Call Number Title Count
HN999 Adams The Changing organization of a rural Negro community and its implications for race accommodation. 1
HN999 Akiyoshi Unmediating community : the non-diffusion of the internet in Japan, 1985-2002 / 1
HN999 Aksit Social change and cleavage in a middle-sized Turkish city / 1
HN999 Alexander The young men employed in the Loop. 1
HN999 Allen The maintenance of change after encounter groups. 1
HN999 Alley Moral problems of modern pool rooms. 1
HN999 Amerman The impact of intergroup relations on nonsegregated urban public education. 1
HN999 Ansari The rural elite : a study of its role in Egyptian social and political development / 1
HN999 Ares Theory and empiricism in the study of socioeconomic development : the Philippines' case / 1
HN999 Austin "Orientation to situation" in Talcott Parsons' concept in action / 1
HN999 Azarya Traditional aristocracies facing change: a comparative study of Fulbe adjustment to social change in Guinea, Nigeria, and Cameroon. 1
HN999 Bachelor The community organization as a political representative / 1
HN999 Bain A sociological analysis of the Chicago Skid-Row lifeway. 1
HN999 Barlow Auburn-Gresham: the survey of a local community. 1
HN999 Barsky Representations of community: scholars, mass media, and government. 1
HN999 Barton Social psychology in the interpreting and furthering of personality adjustments. 1
HN999 Bartoo Quaker decisions; a study of decision by consensus and of the related norms and beliefs. 1
HN999 Beale Changes in the social system of a factory work group.
Religiousness and integration into the community.
HN999 Becker The professional dance musician in Chicago.
Psychological characteristics of Girl Scout leaders.
Role and career problems of the Chicago public school teacher.
HN999 Ben-Zeev Construction and validation of a method for unitizing sequences of group interaction. 1
HN999 Bendix The rise and acceptance of German sociology. 1
HN999 Beneke A comparison of white boys and adult Indian groups. 1
HN999 Bengtson Cultural and occupational differences in social participation and psychological well-being; a crossnational study. 1
HN999 Bennett Subsistence economy and foodways in a rural community; a study of socio-economic and cultural change.
The evolving roles and structures of community organizations : social action, social service and economic development /
HN999 Bernstein Social structure and Dravidian kin terminology in a Raj Gond village of south-central India / 1
HN999 Betz The social self and self-correcting moral standards, 1
HN999 Bialor A century and a half of change: transformations of a Greek farming community in the Northwestern Peloponessos, Greece. 1
HN999 Bickham Five major folkways and some recent penetrations by modern ideas of democracy. 1
HN999 Biderman Ideological barriers to cognition in a social sciences examination. 1
HN999 Biesemeier The relationship of leader influence to norm development in small groups. 1
HN999 Bizzell Variability in socialization: a study in the relation of eugenics to euthenics. 1
HN999 Blanck A cross-cultural study of level of object representations : contrasts among three ethnic groups / 1
HN999 Blank Stars, thumbs and best buys : a sociological theory of reviews and credible knowledge / 1
HN999 Blauner Personal names: a social psychological analysis. 1
HN999 Bloch Identification and participation in urban neighborhoods, 1
HN999 Block Member commitment to group decisions: a study of individual and group determinants.
The development of social categorization ability /
HN999 Bloomberg The power structure of an industrial community. 1
HN999 Blount Suggestion and imitation, forms of social interaction. 1
HN999 Blum Ethnicity and the juror.
Family structure, peer culture, and the learning of political history: the impact of sex-role identification upon the learning experiences of adolescents.
HN999 Blumer Method in social psychology. 1
HN999 Bode Power, exchange and reciprocity : a detailed analysis of emergent cooperation in a real organization. 1
HN999 Bogart The comic strips and their adult readers : a study of male workers in a New York City neighborhood. 1
HN999 Bond An investigation of the non-intellectual traits of a group of Negro normal school students. 1
HN999 Bonner Paranoia and paranoid condition : a social-psychological study of the paranoic personality. 1
HN999 Borash Conceptions of social agencies, community resources and the problems of a depressed community ... in Chicago, 1
HN999 Bosk The management of medical failure : a study of professional self control / 1
HN999 Boyer Church, economy, and society in fin de siècle Austria : the origins of the Christian Social Movement, 1875-1897 / 1
HN999 Bradley Community leadership in two Chicago inner-city areas. 1
HN999 Bramsen Optimal balancing of sociometric structure. 1
HN999 Bramson The summer camp in the United States, 1
HN999 Branner Some neglected functions of the state. 1
HN999 Braude A study of factors bearing on the continuation of the academic career.
The rabbi: a study of the relation of contingency situations to differential career structure.
HN999 Brazeau The training of French-Canadian groundcrew personnel in the Royal Canadian Air Force (1953-1957) 1
HN999 Brhane Narratives of the past, politics of the present identity, subordination and the Haratines of Mauritania / 1
HN999 Briggs George Williams College, 1925-50; a study in institutional change. 1
HN999 Bright Predicting success or failure of student nurses. 1
HN999 Britton The "no opinion" factor in public opinion research: the correlates of public apathy and indifference. 1
HN999 Brody Relationships between Slavic ethnicity and psychological characteristics of psychiatric patients. 1
HN999 Buben E=mc2 : image equivalency and pop metaphysics / 1
HN999 Bucher Blame in disasters: a study of a problematic situation.
Conflicts and transformation of identity: a study of medical specialists.