Call Number Title Count
HV9999.M88 A history of the Iowa Soldiers' Orphans Homes 1863-1928 / 1
HV9999.R55 Social settlement in an industrial community with special reference to the problem of juvenile deliquency. 1
HV9999 Abels The Agency-trained worker : the sub-professional in professionally oriented group service agencies / 1
HV9999 Adams Friendship and its role in the lives of elderly women / 1
HV9999 Aikin Psychiatric consultation in the family agency. 1
HV9999 Alanko History of soldiers' orphans institutions in Pennsylvania. 1
HV9999 Albert Aspects of the organization of communication in a social treatment interview / 1
HV9999 Alexander Philadelphia's "other half": attitudes toward poverty and the meaning of poverty in Philadelphia, 1760-1800. 1
HV9999 Allen From "stinkin' thinkin'" to "easy does it" : narratives of enculturation and psychological transformation in Alcoholics Anonymous / 1
HV9999 Allin The Parisian police under fire : the campaign against the prefecture of police, 1870-1884 / 1
HV9999 Altman Decision-making among acceptors and decliners of agency-initiated services : a qualitative analysis / 1
HV9999 Altschuler Examining community-based linkages : an exploratory comparative analysis / 1
HV9999 Amato-von Hemert Towards a social work imagination: Reinhold Niebuhr on social work, sin, love & justice : a hermeneutic exploration / 1
HV9999 Amlingmeyer A case study of 104 patients discharged from the Cook County Psychopathic Hospital. 1
HV9999 Anderson The evolution of the charitable and correctional institutions of West Virginia.
A study of work-related communication among welfare workers in a district office of a public welfare agency.
The good to be done : a history of Juvenile Protection Association of Chicago, 1898-1976 /
HV9999 Andrews Financing public relief, welfare, and health in Indiana. 1
HV9999 Annable A study of the Baker home for the aged. 1
HV9999 Arndt The teaching of administration in first year field instruction. 1
HV9999 Arnold The adjustment of adolescent males on parole. 1
HV9999 Avrushin The meaning of "child caring" in post-AFSA child welfare practice / 1
HV9999 Ayars Behavioral and cognitive effects of quieting reflex training on behaviorally disordered students / 1
HV9999 Baetke An exploratory descriptive study of an orphanage. 1
HV9999 Bai Attitudinal differences among prospective adoptive parents in Korea / 1
HV9999 Bailey The law of parent and child in the state of Iowa. 1
HV9999 Baker Chicago churches helping the needy.
Opinions on punishment: their content and rationale.
HV9999 Balbus Rebellion and response : a comparative study of the administration of justice following urban ghetto revolts in three American cities. 1
HV9999 Ball Maternity and infancy work in the United States from 1921 to 1931. 1
HV9999 Ballenger Prisons of England in the sixteenth century. 1
HV9999 Barkan Capital punishment in ancient Athens.
Capital punishment in ancient Athens /
HV9999 Barman Between giving and getting : donor choice and the field of workplace charity / 1
HV9999 Bates The development of state control of medical practice in Massachusetts. 1
HV9999 Bayer Drug addiction and liberal social policy : the limits of reform / 1
HV9999 Beanblossom Mental examination of two thousand delinquent boys and young men. 1
HV9999 Beasley Care of destitute unattached men in Chicago : with special reference to the depression period beginning in 1930. 1
HV9999 Bechter Of deaf lives : convert culture and the dialogic of ASL storytelling / 1
HV9999 Beeley The bail system in Chicago. 1
HV9999 Beisel Lawyers' behaviors and attitudes regarding service to underrepresented clients : a longitudinal study / 1
HV9999 Beless Factors associated with the engagement of federal probationers in the casework process. 1
HV9999 Bell The relational patterns between African American mothers under correctional supervision and maternal caregiving grandmothers / 1
HV9999 Ben-Yehuda The myth of the junkie : towards a natural typology of drug addicts / 1
HV9999 Benjamin Constitutionality and jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court of Cook County. 1
HV9999 Benson The immigrant and juvenile delinquency 1
HV9999 Berezin Some community features affecting the location of liquor licenses. 1
HV9999 Berg The roles and level of role stress of social workers in community mental health: a comparative study.
Assessment of multiple victimization and its effects among adolescents with disabilities in contact with the child welfare system /
HV9999 Berman A study of the development of the care of dependent and neglected Jewish children in the Chicago area. 1
HV9999 Berns Buck v. Bell: the sterilization decision and its effect on public policy. 1
HV9999 Bertelli The political economy of court reform : bargaining outcomes in structural reform litigation / 1
HV9999 Bible The Indiana State Prison. 1
HV9999 Birch The effects of the fear of population decline on the enactment of welfare legislation in Europe from the end of World War I to 1950. 1
HV9999 Blackiston A study of the workings of the Sentence and Parole Act (as amended in 1943) and the effect upon the indeterminate commitments to the Illinois state penitentiary from the Cook County Criminal Court during 1945.
The judge, the defendant, and criminal law administration : study of the administration of criminal law in the Cook County Criminal Court.
HV9999 Blackman Interpersonal skills training for non-professional staff in a home for the aged / 1
HV9999 Bliler The development of state institutions for juvenile delinquents in Indiana. 1
HV9999 Blitz Constitutionalism writ small : liberal principles in private associations / 1
HV9999 Bloch An evaluation of attempts to measure results in social casework. 1
HV9999 Block State public health administration in Missouri.
Foundations of citizen support for the police.
HV9999 Bloom Policies and procedures in the administration of the means test in the provision of medical care in Chicago. 1
HV9999 Boan A history of poor relief legislation and administration in Missouri / 1
HV9999 Boe The South Dakota children's home society. 1
HV9999 Bograd Domestic violence : perceptions of battered women, abusive men, and non-violent men and women / 1
HV9999 Booth Homeless men: occupational mobility and related background factors. 1