Call Number Title Count
HX999 Adamiak The visions of the future of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels : sources and evolution / 1
HX999 Aronson In a class by themselves : the social basis of the women's socialist movement in France and England, 1899-1914 / 1
HX999 Babusis The social and political philosophy of Eugène Fournière. 1
HX999 Beckman Austrian socialist agricultural program from 1918-1934. 1
HX999 Bennett The appeals of communism in the United States in the period of the Popular Front, 1935-39. 1
HX999 Bergstresser History of the Haymarket Riot. 1
HX999 Brameld The role of acquiescence in Leninism.
A philosophic approach to communism /
HX999 Cabeen Labor, capital and Christ 1
HX999 Calhoun The reception of Marxian sociological theory by American academic sociologists. 1
HX999 Chaffee A sociological investigation of the Amana and Amish-Mennonite communities. 1
HX999 Diamond Socialism and the decline of the American Socialist Party. 1
HX999 Dowie Opposition to collectivism in England, 1880-1890. 1
HX999 Esper The anarchism of Gustav Landauer. 1
HX999 Felix Jaurès and the peace in the twentieth century. 1
HX999 Fishman Comintern and KPD, 1918-1933. 1
HX999 Gelbart "Science" in Enlightenment utopias: power and purposes in eighteenth-century French "voyages imaginaires". 1
HX999 Goldsmith Schism and decline: a study of the French Socialist Party. 1
HX999 Gould Communism in Kerala. 1
HX999 Han The concept of the proletariat in Chinese communism. 1
HX999 Handman The beginnings of the social philosophy of Karl Marx / 1
HX999 Held The launching of the Communist party of the United States 1
HX999 Iggers The social philosophy of the Saint-Simonians (1825-1832). 1
HX999 Jantzen Cooperative enterprise of the Christian Socialists, 1848-1854. 1
HX999 Kautsky Karl Kautsky's theory of democracy. 1
HX999 Kern Friedrich Adler and the Austrian Social Democratic Party: 1914-1916. 1
HX999 Klass John Humphrey Noyes and the Oneida community : a psychohistorical study. 1
HX999 Laves Rural society and modern revolution : the rise of the Kiangsi soviet / 1
HX999 Leary Marx's development of a systematic approach to society and history, 1841-1847. 1
HX999 Levine The found generation : Chinese communism in Europe, 1919-1925 / 1
HX999 MacDonald The philosophy of revisionism in the German Social Democratic Party, 1896-1903. 1
HX999 Maync For a socialist Europe! German social democracy and the idea of Europe : recasting socialist internationalism, 1900-1930 / 1
HX999 Morris The Marxian theory of the modern capitalist state: an explication and a defense / 1
HX999 Muller Socialism in the Italian body politic, 1918-1922; its repercussions. 1
HX999 Murphy Five representative discussions from the works of Norman Thomas 1
HX999 Nadis The Seventh Congress of the Communist International and its repercussions on Soviet-American relations. 1
HX999 Newcombe John Humphrey Noyes: Bible communism. 1
HX999 Pugh The constitutive principles of early Victorian Christian socialism, 1848-1854 / 1
HX999 Roth The Sorelian conception of revolution. 1
HX999 Savage The cult of Jean Jaurès, 1914-1924. 1
HX999 Schroeter The attitude Communist Party of US toward war, 1928-1941. 1
HX999 Smith Reading Althusser : a critical examination of the Marxism of Louis Althusser /
Elijah Grant and the Ohio Phalanx: a study in American Utopianism.
HX999 Stone Nationalist and internationalist currents in Polish socialism: the PPS and SDKPiL, 1893-1921. 1
HX999 Thompson Amana: a successful communistic society. 1
HX999 Tihany French utopian thought, 1676-1790. 1
HX999 Walt Historical materialism as a theory of technical change / 1
HX999 Warth The Palmer raids of 1919-1920. 1
HX999 Weeks The Russian Jacobin of the seventies: Peter Tkachev. 1
HX999 Weinberg Beginnings of the German communist party, 1914-1920. 1
HX999 Werlin Russian social-democracy in the period of its first three congresses (1898-1905). 1
HX999 Wigon Harold J. Laski's theory of socialism 1
HX999 Williams The writings of Ludwig von Mises on socialism. 1
HX999 Winer Municipal socialism in Vienna between the world wars / 1
HX3895.9.A6 V56 2014 Vargasaṅgharshako nayām moḍala ekīkr̥ta krānti / 1
HX4156.K66 1991 Kongsan Tangwŏn Suyanghak / 1
Hyper 1 Fantasia in C minor, BWV906 ; Fifteen two-part inventions ; Fifteen three-part sinfonias (inventions) ; Chromatic fantasia and fugue : in D minor, BWV903 / 1
Hyper 2 Armonico tributo : Salzburg, 1682 / 1
Hyper 3 Cantata no. 82 : "Ich habe genug" : BWV 82 ; Cantata no. 202 : "Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten" : BWV 202 : Wedding cantata / 1
Hyper 4 Songs / 1
Hyper 5 Sinfonia votiva = Symphony no. 8 / 1
Hyper 6 The mirror of Narcissus : songs / 1