Call Number Title Count
HC999 The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: prolegomena to a technical assistance program.
The business of Civil War : military enterprise, the state, and political economy in the United States, 1850-1880 /
The effect of family background and dynamics on child test score, marital sorting and risk preference /
The geography of the Bellingham Lowland, Washington.
HC999 Abdulrahman Nigeria and Tanzania : political economy goals, strategies and results / 1
HC999 Ablin Misallocation of electric power in the Pacific Northwest. 1
HC999 Acon Post-war economic recovery in the Netherlands and the Marshall Plan. 1
HC999 Ahmed Manufacturing structure and pattern of Waukegan-North Chicago. 1
HC999 Alexa Clydeside: Coatbridge-Motherwell area. 1
HC999 Amenta Lost ground : American social spending and taxation policies in depression and war / 1
HC999 Ansell Zero Hunger in the backlands : neoliberal welfare and the assault on clientelism in Brazil / 1
HC999 Arkes Bureaucracy, regime and presumption: the national interests in the Marshall Plan. 1
HC999 Bacon Austrian economic policy in Galicia, 1772-1790 / 1
HC999 Baird Famine relief and prevention in central China 1
HC999 Baker Land occupance in Argentina. 1
HC999 Balbus The evolution of the Community Action Program; a case study in American policy making. 1
HC999 Balhouse The Morecambe bay towns, England. 1
HC999 Ballert The primary functions of Toledo, Ohio ... 1
HC999 Barck de Raijman Pathways to self-employment and entrepreneurship in an immigrant community in Chicago / 1
HC999 Barlas Turkey : etatism and foreign relations in the 1930s / 1
HC999 Batista Joining the EU : capital flows, migration and wages / 1
HC999 Beck The Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, area ... 1
HC999 Bednarz The effect of air pollution on property value in Chicago / 1
HC999 Bellido Andujar Voluntary contributions and the value of environmental goods / 1
HC999 Benton The penetration of British capital into Argentina 1873-1914. 1
HC999 Berger The famine of 1692-1694 in france : a study in administrative response. 1
HC999 Bernhardt Restructuring inequality : wages and industrial change in America, 1967-1987 / 1
HC999 Bjorklund Focus on Adelaide : functional organization of the Adelaide region, Australia. 1
HC999 Blake Dependency and self-reliance in Indian planning : the formulation of the fourth five-year plan / 1
HC999 Bowers The dawn of manufacturing in Peru. 1
HC999 Bradbury Oshkosh, Wisconsin in relation to its location and site on a narrows of the Fox drainage system. 1
HC999 Bradley Functional patterns in the Guadalupe counties of the Edwards Plateau. 1
HC999 Bratton The geography of the St. Francis basin. 1
HC999 Brosnan Uniting mountain and plain : urbanization, law, and environmental change in the Denver region, 1858-1903 / 1
HC999 Brown The international economic position of New Zealand / 1
HC999 Bugelli Mangrove Cay, Bahamas-- land and water occupance. 1
HC999 Burtis Metropolitan Edinburgh. 1
HC999 Busse Spencer Social relations in post-Soviet society : Russian capitalism embedded / 1
HC999 Butterbaugh The measurement of business activity in the Puget Sound area. 1
HC999 Calder Financing the American dream : debt, credit, and the making of a consumer society, 1890-1940 / 1
HC999 Caldwell Economic conditions in Porto Rico, 1898-1920 1
HC999 Calef Land associations and occupance problems in the Uinta Country. 1
HC999 Campbell The Swansea area of South Wales. 1
HC999 Caris Community attitudes toward pollution / 1
HC999 Carmin Anápolis, Brazil : regional capital of an agricultural frontier. 1
HC999 Carnoy The cost and return to schooling in Mexico: a case study. 1
HC999 Carsel The social philosophy of northeastern industrialism, 1850-1860. 1
HC999 Case Beaver Island : a study of insular land utilization.
The adjustment of industry to natural environment in the valley of east Tennessee.
HC999 Cash A comparison of the effects of government policise on industrial recovery in west and East Germany, 1945-1955. 1
HC999 Chan Economies of scale and economic growth / 1
HC999 Cheadle Gary--a planned city. 1
HC999 Cheng Economic implications of China's population in the 21st century / 1
HC999 Cho Distribution, poverty, and economic development : a case in Korea / 1
HC999 Christensen Occupance patterns along the Illinois-Indiana boundary. 1
HC999 Christians Land utilization in Denver /
Land utilization in Denver.
HC999 Cohen An analysis of the political issues behind the 1965 to 1966 crises in the Common Market. 1
HC999 Colby The geographic structure of southeastern North Carolina. 1
HC999 Constantine Deeside, Scotland. 1
HC999 Coon The economic development of Missoula, Montana. 1
HC999 Costanzo Cross-cultural adjustment among Peace Corps volunteers / 1
HC999 Coulter The geography of the Santa Lucia mountain region. 1
HC999 Cramer Manufacturing structure of the Cicero district, metropolitan Chicago / 1
HC999 Czuchra Political aspects of European economic integration: voting and sovereignty. 1