Call Number Title Count
H199.C51 The Chinese social scientists in the year of Deng Xiao-Peng : a sociological analysis / 1
H199 Borowitz Regulating clinical practice : the case of permanent cardiac pacemakers / 1
H199 Cassidy Attributes of caring : an analysis of grade 10 social studies students' responses to refugee scenario / 1
H199 Champney Adjustments for selection/publication bias in quantitative research synthesis / 1
H199 Doti The response of economics to environmental influences / by James Louis Doti. 1
H199 Falk An examination of some normative effects of unanimity and majority rules on the quality of solutions in problem solving groups with unequal power / 1
H199 Gibbons The analysis of discrete time-structured data / 1
H199 Hatley An evaluation of a fusion course in elementary economic training. 1
H199 Keesling Maximum likelihood approaches to causal flow analysis. 1
H199 Lalor Insights gained as a result of a high school social studies course. 1
H199 Larson Results from the use of an objective test and a questionnaire in a senior high school course in economics. 1
H199 Mahoney A good constitution : social science in eighteenth-century Göttingen / 1
H199 Manis Situational and personal factors associated with the publication productivity of social scientists after entrance into the academic field. 1
H199 McDonald A study of late life professional visibility and academic activities of academic male social scientists / 1
H199 Meltzer Preprofessional career and early publication as factors in the differential productivity of social schientists. 1
H199 Nishiyama The theory of self-love : an essay in the methodology of the social sciences, and especially of economics with special reference to Bernard Mandeville. 1
H199 Perun A study of productivity in academic women social scientists / 1
H199 Pigott The application of normal maximum likelihood methods to missing data in meta-analysis / 1
H199 Prescott The transmission of social science information in undergraduate schools : a study in evolutionary epistemology / 1
H199 Rush Response to disillusion: a study in American social philosophy, 1880-1920. 1
H199 Schmidt Meaning and method in the natural and social sciences / 1
H199 Swistak Theory of models and the social sciences / 1
H199 Toles Selectivity bias in public policy evaluation / 1
H199 Williams Diversity in method and principal in the Social Sciences as a facror in the liberal Social Sciences program. 1
H199 Zhang Statistical significance publication bias, its determination and statistical adjustments in meta-analysis / 1
H359.C7 U75 2017 Frontier road : power, history, and the everyday state in the Colombian Amazon / 1
H466.A1H363 Hanʼguk chuyo kyŏngje chipʻyo = Major statistics of Korean economy. 1
H625.A66 2014 Applying complexity theory : whole systems approaches to criminal justice and social work / 1
H792.O34D65 2009eb Doing better for children 1
H2651.L84S866 1977 Summary of trade and tariff information prepared in terms of the tariff schedules of the United States : luggage (TSUS items 706.06-706.30 and 706.60). 1
H3108.C5H833 2005 Hua qiao Hua ren yan jiu wen xian suo yin, 1996-2000 / 1
H7363 .H23 1965 Hanʼguk yesul chʼongnam . charyopʻyŏn. 1
H8191.C6C43 1987 Shen hua zhu shen yan jiu / 1
H9018.D44 C44 2013 Shared Harvets : Agriculture, Trade and Employment / 1
HA1 Census of India, 1872-1951
Statistical theory & method abstracts
Journal of the Japan Statistical Society
Statistical methodology
HA1.A4 Allgemeines statistisches Archiv. 1
HA1.A4 v.6 suppl. Die deutsche Städtestatistik am beginne des Jahres 1903 : Dargestellt nach den Veröffentlichungen der Statistischen Aemter deutscher Städte. Beitrag des Statistischen Amtes der Stadt Dresden für die Deutsche Städteausstellung in Dresden 1903. 1
HA1.A4 v.21 p.149-152 Die türkische Volkszählung vom 28. Oktober 1927. 1
HA1.A4 v.21 p.426-434 Volkszählung 1930 in Niederländisch-Indien. 1
HA1.A5 Annual meeting ... 1
HA1.A53 Bulletin. 1
HA1.A55 Collections of the American statistical association. v.1. 1
HA1.A6 Journal. 1
HA1.A61 Proceedings; papers presented at the ... annual meeting of the American Statistical Association. 1
HA1.A616 Proceedings. 1
HA1.A62 The American statistician. 1
HA1.A63 Bijdragen van het Statistisch Instituut. 1
HA1.A645 The Annals of mathematical statistics. 1
HA1.A647 The Annals of statistics. 1
HA1.A65 Annuaire international de statistique, 1
HA1.A669 Proceedings of the Section on Government Statistics and Section on Social Statistics / 1
HA1.A67 Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series C, Applied statistics. 1
HA1 .A7x 1989 Proceedings of the American Statistical Association : sesquicentennial invited papers session / 1
HA1.B25 Annali dell'Istituto di statistica. 1
HA1.B87 Statistika. 1
HA1.C2 Bulletin. 1
HA1.C21 Canadian journal of statistics. La Revue Canadienne de statistique. 1
HA1.C73 1967 Social sciences and the environment : [proceedings] / 1
HA1.C75 Studii de statistică. 1
HA1.D5 Directory of members /
Directory of statisticians /
Directory of members
Statisticians and others in allied professions.
Directory of statisticians and others in allied professions.