Call Number Title Count
HT1999 Abrahamson British town planning in Jerusalem / 1
HT1999 Ahmad Indian cities; characteristics and correlates,
Urbanization in Pakistan.
HT1999 Ahmed The Indian village: past and present. 1
HT1999 Altshuler The process of planning in two American cities, 1
HT1999 Anderson The issue of the color line : some methodological considerations / 1
HT1999 Baden The urban environment : people, prices, and preferences / 1
HT1999 Bailey The social organization of the Mormon village. 1
HT1999 Bane Betterment of living conditions among rural women. 1
HT1999 Baralt Slave conspiracies and uprisings in Puerto Rico, 1796-1848 / 1
HT1999 Beltran Occupational origins and variations in patterns of occupational succession: the case of Filipino university students. 1
HT1999 Bennett Residential segregation of occupational groups : Chicago metropolitan district 1950 and 1960 considered by color and sex / 1
HT1999 Bickford Professional architecture and professional failure : structure and rhetoric in the AIA's first century / 1
HT1999 Bissell City of stone, space of contestation : urban conservation and the colonial past in Zanzibar / 1
HT1999 Block The relation of living room equipment to the study of social status. 1
HT1999 Blumenthal A sociological study of a small town, 1
HT1999 Bourne Private redevelopment of the central city : spatial processes of structural change in the city of Toronto / 1
HT1999 Bovee The Church and the land : the National Catholic Rural Life Conference and American society, 1923-1985 / 1
HT1999 Brenner Global cities, global states : state-scaling and the remaking of urban governance in the European Union / 1
HT1999 Brooks The life situations of children in a rural community. 1
HT1999 Brotz The Black Jews of Harlem. 1
HT1999 Brown The African slave trade from 1808 to 1860.
Race prejudice : a sociological study.
HT1999 Burnet The problem of community instability in east-central Alberta. 1
HT1999 Carter The Negro main street of a contemporary urban community. 1
HT1999 Choate The personality trends of upperclass women. 1
HT1999 Choldin First year in the metropolis: a study of migration and adjustment. 1
HT1999 Chou Social mobility in China from peasantry to gentry. 1
HT1999 Chow Status mobility of the Chinese gentry; a field study of social status and social mobility of the gentry in Kunyang Hsien, Yunnan Province, southwest China. 1
HT1999 Christgau Unincoporated communities in Cook County. 1
HT1999 Cohen Diffusion of an innovation in an urban system; the spread of planned regional shopping centers in the United States, 1949-1968.
Urban policy and political conflict in Africa : a study of the Ivory Coast.
HT1999 Cole The decline of serfdom in France. 1
HT1999 Coleman Social class in Kansas City. 1
HT1999 Collins Higher education, occupational mobility and the federal elite. 1
HT1999 Cordell Farm tenancy in the United States in relation to social life and religious activities. 1
HT1999 Corden New towns in Great Britain and the United States: a comparative perspective. 1
HT1999 Corwin Spain and the problem of slavery in Cuba, 1817-1873, 1
HT1999 Cothran Negro stereotyped conceptions of white people. 1
HT1999 Cuberes The rise and decline of cities / 1
HT1999 Dadone A dynamic general equilibrium analysis of regional concentration / 1
HT1999 Davidson Craft and control in professional work / 1
HT1999 Deming The influence of marriage and childbearing on occupational mobility in the Philippines / 1
HT1999 Deters The role of the suburbs in the modernization of Vienna, 1850-1890. 1
HT1999 Deyling Hillbillies in Steelville: a study of participation in community life. 1
HT1999 Dubin Factors in the variation of urban occupational structure. 1
HT1999 Dubisch The open community: migration from a Greek island village. 1
HT1999 Duncan An examination of the problem of optimum city-size. 1
HT1999 Edwards A scale for rating socio-economic levels in rural western Canada. 1
HT1999 Eggan An experimental study of attitude toward races and nationalities / 1
HT1999 Elam Outlines of rural community life. 1
HT1999 Emrich Comparative urban growth and development in the nineteenth century: Rotterdam, Frankfurt am Main, and San Francisco, 1860-1900. 1
HT1999 Faris An ecological study of insanity in the city, 1
HT1999 Farley Suburban persistence. 1
HT1999 Fedor Patterns of urban growth in the Russian Empire during the nineteenth century / 1
HT1999 Ferrera The effect of urban renewal and public housing on neighboring property values and rents in Chicago. 1
HT1999 Flint Zoning and residential segregation : a social and physical history, 1910-40 / 1
HT1999 Foglesong Shaping the built environment : the origins of American urban planning, 1860-1920 / 1
HT1999 Fooden Negro-white relations in a Chicago drycleaning plant. 1
HT1999 Ford Metropolitan planning and cooperative federalism / 1
HT1999 Frazier The Negro family in Chicago. 1
HT1999 Gelblum Aristotle's teaching concerning natural slavery. 1
HT1999 Gerasimo A comparison of social behavior in occupationally mobile and occupationally stable young adults. 1