Call Number Title Count
HF9999.A52 A study of Negro and white consumption behavior : automobiles, gasoline, tires, and batteries / 1
HF9999.G625 Aspects of the positive theory of trade restrictions / 1
HF9999.M82 Effects of job rotation in an organization, as seen by different people at different levels / 1
HF9999.P22 Aspects of the political economy of protection / 1
HF9999.R83 Stability and change in an Iranian provincial bazaar / 1
HF9999.T9 An examination of the hypothesis that advertising has a lagged effect on sales / 1
HF9999 Aggarwal The effects of brand relationship norms on consumer attitudes and behavior / 1
HF9999 Ainslie Similarities and differences in brand purchase behavior across categories / 1
HF9999 Aizenman Essays on commercial policies and managed float / 1
HF9999 Albrecht A study of the personality changes resulting from a training program in human relations skills for industrial executives. 1
HF9999 Alexander Some phases of allied merchandising in the United States. 1
HF9999 Amos American commercial interests in Manchuria since the Japanese occupation of 1931. 1
HF9999 Andron A Heckscher-Ohlin trade model with transport costs. 1
HF9999 Appleton Commercial readjustments in and near the upper Mississippi Valley in the middle of the nineteenth century. 1
HF9999 Archibald The decision to return to straight-line depreciation. 1
HF9999 Arnold Herbert Hoover and the Department of Commerce : a study of ideology and policy / 1
HF9999 Atwood The development of the commerce of the Great Lakes. 1
HF9999 Ball Changes in accounting techniques and stock prices / 1
HF9999 Banks Some applications of psychological measurement of preference and attitude to market research. 1
HF9999 Barnum The range of goods in a rural area. 1
HF9999 Basevi International trade restrictions and resource allocation in the United States. 1
HF9999 Baskes Indians, merchants and markets : trade and repartimiento production of cochnial dye in colonial Oaxaca, 1750-1821 / 1
HF9999 Baur Voluntary control in the advertising industry. 1
HF9999 Beales The distribution of advertising within an industry / 1
HF9999 Beaver Financial ratios as predictors of business failure. 1
HF9999 Beck A comparison of the grades of the different classes of commercial pupils in the Central high school, Saint Louis ... 1
HF9999 Beers Tests of various methods of drill in commercial arithmetic ... 1
HF9999 Ben-David From liberalization to equalization : some evidence on the impact of freer trade on income differentials / 1
HF9999 Bennett A study of the correlation found to exist between bookkeeping and other secondary school subjects in the High school of commerce, Toronto. 1
HF9999 Beran The foreign trade of Czechoslovakia, 1937-1949. 1
HF9999 Berner On the determination of short-run conversion costs with respect to changes in output: a special analysis of the statistical cost fundtions of a gypsum board plant. 1
HF9999 Berrigan Accounting and industrial control. 1
HF9999 Bettignies Product market competition and property rights allocation / 1
HF9999 Biddle Accounting methods and management decisions : the case of inventory costing and inventory policy / 1
HF9999 Birkeland The sociology of franchising : trust and control in the service economy / 1
HF9999 Biswas An economic analysis of India's export performance, 1950-70 / 1
HF9999 Black Analysis of the advertising of consumers' goods in selected magazines and newspapers. 1
HF9999 Blackhurst Trade preferences for the less developed countries : theory and potential for Latin America / 1
HF9999 Blair-Loy Career patterns and meaning-making among female executives in finance / 1
HF9999 Bloch Advertising, competition, and market performance. 1
HF9999 Bockus Auditor resignation disclosures / 1
HF9999 Bodenham The commerce of Trinidad. 1
HF9999 Bogue Trade between the United States and the West Indies after the Revolution (1783-1865). 1
HF9999 Bolland A heuristic programming approach to a routing problem (and the consideration of a related inventory control problem) 1
HF9999 Bonfrer Advertising effectiveness and product usage for ambiguous experience products / 1
HF9999 Bonney Unwelcome strangers : a study of manpower training programs in the steel industry. 1
HF9999 Boorman A suggested technique for vocational guidance analysis. 1
HF9999 Bostwick Accounting control for a university buildings and grounds department. 1
HF9999 Botti Freedom of choice and perceived control : an investigation of the relationship between preference for choosing and customer satisfaction / 1
HF9999 Breen A study of the decentralization of retail trade relative to population in the Chicago area, 1929 to 1948. 1
HF9999 Bridgman The radio as an advertising medium. 1
HF9999 Briggs Performance management in human services / 1
HF9999 Briscoe Economic interests in British relations with China : 1921-1928. 1
HF9999 Brogdon A study of the status of commercial students in three Texas high schools. 1
HF9999 Brook Trends and their analysis relative to the determination and public reporting of income and financial condition by large manufacturing and commercial companies, 1929-44 (with some recognition of major developments to 1948). 1
HF9999 Brown Government regulation of Canadian trade. 1
HF9999 Browne A statistical analysis of labor turnover. 1
HF9999 Buggenhagen At home in the Black Atlantic : circulation, domesticity and value in the Senegalese Murid trade diaspora / 1
HF9999 Bunsis A description and market analysis of write-off announcements / 1
HF9999 Burson Interpersonal miscalibration and its impact on product choice / 1