Call Number Title Count
HD10000 The making of an artificial power : American money and "Chinese" technicians on African soil, 1961-1971 / 1
HD10000.C78 Schooling, experience, and wages in Santiago, Chile. 1
HD10000.F3 1977 Urban housing disinvestment and neighborhood decline : a study of public policy outcomes / 1
HD10000.H493 1983 Wage determination in the public sector / 1
HD10000.H59 The economic consequences of the separation of ownership and control in the modern corporation / 1
HD10000.H845 Inter-area differences in wages : theory and evidence / 1
HD10000.L47 Household composition and welfare participation among recent Asian immigrants / 1
HD10000.R285 The price and production duality within Argentine agriculture, 1923-1965. 1
HD10000 Abbass Oil diplomacy in the Near East. 1
HD10000 Abler Logrolling on farm legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives / 1
HD10000 Abowd Pay comparisons between federal and non-federal employees and between blacks and Hispanics using selectivity adjustments and reverse regression / 1
HD10000 Ackerman Renters, homeowners, politics, & Tiebout / 1
HD10000 Adams The adjudication of collective labor disputes in Italy ...
Present housing conditions in South Chicago, South Deering and Pullman.
The judicial settlement of collective labor conflicts under the Italian corporate system.
Four essays in corporate governance /
HD10000 Adewuyi Labor utilization of household members who are in the work force / 1
HD10000 Adler The electrical contracting industry in Chicago, Illinois. 1
HD10000 Agrawal Essays in corporate governance / 1
HD10000 Agria Tax treatment of income from mineral industries: an economic appraisal. 1
HD10000 Akhmetshin Effects of skill supply on wage returns to skill / 1
HD10000 Alexander Federal-local adminstration of low-rent public housing under the United States Housing Act. 1
HD10000 Allen The relative position of the railway industry's operating employees in the American paid vacation movement and the casual factors determining this position.
Inventory fluctuations in flaxseed and linseed oil, 1926-1939.
Ireland and the modern Irish land laws.
The American furniture mart of Chicago.
The labor of women in the production of cotton /
A comparison of the marketing of alcoholic beverages under state monopoly and open license systems.
HD10000 Alston The production of cotton in Mississippi with special reference to Grenada County. 1
HD10000 Altshuler Anchors of identity : property, morality, and difference in Czech society / 1
HD10000 Amrute Producing mobility : Indian ITers in an interconnected world / 1
HD10000 Anderson Sugar cane on the floodplain : a systems approach to the study of change in traditional Amazonia /
Women and work : a study of female labor utilization in the United States /
The G. A. W. : a union experiment in salesmanship.
Efforts to emancipate rural labor in Mexico.
The efficiency of Canadian and British Columbian agriculture.
Bureaucrats in revolt: the union movement among French civil servants, 1900-1945.
The mission, history, and times of the National Farmers Organization.
Asymmetric repositioning costs and quality competition : why is beef losing share to poultry? /
HD10000 Andres The impact of privatization on firms in the infrastructure sector in Latin American countries / 1
HD10000 Andrews Agriculture in twenty-one townships of southwestern Maine. 1
HD10000 Annunziato Pricing practices in markets with product differentiation : the case of the automobile industry in Europe / 1
HD10000 Ansell French workers : between party and union, 1872-1922 / 1
HD10000 Antle Human capital, infrastructure, and technology choice in agricultural development / 1
HD10000 Anyang The articulation of modes of production : the political economy of coffee in the Ivory Coast, 1840-1975 / 1
HD10000 Apel A study of the Chicago federation of musicians, local no. 10. A.F. of M. 1
HD10000 Aponte Mexican and Puerto Rican male employement patterns in the inner city : mismatch vs segmentation explanations / 1
HD10000 Appleton The iron and steel industry of the Calumet district : a study in economic geography.
Corporate and personal action in community decision-making /
HD10000 Arayama Time allocation of Japanese farm households / 1
HD10000 Arbuthnot The development of the industrial corporation, and the function of the entrepreneur. 1
HD10000 Ardito-Barletta Costs and social benefits of agricultural research in Mexico. 1
HD10000 Arenwald Labor relations legislation and its administration in New York state, 1937-1939. 1
HD10000 Armstrong Chinese industrial co-operatives. 1
HD10000 Arvelo-Duran Brazilian government policies in agriculture : the case of grain and soybeans / 1
HD10000 Asanachinta Land utilization in Thailand. 1
HD10000 Asch Pensions, wages, and sorting : a theoretical and empirical analysis / 1
HD10000 Aseltine Trailer dwelling as a way of life. 1
HD10000 Ashby Shattered dreams : the American working class and the origins of the Cold War, 1945-1949 / 1
HD10000 Asher Bombay dyeing and the future of laborers past : politics and social welfare in the Bombay cotton mills, 1918- /
The influence of the Chicago Workers' committee on unemployment upon the administration of relief, 1931-1934.
HD10000 Ashton Spring wheat industry in Minnesota and the Dakotas. 1
HD10000 Astroth Understanding peasant agriculture : an integrated land-use model for the Punjab / 1
HD10000 Ausman A study of clothing expenditures of junior high school girls. 1
HD10000 Avishur The effect of the privatization of British Telecom on efficiency : a dual approach / 1
HD10000 Aydelott Children in street trades in Chicago. 1
HD10000 Babin Great Scarcies: an appraisal of data for international river basin. 1
HD10000 Bachmura Geographic differentials in returns to Corn Belt farmers: 1869-1950. 1
HD10000 Baer Protection, equality, and justice; the judicial response to women's labor legislation.
Social and economic correlates of white and nonwhite male labor force participation.
HD10000 Bagchi Impact of industrialization on the changing working life pattern of the Indian labour force. 1
HD10000 Bai Winners and losers : the political economy of Chinese urban housing reform / 1
HD10000 Baker Some historical and economic aspects of the women's ready made garment industry.
A survey of the market gardens of the Chicago region and an investigation of the methods of sale.
Marketing and consumption trends in the automobile industry, 1929-1933 /
Marketing and consumption trends in the automobile industry, 1929-1933.
HD10000 Baldwin Vocational rehabilitation of workmen's compensation cases in Iowa.
Price differentials in wheat futures between Kansas City and Chicago.
HD10000 Ball Areal patterns of a specialized food processing industry. 1
HD10000 Ballesteros Argentine agriculture, 1908-1954; a study in growth and decline 1
HD10000 Ballingall An investigation of the decision-making mechanism of a local lodge of the Brotherhood of Railway and Steam-ship Clerks, Express, Freight Handlers, and Station Employees. 1
HD10000 Baltzer Trends in state housing organization 1