Call Number Title Count
HS3999 Campbell The relationship between community service activities and adolescent 4-H Club membership in Wisconsin. 1
HS3999 Fleming Correlation of age and social class in association of a midwestern community. 1
HS3999 Hantover Sex role, sexuality, and social status : the early years of the Boy Scouts of America / 1
HS3999 Imhof The history and principles of the Boy Scout movement. 1
HS3999 Johnson The new Ku Klux movement. 1
HS3999 Kim Voluntary associations, social inequality, and participatory democracy from a comparative perspective / 1
HS3999 Lopata The function of voluntary associations in an ethnic community : "Polonia" / 1
HS3999 McDonald An Evaluation of the Tuxis program. 1
HS3999 Meeker A study of associations and their relationship to the class system of a midwestern community. 1
HS3999 Noskin Conditions under which teen-age organizations are successful or unsuccessful. 1
HS3999 Strong Anti-Revolutionary, anti-Semitic organizations in the U. S. since 1930. 1
HS3999 Thrasher The Boy Scout movement as a socializing agency. 1
HS3999 Walker The International Workers Order : a unique fraternal body / 1
HS3999 Westbrook An evaluation of three types of adolescent girl organizations. 1
HS8039.C6T757 1995 Note on the proceedings : Fourth Tripartite Technical Meeting for the Clothing Industry. 1
Hstrcl 5829 6 Rare bands 1926-1931, Vol. 6 1
Hstrcl ASC 5829 10 Chicago South Side 1
Hstrcl HLP 25 Hot clarinets, 1924-1929 1
Hstrcl HLP 30 Chicago south side, vol. 2, 1927-1929 1
HT1 Some observations on the Assiento trade as it has been exercised by the South-Sea Company proving the damage which will accrue thereby to the British commerce and plantations in America, and particularly to Jamaica : to which is annexed A sketch of the advantages of that island to Great Britain by its annual produce and by its situation for trade or war ... / 1
HT 2 Massachusetts coastal zone management program and final environmental impact statement / 1
HT2 Practical rules for the management and medical treatment of negro slaves, in the sugar colonies. 1
HT3 On Negro emancipation and American colonization 1
HT4 Christian communion with slaveholders: will the alliance sanction it? 1
HT 4 Central place change in Southern Alberta, 1951-1978 / 1
HT5 Extracts from the evidence taken before committees of the two houses of parliament relative to the slave trade, in 1848, 1849, and 1850, with illustrations from collateral sources of information. 1
HT6 A letter to W. E. Channing, D.D., on the subject of the abuse of the flag of the United States in the Island of Cuba, and the advantage taken of its protection in promoting the slave trade 1
HT7 The declaration and pledge against slavery : adopted by the Religious Anti-Slavery Convention held at the Marlboro' Chapel, Boston, February 26, 1846. 1
HT8 A defence of The observations on the Assiento trade as it hath been exercised by the South-Sea Company, &c. in two parts ... / 1
HT9 A short account of that part of Africa inhabited by the negroes 1
HT10 A speech delivered at a free conference between the Honourable the Council and Assembly of Jamaica held the 19th of November, 1789 on the subject of Mr. Wilberforce's propositions in the House of Commons, concerning the slave trade / 1
HT11 La metropolitée, ou, De l'êtablissement des villes capitales, de leur vtilité passive & active, de l'vnion de leurs parties, & de leur anatomie, de leur commerce, &c. 1
HT12 A study of three Fox Valley cities in Illinois linear, adjacent, and satellite aspects of Batavia, Geneva, and St.Charles 1
HT13 Status attitudes of city councilmen a case of the Syracuse, New York city councilmen / 1
HT14 Communication patterns of recent immigrants : a study of three nationality groups in metropolitan Detroit / 1
HT 15 Facts on film. Supplement.
Facts on film. Card catalog.
HT16 Differential acceptance of occupations as professions. 1
HT17 Some factors in intergenerational occupational mobility 1
HT18 Kri͡epostnoe naselenīe v Rossīi, po 10-ĭ narodnoĭ perepisi; statisticheskoe izsli͡edovanīe. 1
HT19 Mandarin and executive: elite mobility in Chinese and American societies. 1
HT 20 The Rhodes House anti-slavery papersmaterial relating to America from the anti-slavery collection in Rhodes House, Oxford ; mainly 1839-1868 2
HT20 The Rhodes House anti-slavery papers material relating to America from the anti-slavery collection in Rhodes House, Oxford ; mainly 1839-1868 / 1
HT21 Krepostnoe pravo v votchinakh Sheremetevykh, 1708-1885 / 1
HT22 College student images of a selected group of professions and occupations 1
HT23 Reference individuals in Pakistani rural setting. 1
HT24 Economic aspects of urban renewal theory, policy, and area analysis, 1
HT25 Aspects of rural life in Northern Nigeria with implications for agricultural extension work / 1
HT26 Individuals' responses to problems of urbanization in Jos, Northern Nigeria. 1
HT27 The dissolution of caste in Trinidad. 1
HT28 Some effects of occupational status on physical and mental health 1
HT29 The community self-help concept in Lebanese village development an exploratory study / 1
HT30 The development of a group movement scale which will reflect the socialization factor of a group 1
HT31 Hsin Hsing a Taiwanese agricultural village / 1
HT32 Regional development in Turkey, an evaluation of public policy since 1923 1
HT33 The anatomy of Turkish cities : a comparative study of land use in six medium-sized urban places 1
HT34 Evolución de las localidades en el Estado de Aguascalientes según los censos de población, 1900-1960. 1
HT35 Ob aristokratīi, v osobennosti russkoĭ pisʹmo iz Rossīi = Ueber die Aristokraten Russlands. 1
HT36 Die strukturelle Entwicklung der Stadt Southampton nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg. 1
HT37 Urban centers and the spatial pattern of development in Ghana. 1
HT38 Urban renewal in flux the New York view, 1