Call Number Title Count
HE9999.B853 The commerce of the Ohio River traffic artery. 1
HE9999.M32 Railway pattern and facilities of Spokane, Washington. 1
HE9999.T18 Terminal operations of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company. 1
HE9999 Aird The highway pattern of Minnesota. 1
HE9999 Akers Recapitalization of the Chicago and Alton Railroad Company. 1
HE9999 Amill Development of transportation and telecommunication in El Salvador. 1
HE9999 Anderson Motor vehicles and new highways in Latin America : a study of the impact of foreign capital and technology. 1
HE9999 Bailey The Boston elevated railways: a case study of a public corporation. 1
HE9999 Barnekov The impact of market structure on performance in domestic airline markets / 1
HE9999 Barnhart Colombian transportation problems and policies, 1923-1948.
The development of the surface transportation system in Colombia, 1820-1940.
HE9999 Bartone Stress and health in Chicago Transit Authority bus drivers / 1
HE9999 Bate The legislative aspects of the private car controversy, 1887-1907. 1
HE9999 Baumrind The liability of broadcasters for political defamation: Farmers Educational and Cooperative Union v. W. D. A. Y.. 1
HE9999 Billow The port of Durban, South Africa. 1
HE9999 Blaze The potential for container traffic at the port of Chicago. 1
HE9999 Blomquist Value of life : implications of automobile seat belt use / 1
HE9999 Borts Cost and production relations in the railway industry. 1
HE9999 Boxer Israeli shipping and foreign trade.
Ocean shipping in the evolution of Hong Kong.
HE9999 Brook The struggle for the adoption of the interstate commerce commission, 1872-1887. 1
HE9999 Brown The St. Lawrence waterway as a factor in international trade and politics, 1783-1854.
The commerce of the Ohio River traffic artery.
Some aspects of valuation in the railroad industry.
A study of the Lea Act
HE9999 Brubaker Transportational adjustments to a Pennsylvania section of the Allegeheny front. 1
HE9999 Buckmaster Internal improvements in Illinois from 1818 to 1850. 1
HE9999 Buell The port of Nassau. 1
HE9999 Burr Employee organization in the British postal service: the Union of post-office workers. 1
HE9999 Burton Mass transport in the Chicago Region; a study of metropolitan government ...
Mass transport in the Chicago region : a Study of metropolitan government.
Types of agricultural occupance of flood plains in the United States /
HE9999 Buzzard A geographical study of the Hennepin Canal. 1
HE9999 Califf A survey of the travel facilities from the United States to Latin America, with special attention to the American mrchant marine. 1
HE9999 Clark Illinois shortline railroads: 1840-1962. 1
HE9999 Corkran Rail route selection in the northern Rocky mountains, 1853-1890. 1
HE9999 Crippen The Kansas Pacific railroad; a cross section of an age of railroad building. 1
HE9999 Crocker The Pan-American highway. 1
HE9999 Cross Federal wagon road construction in New Mexico Territory, 1846-1860. 1
HE9999 Cummings Economic aspects of railway consolidation in the West. 1
HE9999 Damus A two-part Ramsey-optimum railroad tariff / 1
HE9999 Day The television adult western: a pilot study. 1
HE9999 Deabler The Wisconsin legislative struggle to subordinate the railroads, 1900-1905, and its background. 1
HE9999 DeCamp The Chicago Transit Authority: a study in responsibility. 1
HE9999 Dickerson Organization and control of the Illinois Bell Telephone Company. 1
HE9999 Donaho The Chicago subway: a pattern for the federal-municipal realtionship. 1
HE9999 Doster Alabama's first railroad commission, 1881-1885.
Origins of the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887.
HE9999 Draine Import traffic of Chicago and its hinterland. 1
HE9999 Duncan The history of the Detroit and Cleveland Navigation Company, 1850-1951. 1
HE9999 Durisch The organization and personnel of the Nebraska railway commission /
State regulation of public utilities in Nebraska : a study of the Nebraska state railway commission.
HE9999 Eads Melville W. Fuller : social and constitutional aspects of his decisions relating to the regulation of business and industrial relations. 1
HE9999 Edin Residential location and mode of transportation to work: a model of choice. 1
HE9999 Eisen Commercial utilization of the Rhine River. 1
HE9999 Emick Factors related to the registration of automobiles. 1
HE9999 Estrada Pricing policies for the Mexican railroads / 1
HE9999 Faircloth Parcels post movement. 1
HE9999 Fancher The reorganization of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company. 1
HE9999 Fawley A geographic analysis of Seine River traffic. 1
HE9999 Fellmann Truck transportation patterns of Chicago / 1
HE9999 Fitzgerald The good roads movement in Illinois: 1904-1924. 1
HE9999 Fredirickson The American merchant marine, 1820-1860. 1
HE9999 Fredrickson American shipping and foreign commerce, 1789 to 1860. 1
HE9999 Friedman An empirical study of the relationship between railroad stock prices and railroad earnings for the period, 1921-1931 1
HE9999 Gillett The development of the transcontinental freight rate structure. 1
HE9999 Glasgow Muskegon, Michigan : the evolution of a lake port / 1
HE9999 Gordon A society of passengers : rail travel 1865 to 1910 / 1
HE9999 Haddock Regulation of railroads by commission / 1