Call Number Title Count
GV1999 Andrew Bodies of the avant-garde : modern dance and the plastic arts, 1890-1930 / 1
GV1999 Bateman The administration and cost of inter-scholastic athletics in the high schools of Utah. 1
GV1999 Belknap Summer activities of boys back of the Yards in Chicago. 1
GV1999 Bennis Experience, values, beliefs, and the sociocultural context in gambling decision making : a field study of casino blackjack / 1
GV1999 Blank The story of the Chou dance of the former Mayurbhanj State, Orissa / 1
GV1999 Bray Some perceptual, behavioral and semantic complexities of recreational space / 1
GV1999 Clark The dance in relation to the other arts in classic times and the revival of dancing in modern times. 1
GV1999 Clements The administration of school playgrounds in the educational system of Chicago. 1
GV1999 Clevett The interests and participation of boys in voluntary physical education activities. 1
GV1999 Cline Training for recreation under the W.P.A 1
GV1999 Coleman Physical education for girls in secondary schools. 1
GV1999 Collins Orienting the Olympics : Japan and the Games of 1940 / 1
GV1999 Copper Physical education in high schools of Chicago. 1
GV1999 Cranz Models for park usage : ideology and the development of Chicago's public parks. 1
GV1999 Downey Incorporating Capoeira : phenomenology of a movement discipline / 1
GV1999 Dupont "The self in the ring, the self in society" : boxing and American culture from Jack Johnson to Joe Louis / 1
GV1999 Emmert The control of high-school interscholastic athletics in the United States. 1
GV1999 Eppley The administration and financing of municipal recreation programs in Indiana 1
GV1999 Francis Under a Paris moon : transatlantic black modernism, French colonialist cinema, and the Josephine Baker Museum / 1
GV1999 Gillingham An appraisal of municipal recreation in Houston, Texas. 1
GV1999 Grimes An economic analysis of recreational land under urban influence. 1
GV1999 Grunberger Bernarr Macfadden's Physical Culture : muscles, morals and the millennium / 1
GV1999 Hanna Leisure time activities of normal and bright children in grades seven to twelve. 1
GV1999 Hare A study of the professional boxer. 1
GV1999 Heaton A study of the recreational life of high-school students.
A study of the recreational life of high school students,
GV1999 Henricks Sport and social distance in pre-industrial England / 1
GV1999 Hoerth Gameboards in the ancient Near East. 1
GV1999 Hufford Financing interscholastic athletics in the Little Seven Conference. 1
GV1999 Hughes Play facilities of the Chicago public schools ... 1
GV1999 Jackson The play party in Ripley County, Indiana. 1
GV1999 Jenkins Changes in ethnic and racial representation among professional boxers : a study in ethnic succession. 1
GV1999 Karst Differences in the organization, administration, and content of physical education in public and private elementary schools. 1
GV1999 Lee Structural closure and performance in networks of competition : ATP professional tennis, 1997-2006 / 1
GV1999 Lester The rise, decline and fall of intercollegiate football at the University of Chicago, 1890-1940. 1
GV1999 Levinson Athletics as a factor in Japanese international domestic relations. 1
GV1999 Lochner Recreation administration in Milwaukee with special reference to the extension department of the public schools 1
GV1999 MacAloon "This great symbol" : Pierre de Coubertin and the origins of the modern Olympic games / 1
GV1999 Meloy The Harrisburg playground system. 1
GV1999 Mendoza Shaping society through dance : Mestizo ritual performance in the southern Peruvian Andes / 1
GV1999 Miller The extent and character of individual and group participation in sponsored and unsponsored athletic activities in seven Illinois high schools.
Social-religious background of traditional rhythmic games
GV1999 Monsaas Talent development : a study of the development of world class tennis players / 1
GV1999 Montgomery The urbanization of rural recreation ... /
The urbanization of rural recreation.
GV1999 Newman The administration and cost of athletic programs in the secondary schools of Kansas. 1
GV1999 Nosan "The people rejoiced" : Vauxhall Gardens and the public world, 1732-1792 / 1
GV1999 Novak Personnel study of physical education faculty and professional physical education curriculums of North Central Association Colleges and Universites. 1
GV1999 Osborn The development of recreation in the South Park system of Chicago. 1
GV1999 Peters Natural object, social subject : the mountaineers of Puget Sound / 1
GV1999 Pillsbury The psychological significance of team participation : a study of four basketball teams / 1
GV1999 Ralph (At) Play in the postcolony / 1
GV1999 Riess Professional baseball and American culture in the progressive era : myths and realities, with special emphasis on Atlanta, Chicago, and New York / 1
GV1999 Rife The public and voluntary recreation services of a medium-sized city : a description, analysis and evaluation. 1
GV1999 Schacht Recreational boating in metropolitan Chicago, an inventory and analysis. 1
GV1999 Shannon Severing skin from cultural kin : the gothic mode of circus in culture, texts, and films / 1
GV1999 Snigurowicz Spectacles of monstrosity and the embodiment of identity in France, 1829-1914 / 1
GV1999 Storm Comparison of the grades of athletes with those of non-athletes for the past fourteen years in the Maquoketa high school ... 1
GV1999 Tolf Physical education for women in junior colleges. 1
GV1999 Uesugi Contribution of western athletics to Japanese Education 1
GV1999 wade Choreography as feminist strategy : three approaches to Hindu feminism in the dance of Chandralekha, Manjusri Chaki-Sircar, and Dahsha Sheth / 1
GV1999 Wheeler A study of physical and medical examinations of athletes in thirty high schools in Illinois. 1
GV5652.2.Z43 2010 Bi an / 1