Call Number Title Count
HQ9999 "Slumming" : Sexuality, race and urban commercial leisure, 1900-1940 /
Depression and marital interaction : an analysis of systemic patterns of marital communication /
HQ9999 .B82 Fugitive nation : slavery, travel and technologies of American identity, 1830-1860 / 1
HQ9999 Abbott The legal position of married women in the United States : A study of eighteen selected states. 1
HQ9999 Abramson The ethnic factor in American Catholicism : an analysis of inter-ethnic marriage and religious involvement. 1
HQ9999 Achilles The homosexual bar. 1
HQ9999 Aghai Social, psychological, and familial correlates of contraceptive use in Pakistan / 1
HQ9999 Ahmed Situational stability and fertility planning behavior /
Marriage and divorce in Bangladesh /
HQ9999 Ahn Social and social-psychological correlates of disadoption of innovation: the case of family planning in Alabama 1
HQ9999 Ainbinder Attitude transmission in the family.
Coping in context : reconsidering the role of the environment /
HQ9999 Albrecht The social roles of old people. 1
HQ9999 Alexander The culture of middle-class family life in Kingston, Jamaica. 1
HQ9999 Alley Daughters caring for elderly mothers : a framework for examining caretaking stress / 1
HQ9999 Allison Sexuality as ideology in present-day Japan / 1
HQ9999 Amin The attentions of the Great Father : Reżā Shāh, "The Woman Question," and the Iranian press, 1890-1946 / 1
HQ9999 Anan Pawasutipaisit Family formation and dissolution in Walrasian markets / 1
HQ9999 Anderson Child sexual abuse : public agency worker response to sexually abusive families / 1
HQ9999 Angres Intergenerational relations and value congruence between young adults and their mothers / 1
HQ9999 Appelbaum Race, class, and maternal childrearing : a study of differential behavior in a metropolitan setting. 1
HQ9999 Arasteh Iranian family life in a changing society. 1
HQ9999 Armstrong Problems in adjustment between high school pupils and their parents. 1
HQ9999 Aronowitz Associations between the self-observation capacity of children and maternal attitudes. 1
HQ9999 Astone The expectations of adolescent girls about birth timing and their future occupations / 1
HQ9999 Augis Dakar's Sunnite women : the politics of person / 1
HQ9999 Austin Factors affecting perceived usefulness and acceptance for retired and employed men, aged 60 and over. 1
HQ9999 Baker Public child welfare caseworker decisions to use family meetings / 1
HQ9999 Bankoff The informal social network and adaptation to widowhood / 1
HQ9999 Barcelona A sociology of negative beliefs about the contraceptive pill in Egypt / 1
HQ9999 Barnartt Sex differences in correlates of attachment to the professional role among medical students / 1
HQ9999 Baum Personal adjustment in old age of a group of German emigrées to the United States. 1
HQ9999 Beeman Social network structure and interaction among neglecting and nonneglecting mothers / 1
HQ9999 Behnegar Feminism and liberalism : the problem of equality / 1
HQ9999 Ben Male sexuality, the popular classes and the state : Buenos Aires, 1880-1955 / 1
HQ9999 Benson The interests and activities of engaged and married couples in relation to their personal adjustment. 1
HQ9999 Bethe Mothers of first graders in Woodlawn / 1
HQ9999 Bild Young adults and their mothers: a follow-up study of student activists and non-activists. 1
HQ9999 Binstock Status and role of the aged in three generational Jewish families. 1
HQ9999 Blackhurst Wealth, polygamy, and fertility in a polygamous society : Utah County Mormons, 1851-1870 / 1
HQ9999 Bloomberg Perceived environmental support and adolescent contraceptive use / 1
HQ9999 Blough The significance of the feminist movement for religious education. 1
HQ9999 Bolton The development process in love relationships. 1
HQ9999 Boonlue A study of media, husband-wife communication for family planning and social development in rural northern Thailand / 1
HQ9999 Bowen Contemporary Muslim religious attitudes toward family planning in Morocco / 1
HQ9999 Bowerman The measurement of areas of adjustment in marriage. 1
HQ9999 Brambila Paz Migration and family formation in contemporary Mexico / 1
HQ9999 Branch Women and wealth: A study of the Economic status of American women. 1
HQ9999 Brandon The role of extended families, fathers, and economic constraints in mothers' child care choice / 1
HQ9999 Breslin Some correlates of tolerance among adolescents in Ireland / 1
HQ9999 Brice Homogamy in temperament and its relation to marital success. 1
HQ9999 Brien Economic determinants of family structure : an examination of black and white differences / 1
HQ9999 Britton A study of the adjustment of retired Y.M.C.A. secretaries.
A study of the adjustment of retired school teachers.
HQ9999 Brodie Family limitation in American culture, 1830-1900 / 1
HQ9999 Broel-Plateris Marriage disruption and divorce law. 1
HQ9999 Bromer Beyond child care : the informal family support and community roles of African-American child care providers / 1
HQ9999 Browning Trauma or transition : a life course perspective on the long-term effects of early sexual experiences / 1
HQ9999 Bruce Comparison of traits of the homosexual from tests and from life-history materials. 1
HQ9999 Brush Representations of identity and social structure in Black women's autobiography, 1960-1994 / 1
HQ9999 Buchdahl American realities; anthropological reflections from the "counter-culture." 1
HQ9999 Buck Child-rearing patterns of dependent Negro mothers as predictors of their children's nursery school behavior. 1
HQ9999 Buckman Interaction between women's clubs and institutions in greater Lafayette, Indiana. 1
HQ9999 Burkhart Social adjustment problems of young people of high school age : a basic study for a program of character education / 1