Call Number Title Count
HN999 Adams The Changing organization of a rural Negro community and its implications for race accommodation. 1
HN999 Akiyoshi Unmediating community : the non-diffusion of the internet in Japan, 1985-2002 / 1
HN999 Aksit Social change and cleavage in a middle-sized Turkish city / 1
HN999 Alexander The young men employed in the Loop. 1
HN999 Allen The maintenance of change after encounter groups. 1
HN999 Alley Moral problems of modern pool rooms. 1
HN999 Amerman The impact of intergroup relations on nonsegregated urban public education. 1
HN999 Ansari The rural elite : a study of its role in Egyptian social and political development / 1
HN999 Ares Theory and empiricism in the study of socioeconomic development : the Philippines' case / 1
HN999 Austin "Orientation to situation" in Talcott Parsons' concept in action / 1
HN999 Azarya Traditional aristocracies facing change: a comparative study of Fulbe adjustment to social change in Guinea, Nigeria, and Cameroon. 1
HN999 Bachelor The community organization as a political representative / 1
HN999 Bain A sociological analysis of the Chicago Skid-Row lifeway. 1
HN999 Barlow Auburn-Gresham: the survey of a local community. 1
HN999 Barsky Representations of community: scholars, mass media, and government. 1
HN999 Barton Social psychology in the interpreting and furthering of personality adjustments. 1
HN999 Bartoo Quaker decisions; a study of decision by consensus and of the related norms and beliefs. 1
HN999 Beale Religiousness and integration into the community.
Changes in the social system of a factory work group.
HN999 Becker Psychological characteristics of Girl Scout leaders.
The professional dance musician in Chicago.
Role and career problems of the Chicago public school teacher.
HN999 Ben-Zeev Construction and validation of a method for unitizing sequences of group interaction. 1
HN999 Bendix The rise and acceptance of German sociology. 1
HN999 Beneke A comparison of white boys and adult Indian groups. 1
HN999 Bengtson Cultural and occupational differences in social participation and psychological well-being; a crossnational study. 1
HN999 Bennett Subsistence economy and foodways in a rural community; a study of socio-economic and cultural change.
The evolving roles and structures of community organizations : social action, social service and economic development /
HN999 Bernstein Social structure and Dravidian kin terminology in a Raj Gond village of south-central India / 1
HN999 Betz The social self and self-correcting moral standards, 1
HN999 Bialor A century and a half of change: transformations of a Greek farming community in the Northwestern Peloponessos, Greece. 1
HN999 Bickham Five major folkways and some recent penetrations by modern ideas of democracy. 1
HN999 Biderman Ideological barriers to cognition in a social sciences examination. 1
HN999 Biesemeier The relationship of leader influence to norm development in small groups. 1
HN999 Bizzell Variability in socialization: a study in the relation of eugenics to euthenics. 1
HN999 Blanck A cross-cultural study of level of object representations : contrasts among three ethnic groups / 1
HN999 Blank Stars, thumbs and best buys : a sociological theory of reviews and credible knowledge / 1
HN999 Blauner Personal names: a social psychological analysis. 1
HN999 Bloch Identification and participation in urban neighborhoods, 1
HN999 Block The development of social categorization ability /
Member commitment to group decisions: a study of individual and group determinants.
HN999 Bloomberg The power structure of an industrial community. 1
HN999 Blount Suggestion and imitation, forms of social interaction. 1
HN999 Blum Ethnicity and the juror.
Family structure, peer culture, and the learning of political history: the impact of sex-role identification upon the learning experiences of adolescents.
HN999 Blumer Method in social psychology / 1
HN999 Bode Power, exchange and reciprocity : a detailed analysis of emergent cooperation in a real organization. 1
HN999 Bogart The comic strips and their adult readers : a study of male workers in a New York City neighborhood. 1
HN999 Bond An investigation of the non-intellectual traits of a group of Negro normal school students. 1
HN999 Bonner Paranoia and paranoid condition : a social-psychological study of the paranoic personality. 1
HN999 Borash Conceptions of social agencies, community resources and the problems of a depressed community ... in Chicago, 1
HN999 Bosk The management of medical failure : a study of professional self control / 1
HN999 Boyer Church, economy, and society in fin de siècle Austria : the origins of the Christian Social Movement, 1875-1897 / 1
HN999 Bradley Community leadership in two Chicago inner-city areas. 1
HN999 Bramsen Optimal balancing of sociometric structure. 1
HN999 Bramson The summer camp in the United States, 1
HN999 Branner Some neglected functions of the state. 1
HN999 Braude The rabbi: a study of the relation of contingency situations to differential career structure.
A study of factors bearing on the continuation of the academic career.
HN999 Brazeau The training of French-Canadian groundcrew personnel in the Royal Canadian Air Force (1953-1957) 1
HN999 Brhane Narratives of the past, politics of the present identity, subordination and the Haratines of Mauritania / 1
HN999 Briggs George Williams College, 1925-50; a study in institutional change. 1
HN999 Bright Predicting success or failure of student nurses. 1
HN999 Britton The "no opinion" factor in public opinion research: the correlates of public apathy and indifference. 1
HN999 Brody Relationships between Slavic ethnicity and psychological characteristics of psychiatric patients. 1
HN999 Buben E=mc2 : image equivalency and pop metaphysics / 1
HN999 Bucher Conflicts and transformation of identity: a study of medical specialists.
Blame in disasters: a study of a problematic situation.