jade 2 Eclairs sur l'au-delà-- 1
Jade 3 Toussaint-requiem chant grégorien à Fontfroide. 1
Jade 4 Requiem Father Kolbe 1
Jade 5 Les grandes heures du baroque cubain 1
Jade 6 Iaorana Maria Les plus beaux "Himene" tahitiens. 1
Jade 7 El gran barroco : musique baroque latino-américaine, XVII et XVIIIème siècles. 1
Jade 8 Byzantine chants 1
Jade 9 Christus Rex 1
Jade 10 Survivors of the Holocaust Liberation 1945-1995 : a choral symphony : (excerpts) / 1
JagJag 1 For Emma, forever ago 1
JagJag 2 Blood bank 1
JagJag 3 Bon Iver, Bon Iver 1
Jagoran 1x Jāgaraṇera gāna gaṇasaṃgrāmera gānera saṃkalana = Jagoroner gaan : a collection of inspirational, revolutionary Bengali songs. 1