Call Number Title Count
HB3999 The costs of financial distress across industries / 1
HB3999.A69 1991 Learning by genetic algorithms in economic environments 1
HB3999.L58 Max Weber's ideal type as a multiple role conceptual tool / 1
HB3999 Abdullah Ethnic fertility differentials in peninsular Malaysia : determinants and policy implications / 1
HB3999 Abrahamson The distribution of population in Caribbean America. 1
HB3999 Agmon Interrelations among equity markets; a study of share price movements in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan. 1
HB3999 Aguilera Measuring aggregate price levels / 1
HB3999 Ahituv Fertility choices and optimum growth : a theoretical and empirical investigation / 1
HB3999 Akabayashi On the role of incentives in the formation of human capital in the family / 1
HB3999 Allenby The identification, estimation, and testing of demand structures / 1
HB3999 Almonacid Nominal income output and prices in the short run. 1
HB3999 Alonso Estimation of macroeconomic models with linear rational expectations / 1
HB3999 Anderson Uncertainty and the dynamics of Pareto optimal allocations / 1
HB3999 Andrade Growth, distribution and school policy / 1
HB3999 Aratame Occupational mobility of Ilocano migrants in Manila, The Philippines / 1
HB3999 Arifovic Learning by genetic algorithms in economic environments / 1
HB3999 Aron The role of managerial ability and moral hazard in the determination of firm size, growth, and diversification / 1
HB3999 Arrow The use of equilibrium concepts in business cycle analysis. 1
HB3999 Avalos Time to build, aggrgate fluctuations and asset pricing / 1
HB3999 Avelino Heterogeneity, uncertainty and the decision to migrate : empirical evidence from Brazil / 1
HB3999 Barbarino Essays in industry dynamics / 1
HB3999 Barbosa Rational random behavior, extensions and applications / 1
HB3999 Barker Real estate, real estate investment trust and closed-end fund valuation / 1
HB3999 Barnett Business-cycle theory in the United States, 1860-1900. 1
HB3999 Barros Two essays on the nonparametric estimation of economic models with selectivity using choice-based samples / 1
HB3999 Baxter The role of expectations in stabilization policy / 1
HB3999 Bazdarich Perfect foresight competitive equilibrium in a model with capital accumulation / 1
HB3999 Ben-Gad An analysis of public debt with heterogeneous agents : a general equilibrium approach / 1
HB3999 Berger The forecasting methods and results of the Austrian institute for business cycle research. 1
HB3999 Beveridge An evaluation of the St. Louis model / 1
HB3999 Bianchi Liberalism and its critics, with special attention to the economic doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. 1
HB3999 Birchenall Escaping high mortality / 1
HB3999 Bisin General equilibrium economies with imperfectly competitive financial intermediaries / 1
HB3999 Bliss Testing term structure estimation methods / 1
HB3999 Boatwright The impact of consumer and retailer response on manufacturer trade deal expenditures in multiple competitive markets / 1
HB3999 Bodenhorn An analysis of consumer's surplus. 1
HB3999 Bohacek Efficiency and equality in a welfare state economy / 1
HB3999 Bonser-Neal Monetary regime changes and the behavior of real interest rates : a multi-country study / 1
HB3999 Bourne The economic concepts of Emil Brunner and Reinhold Niebuhr. 1
HB3999 Boxall Labor and population in a growth model / 1
HB3999 Boyce The Panic of 1873 / 1
HB3999 Braido Essays on moral hazard / 1
HB3999 Braun Restricted exchange systems / 1
HB3999 Brinegar Short run income-expenditure relationships. 1
HB3999 Broadbent The distribution of Mexican population in the United States. 1
HB3999 Bronfenbrenner The role of money in equilibrium capital theory ...
Asymptotic bias in least squares estimates of the parameters of a single linear stochastic equation in a complete system.
Monetary theory and general equilibrium.
HB3999 Brooks Diagonalizing the hessian matrix of the consumer's utility function / 1
HB3999 Browson Estimating relevant cash-flow. 1
HB3999 Brozen Some economic aspects of technological change : a part of a dissertation submitted to the faculty of the division of the Social Sciences in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Economics, 1942 /
Some economic aspects of technological change.
HB3999 Brundo Learning with limited capacity : implications in an asset pricing model / 1
HB3999 Bruze Essays on the causes and consequences of marital sorting on schooling / 1
HB3999 Bryer The national government and the panic of 1837. 1
HB3999 Buera Essays on entrepreneurship and borrowing constraints / 1
HB3999 Buraschi Common factors in a general equilibrium production economy / 1
HB3999 Burstein The demand for household refrigeration in the United States. 1
HB3999 Butters Equilibrium price distributions and the economics of information / 1
HB3999 Cagetti Wealth accumulation and precautionary savings / 1
HB3999 Canto Taxation, welfare and economic activity / 1
HB3999 Carlson A contribution to the pure theory of production. 1
HB3999 Carreon-Rodriguez Studies on price indexes and innovation / 1