Call Number Title Count
HJ9999 Adams A theory of intergenerational transfers /
Congressional investigation of the Bureau of Internal Revenue: 1951-1952.
HJ9999 Alexander Playing fair : social citizenship and American tax reform, 1942-1986 / 1
HJ9999 Altman Chicago's experiment in personal property taxation, 1931-1936.
Taxation of intangibles in Chicago : administrative substitutes for statutory change /
HJ9999 Amromin Taxable and tax-deferred portfolio choices : theory and practice / 1
HJ9999 Anderson Taxation in the United States considered from the standpoint of sociology. 1
HJ9999 Anidjar A General equilibrium evaluation of housing taxation / 1
HJ9999 Auerbach The income effects of the government deficit. 1
HJ9999 Bassetto Two essays on taxation and redistribution / 1
HJ9999 Berger Explicit and implicit tax effects of the research and development tax credit / 1
HJ9999 Bhatia Individuals' capital gains in the United States; an empirical study, 1947-64. 1
HJ9999 Bierman The relationship of the federal government to the states with regard to the taxation of aviation fuel. 1
HJ9999 Bittermann State and federal grants-in-aid, with special reference to education and highways. 1
HJ9999 Bruce Three essays on taxation in simple general equilibrium models / 1
HJ9999 Buchanan Fiscal equity in a federal state. 1
HJ9999 Campbell True property tax rates in the United States, 1922-1949. 1
HJ9999 Carruthers State-building and market-making : the politics of public debt in the English financial revolution, 1672-1712 / 1
HJ9999 Chang The eminent domain of progressive taxation : a study of the social limits to property rights and economic incentives /
A model of the tax structure of U.S. state governments : theory and empirical evidence /
HJ9999 Chau The taxation reforms of the Chinese national government in the decade 1927-37.
The taxation reforms of the Chinese national government in the decade 1927-37 /
HJ9999 Cheibub Political regimes, taxation and economic growth : a comparative analysis / 1
HJ9999 Click Seigniorage and conventional taxation : an international investigation / 1
HJ9999 Cohen Governmental techniques of interest saving on the public debt. 1
HJ9999 Cohn The role of the fiscal system in the Soviet economy. 1
HJ9999 Copass Smuggling in the New England colonies. 1
HJ9999 Costa Two essays in supplementary commodity taxation / 1
HJ9999 Criz The use tax: its history, administration, and economic effects. 1
HJ9999 Cuciti The distribution of grants to local governments : equalization in the American polity / 1
HJ9999 Cunningham Determinants of U.S. state debt / 1
HJ9999 Custer The financing of urban streets in Wisconsin. 1
HJ9999 Daly Estimating collections from the Canadian personal income tax. 1
HJ9999 Danet Petitions and persuasive appeals : a content-analysis of letters to the Israel customs authorities. 1
HJ9999 Darling The Ottoman finance department and the assessment and collection of the cizye and avarız taxes, 1560-1660 / 1
HJ9999 Derrick Exemption of security interest from income taxes in the United States : an economic and statistical analysis / 1
HJ9999 Dus{030C}ek Do governments grow when they become more efficient? : evidence from tax withholding / 1
HJ9999 Eldridge Federal income taxation of mineral resources. 1
HJ9999 Emerson The relation of British to colonial taxation 1750 to 1765. 1
HJ9999 Evans The Mississippi tax system. 1
HJ9999 Faust The custody of state funds. 1
HJ9999 Ferguson Some elements of a social theory of fiscal strain / 1
HJ9999 Fernandez-Perez Taxation in small open economies / 1
HJ9999 Fleming The relation of the mayor to budgetary control in Chicago 1
HJ9999 Fletcher State control of local finance trends from 1930 to 1940. 1
HJ9999 Froomkin Credit policy and public finance in France, 1944-1948. 1
HJ9999 Fuchs The politics of urban fiscal policy : the cases of New York City and Chicago / 1
HJ9999 Gamble The relation of the repudiation of state debts to the finances of the Tyler administration. 1
HJ9999 Gearhart The war finance corporation and the capital issues committee during the World War. 1
HJ9999 Gil-Diaz Three essays on the taxation of capital / 1
HJ9999 Guedes Fiscal policy, public debt and external indebtedness in non monetary two sector open growth models / 1
HJ9999 Hahne Special assessment theory and practice with special reference to Chicago. 1
HJ9999 Hanna British taxes since the world war. 1
HJ9999 Hannawalt The tax court of the United States 1
HJ9999 Harris Optimal planning under transaction costs and general equilibrium. 1
HJ9999 Haurin Property taxation in an urban economy / 1
HJ9999 Hildreth The accounting activities of the United States tariff commission. 1
HJ9999 Hinojosa Ojeda The political economy of North-South interdependence : debt, trade and class relations across Mexico and the United States / 1
HJ9999 Jacoby Retail sales taxation, an analysis of economic and administrative problems ... 1
HJ9999 Jenkins Financing adequate public services in Nova Scotia. 1
HJ9999 Jensen The General property tax ... / 1
HJ9999 Jou Income tax evasion : theory and empirical evidence from the U.S. state-level data, tax year 1976-1989 / 1
HJ9999 Kamins The tax system of Hawaii. 1
HJ9999 Kapicka Optimal income taxation and human capital accumulation / 1